Raheem Is “Very Disappointed”

November 19th, 2010

"You better believe Mike Williams is playing."

Nobody seems to care about football when there’s a DUI in the room. That’s what Raheem Morris can take away from his seven-minute news conference this afternoon at One Buc Palace.

You can watch it on Buccaneers.com and see the head coach’s frustration after getting barraged by nothing but Mike Williams and team discipline questions from beat writers and assorted MSM types.

Raheem said Williams used crappy judgment on a couple of fronts.

“Very disappointed about the bad decision that [Williams] made to be out late, and about the worse decision to have a drink and drive,” Raheem said. “He’ll be disciplined but it won’t have anything to do with playing time. We’ll deal with it internally like we always do.”

Williams’ playing time will not be cut, Raheem said, in part because it would punish fans and the team.

Joe’s not sure he agrees with the decision to play Williams on Sunday in San Francisco.

A decision to sit him might have been an important disciplinary move for not just Williams, but for the entire team. Joe wonders whether a player of lesser importance would have received the same treatment. …Still a lot to learn, though, about what really happened in the wee hours this morning.

56 Responses to “Raheem Is “Very Disappointed””

  1. eric Says:

    Sounds like he is applying the Bobby Bowden standard!

    Smart move, IMO.

  2. Ash Says:

    Dude got caught speeding while under the legal limit. OF COURSE HE SHOULD PLAY! Would you bench a guy for a recklass driving offense? Of course not and thats the worst thats going to come of this. I could see them dropping everything all together.

  3. Dew Says:

    Joe, what happened to innocent until proven guilty. He obviously wasn’t drunk. Time will tell about the urine test. He shouldn’t have been out that late but who knows, maybe he fell asleep somewhere earlier and woke up and decided to drive home. I really question this arrest.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    I agree with Ash above. He was basically busted, for all intents and purposes, a speeding ticket. He was under the limit and willingly gave a urine sample. The only real bad decision was to be out that late, which is the root cause of all this. You’re going to sit a guy for that? Please. Now if he’s over the limit, sit him for a half or a game. As a coach, privately address the behavior of being out late during the week. Wait until your day off, Sunday night to Monday, to blow off some steam – responsibly.

  5. Joe Says:


    Joe, what happened to innocent until proven guilty. He obviously wasn’t drunk. Time will tell about the urine test. He shouldn’t have been out that late but who knows, maybe he fell asleep somewhere earlier and woke up and decided to drive home. I really question this arrest.

    Can’t argue too much. Still, a man of his means, call a friggin’ limo/cab company or have a Bucs groupie drive you home (with benefits?).

    Why gamble?

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Fellas, Joe’s not saying Williiams is guilty of anything, but Raheem is out there saying the guy screwed up twice in near serious fashion. There’s no way to effectively punish Williams and send a message without sitting his ass down at some point. …The Bucs appear to have a discipline problem on a young team with a head coach that keeps it loose (to use Ronde Barber’s description). Maybe it’s time to tighten things up.

  7. Mike Says:

    This is ridiculous. Of course he should play.

    The only thing he’s guilty of at this point is a speeding ticket. If his urine test comes back dirty then the team can handle that with an appropriate punishment. He has the right to be driving at whatever time he wants. What if he fell asleep on some chicks lumpy bed and couldn’t sleep so he decided to drive home?

    The only reason this is an issue is because of the poor way the police handle this type of situation. Arresting him and plastering his mugshot online is guilty until proven innocent in the internet age. PFT and other sites link to his picture shaming this kid as if he just committed a heinous crime. It’s a shame they do that to people.

  8. Nick2 Says:

    Joe I think I agree with Rah on this one. On the surface I don’t think it warrants a suspension and to punish the fans and team for Mike’s actions would be wrong. I just PRAY nothing comes out of the urine test to ruin this guys season. Its a little odd to get pulled over when your blood alchohol is so low. Hopefully its only booze but I am very scared about this one.

  9. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Disagree with the “…discipline problem on a young team…” assertion. Regardless, these guys ARE Adults – end of story. They don’t have a discipline problem that goes uncorrected.

    To this point MW is innocent.

    The press conference pissed me off. Not one freaking football question. I could care less if MW got a speeding ticket. I want to hear how the team is prepared for the forty-freakin-niners. Period.

  10. Matt Says:

    Don’t bench him because he was pulled over and had a drink.

    Bench him because he was out driving at 2:30AM.

    All of our players should be in the house by that time during the season.

  11. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    He plays until or unless he is proven guilty of a crime, other than speeding. Thats how America works. If he is determined guilty, then the team should deal with it. Otherwise, play the kid, and punish him by scoring touchdowns and getting us into the playoffs.

  12. Ash Says:

    Matt says
    “Bench him because he was out driving at 2:30AM”

    What world do you live in?

  13. gitarlvr Says:

    America has the most draconian laws in the world. If he was under the limit he was not drunk. That’s all there is to it. The fact that they can set this b.s. arbitrary limit and then turn around and arrest you anyways even if your not over it is beyond ridiculous. Mike Williams did nothing wrong. Period. But I guess we see why the United States has more people locked in prison then any other country in the world. Places like communist China are supposed to be such huge human rights violators but they don’t lock more people away than the good ole U S of A. Only in America will you be arrested for being under the limit.

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    Frankly, I agree with Matt. I know, I know – they have their freedom, their grown ups, it’s not against the law to be out late, blah blah blah. But if someone invests the kind of money in a person like they do in pro sports, is it too much to ask of that person to be home at a reasonable hour getting some rest so that they can practice the following day at their full potential. We always have to be subjected to coaches telling us how important practice is, yet apparently some out there are hung over and working with 3 hours of sleep. Not exactly “professional”!! Maybe Allen Iverson was right.

  15. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Until the real story becomes public this is a non-story in my eyes.

    1. I’m more concerned about MW’s ability to play with focus this Sunday.

    2. He could of been speeding and texting for all we know… that should be made illegal…

    I’m trying to figure out how I’d react if I’m 23 and I’m told by my employer it’s mandatory that I’m at my house by midnight every night… Oh wait, no I’m not… screw that.


  16. Thomas2.1 Says:

    He should be benched this week for at least a quarter or a 1/2. Guilt and innocence are criminal concepts, nobody is saying imprison him for this withou due process.

    But the org can act to deter similar stupidity and to send a message to this group which is ceeating a record.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    gitarlvr said:

    “If he was under the limit he was not drunk”

    People are not charged with driving while drunk, they are charged with driving under the influence.

  18. Justin Says:

    Raheem should have done the coaches dance on this one like “we are still gathering facts and letting the legal system takes its corse, and after that we will decide what’s best to do for the fans team and leauge.”…. Gosh I should be in P.R.

  19. BamBamBuc Says:

    If Williams gets benched, even for a half, for being SUSPECTED of driving under the influence… The cop should be suspended for a night for making an arrest without proper cause. The breathalyzer says he wasn’t over the legal limit. If there was proper cause, and he comes up hot on the urine test, the cop would be vindicated. If he’s clean, Williams would be vindicated. And they’d both be out a night’s pay for the cop making assumptions and the team acting upon it now. Innocent until proven guilty. Nothing is proven yet, not even close. Any reaction to this without proof is bordering on ludicrous.

    If the team has a curfew the night before travel, and Williams broke curfew, then there is reason to suspend. If there’s no curfew, they have no cause to suspend him for even one play. He did nothing (supposedly) illegal other than speed. And if we’re handing out suspensions for speeding tickets, they’ll need to up the roster size to accomodate all the extra players needed due to suspension.

  20. derf Says:

    What I would have liked to hear from Raheem would have been this:

    Reporter: What can you tell us about MW?

    Raheem: I’m here to talk about football. Any comments about MW will be defered until all the facts are in. Next.

    Reporter: Will MW play this Sunday?

    Raheem: You fool! What did I just say? No Comment

  21. Teflon Don Says:

    well said bambambuc

  22. Rican Says:

    amen bam bam

  23. Dave Says:

    At this point, he should play. All we know is they detained him because they SUSPECTED he was under the inlfuence of something but he did NOT blow over the legal limit.
    Why would he get benched for that?
    I understand he made a mistake: he should have used the limo service.

    As far as some other substance, it is purely speculative as of right now.

  24. OB Says:

    It would be different if his BAL was at 0.08 or above, but it was not. It would be different if someone was hurt, but no one was. Yes he should not have been on the road at around 3 AM and yes he probably lost some endorsement contracts because of it, but I am sure this will never happen again because he has so much to lose. Just think of how much his next contract went down and the restrictions that will be placed in it so if it does happen again, he will really pay. His team and fans need him and he flunked a field sobriety test. I could not pass one because I can’t balance on my left ankle and I screw up the “ABC”s in the middle when I say them fast.

    Just for kicks, did anyone ask the officer which pro team he roots for?

  25. BamBamBuc Says:

    Maybe they should suspend reporters that say players will not play before they get the facts too, and if the player does play, they should suspend that reporter for the rest of the season for getting false information out.

  26. christopher Says:

    I’d bench him for a quarter, because he brought infamy & a distraction to the team, as well as the dumb decision to be out so late. Now, he didn’t get any sleep last nite, & has a practice today(I assume, yes? Or is today a travel day, & they’ll do a run-through in SF? Hence, maybe why he was out—he thought he could just sleep on the plane).
    I like how Raheem was disappointed there were no football questions. Also, the pertinent question—are you suspicious/worried that the pee test will turn up positive for something else—he seemed to be sure of the logic that Mike wouldn’t have subjected himself if he was guilty.
    Moving on…

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Such a tough call. I’m not sure if it’s the right one, but I’m glad that’s the one he made. I’m flying out Saturday to go to the 49ers game, and I would hate it if he didn’t play. I’m spending a lot of money and I want to see the team at full strength. I guess you can call that selfish, but oh well. This game is so critical if we want to even think about playoffs, so I get where the organization is coming from.

    As for wondering if the results would be different if he were a lesser player, that’s an easy answer. Of course they would. However, that is life. That applies in any job or walk of life.

  28. Thomas2.1 Says:

    You guys are applying a legal analysis to a non-legal reason for benching him. It is dumb to be driving too fast after drinking at 224am the morning of a travel day to a west coast game.
    That deserves discipline bc sleep deprivation alone could affect his play.

  29. Buc You Says:

    “It is dumb to be driving too fast after drinking at 224am the morning”

    That’s all anyone has to say Thomas. Even in the off-season it is dumb. The guy is a professional athelete.

  30. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m going to drive too fast on the way home from work in 10 minutes. I hope they suspend me so I can take Monday off.

    Some of you guys must be drinking now…sit him and what not…good grief. He’s not even guilty. Last I checked, you’re innocent first. Talib was suspended 1 game for far worse.

    Give me a break people. He should start.

  31. RastaMon Says:

    now we have a clue……

    why he was available in the 4th round…..
    other that 60 minutes on game days he is a

  32. New Era Buc Says:

    Joe sorry sir but your just being very silly.

  33. Horice Says:

    I am Appauled as a Pastor to see all of the “Saints” come out of the wood work. Even all of them that questioned Raheem as I listened to his press conference. All though I do not condone drinking and driving, this is still a young mind making young decisions. And I will go on the record and say that he is not the only 20 something year old that is out after 3pm, and I doubt he will be the last. Some of them probably live in your house. Atheletes make terrible gods because they are human and bound for failure. If this was your Pastor I would understand the questions, dismay, and dissappointment. However this is a young, rich, football player. His job requirements dont include being the best human being possible, if so, will someone talk to Farve before he gets to the Hall of Fame, or Micheal Irvin who is in the hall. Most of those who are throwing stones at him also live in a “glass house”… Try not to break anything as you toss your rocks around, you might break something of yours. Mike needs to gain some maturity and recognize that what he does is a privalage. Now for the rest of the drunks throwing stones.. Maturity would be something you could use too.

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    Alcohol is colorless and odorless. True Story.

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    Score 4 TD’s and all is forgiven.

  36. RastaMon Says:

    Horice “…The Enabler”
    this is not his first “youthful folly”….

  37. beernutz Says:

    Take money out of his pocket, not yards off the field and points off the board. Individual punishment, not a team one.

    Until he’s charged with something, there’s no point in cutting playing time and affecting the team as a whole.

  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    The cop was from Carolina but went to Notre Dame. Go figure. True Story.

  39. Buc You Says:

    Yeah and Vick got accolades from the commish after he bank rolled a dog fighting business. Goodall said it was an accident or a mistake. Yeah, just like when Vick accidentally walked through airport security with his weed water bottle.

    If you are good enough to dominate the game then you get many free passes.

    Mike Williams, based on the comish’s standards you have many more chances to make mistakes bro.

  40. Posey99 Says:

    I live in fort myers so I don’t get all the local news coverage like the peeps in Tampa but a traffic stop with a field sobriety test can take a long time. I wonder what time he was actually stopped, not arrested but stopped. The reason I ask is because. If you get pulled over, asked for license and registration and proof of insurance, cop runs the info, gets suspicious, ask you if you’ve been drinking, calls for a DUI unit car and another officer to witness field sobriety test, then conducts field sobriety, blows in breathalyzer that cop has in trunk, blows below the limit, then they search his vehicle prossibly with drug dog (k-9 unit has to be called) THEN is put under arrest. I’m just curious how long all that took before he was actually arrested @2:48 or was that the time he was booked at the station?

  41. Mynamewastaken Says:

    how old is mike williams?

  42. Jesse j Says:

    Horice, well put. I love it. There is way to much delusion covered by sensationalism simply because sensationalism SELLS. Enough judgement for now

  43. Posey99 Says:

    And the reason I ask is because the NFL has a save driver program. Every player in the NFL is issued a NFL players card. Last years looked like a white credit card with the NFL logo and name. This years has their picture on it like a license to keep in their wallet. On the back their is a phone number that calls a 24hr service by the NFL that will pick you up anywhere and take you were you need to go as well as transport your vehicle for you, free of charge. If he was drivin home around 11 or 12 and he had a drink way earlier with dinner or whatever ok, that seems reasonable but if it was in fact 2-3am when he was pulled over he has absolutely no excuse.

  44. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Personally i think the cop is a liar out to ake a name for himself. Prick could have just let Williams go but….

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, Buc You, let’s compare getting a DUI (that wasn’t really a DUI) to Michael Vick. That’s a really well thought out argument. Hell, while you are at it, why don’t we compare him to Ray Lewis too. The fact is that when an NFL player (or any celebrity for that matter) has an arrest, divorce, or basically anything happen to them, it’s smeared all over the media. However, we would never know if the same happened to you, me, or anyone else on this board? We wouldn’t, because all our dirty laundry is not aired out for the world to see. And don’t give me that “That’s the price they pay for being a rich athlete” lame excuse, because that’s nothing but money envy. It’s real easy for you to sit back and judge them, because I’m sure you were such a saint at age 22. I’m sure you’ve never done anything regrettable when you were young, because you are such a perfect person.

    @RastaMon, what exactly are his other “youthful folly’s” you are referring to? He cheated on a test? Has he ever been arrested? So he had character concerns. I have character concerns when it comes to Buc You and Thomas, but that doesn’t mean they should be banished. Get a grip dude.

  46. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Look at us! We’re becoming the Bengals!

  47. gitarlvr Says:

    Look how Thomas and Buc You bash Mike Williams and he’s not even on the defensive side of the ball. Any chance these guys get they will bash any player or coach on the team. As if any more proof was needed that these guys aren’t really fans of this team. Why are you here guys? Why don’t you go haunt the message boards of whatever NFL team you really root for?

  48. Capt.Tim Says:

    Gitarlvr- they can’t! The NFL won’t award a team to the Klan!!! Lol! And, yeah, I know this comment is probably getting sent to the trash heap, but it is Funny though, right, lol!

  49. bucyea Says:

    WTF were you doing at 22 yrs of age!? villified for NOTHING.

  50. bucyea Says:

    Hawaii hit it out of the ballpark!

  51. New Era Buc Says:

    Right on guys. What else can be said ! Impressive stuff. Go Raheem, Go Mike Williams and Go Bucs!!!

  52. Bucnjim Says:

    Captain; I can always count on you to crack me up first thing in the mourning. Thanks! This is the pot calling the kettle black for most people. When I look back to when I was 22-23; nothing could keep me (or any young MAN) from trolling for the ladies. Of course this would require a couple of cocktails and a great location for last call, but this is what guys do people. Should have had a limo set up, but that was his only mistake.

  53. tampa2 Says:

    At 22-23 years of age, who can blame Williams for being out that late. When I was that age I certainly answered that call to nature. While I agree that we live in more of a socialist state and do not have the rights that we used to have, I can’t belive some of the racial comments I read. And while Williams blew less than the legal limit, it certainly didn’t mean that his “glassy eyes” weren’t the cause for his arrest. If you have had too many prescriptions drugs you will not fail the breathalizer, and I doubt that a Blount would cause the machine to go off either. I don’t judge Williams because we have all been his age and gone after the same thing.
    Leave it to Tugboat TImmie to raise the Race card/clan theme though. No class, that Timmie. Seems to me that most race card pullers are what they pull, or they wouldn’t pull it~

  54. MyNaMeWaStAkEnByNiCk Says:

    I’m 22 and I’m a cop… Don’t see why he is in jail either tho…. unless he bad mouthed the cops and they got him for disturbing the peace or some crap….

  55. Horice Says:

    RastaMon, with a name like that I’m wondering who enables who! His 1st if you want to call it folly needs to be researched by you, because you are “OBVIOUSLY” not a true buc fan that studies the players and program. You are not obviously a Parent that has “Successfully” raised a kid into a man, as I have. As I read your comments on Saturday morning, I am aware of yesterdays so called facts being sensationalized. Mike wanted to take the urine test to prove his innocence. Listen in the Bay area we are way to quick to jump to conclusions. I have a wife who is an Attorney, and the last I checked the player is innocent until… heres that word… wait for it… “PROVEN” guilty. RastaMon fire another one up for all of the sober people out here.. Oh yeah, don’t get caught speeding, or swirving, or we will use your type negativity against you. Or I would possibly come to your defense to “enable” your behavior.. LMBO

  56. Patrick Says:

    I really don’t think this is a big deal though Williams should be more responsible than this. Nothing wrong with being out late at all but there’s no exact details so I’m not going to make any judgements just yet. And yes, I totally agree that this anywhere near as serious as Talib beating up a taxi driver or T jak smoking pot. What they did was intentional. What Mike did was unintentional and just plain carelessness it seems like.

    What exactly was his blood alcohol level? He probably thought he was sober and so therefore he drove.

    But I’ll bet if the cop was a diehard Bucs fan he would’ve let him go lol!