Arrelious Benn Talks To Joe

November 19th, 2010

After Sunday’s beat down of the whining Carolina Panthers, Joe had a chance to chat with wide receiver Arrelious Benn. The rookie talked about how tricky it was learning an NFL offense and his relationship with Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman.

JoeBucsFan: When you played at Illinois you were in a spread-option offense which is a far cry from an NFL offense. How difficult was it to learn an NFL offense?

Arrelious Benn: It was pretty difficult. I just had to know the terminology. Once I learned the terminology I was able to go out there and ball out. It wasn’t like I couldn’t run the routes, I just had to figure out the terminology. So I pretty much worked hard, studied my playbook. My coach helped me a lot, Coach Yarber, and he helped me to where I am now.

Joe: When you say it was such different terminology, was it sort of like learning a different language?

Benn: Almost. Almost. In fact, I had to come in and learn a whole new offense. Learn the new terminology. Learn the new offense. Get comfortable with it and understand my role.

Joe: When did you start becoming comfortable with the offense? Was it just a couple of weeks ago?

Benn: I’d say the end of preseason. That’s when I got comfortable.

Joe: Obviously you never want to see a teammate get dinged up. But when Sammie Stroughter got dinged up and hurt his ankle, you started getting more playing time and it seemed then you started to blow up, that you took advantage of the playing time. Was that all you needed but a chance for some playing time, just to get on the field?

Benn: All you need is opportunities and when opportunities present itselves, you had to change [advantage] just like anyone else would. The great thing about us, the receivers here in Tampa, we are all hungry and young. The biggest thing is, neither one of us is selfish. We all want to see each other striving and so what we need to do so we all push each other.

Joe: How much did it help when you were drafted and Josh [Freeman] called you up and said, “Let’s go to work?”

Benn: Big time! That’s the franchise guy. That’s our quarterback. To hear a guy like that tell you to run a certain route, go this way, go that way, that’s pretty big.

7 Responses to “Arrelious Benn Talks To Joe”

  1. Dave Says:

    Keep blowing up… and make sure you use the limo service when out and about!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alexis Avila Says:

    I was wondering why it took him so long to get the offense and I found out that his wonderlic test score to be an 11 ( I am not saying he is not smart because i think standardized test are too subjective, but maybe a slower learner. He looks like he has it now!! GO BUCS!!

  3. Will the Beast Says:

    Hey Alexis does this said wonderlick test consist of any nfl playbooks No not in any form it’s more of a weights and measures test. I wouldn’t go getting all post grad on your posts and back away from pschoanalizing people check out Mike Irvings score Andre Johnsons Lynn Swanns and every would be hall of famers and you won’t find Einstien numbers he’s not selling bluechip stock he’s catching footballs


    Willthebeast, exactly. I love how Benn’s emergence, starting in the AZ game in week 8, is considered a slow start.

    You know how long it took guys like Miles Austin and Roddy White to become difference makers? Now Benn isn’t anywhere near those two yet, but they took years to develop. Benn looks like he’s right on schedule (if not ahead of schedule). Would you rather have Golden Tate?

  5. timmer4444 Says:

    im sick of the nft network betting against the bucs because theyre beating teams “they should have beat”,hows that when peter king predicted 2-14 and most said theyd be last they deserve respect since in theory in most other divisons theyd be on top, go bucs

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Think Benn is on track to becoming a dominate player. Is the best route runner on the team, with very good in and out quickness and straight lne speed. On top of that, 6’2″, 220 pounds bring a very physical side. Great thing about Benn,Williams,And Parker is that all 3 have great speed, in addition to be being 6’2″. Their speed translates on to the field. Some other recievers drafted last year and this year were faster on the track times, but look slow with the pads on. If Williams can stay the course( I think he will), then we Are set at Wr for years to come , with big fast burners! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Desmon Briscoe, on our practice squad! Same kinda stats/skills

  7. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree, Benn is right on schedule. I have heard comparisons between the building of this team and the Cowboys of the 90s. Jimmy Johnson went with a youth movement and the players bought in just like the young Bucs are buying in now.

    All this team needs is experience and at minimal solid D-Line play & they can beat anybody. With a a dominant D-Line, this team can be scary good.