Same Old Story For Bucs

October 12th, 2010

In this video, Boomer Esiason of the NFL Today talks about why the Bucs won.

17 Responses to “Same Old Story For Bucs”

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    they hate to talk about our Bucs…idk why…good post ..

  2. Javier n NewOrleans Says:

    Look, the Bucs are lucky. The Saints will bring you back down to earth a little.

    There are 12 more games left… the season has a loooong way to go.

    Gruden started 9-3 before he got fired after losing the last 4.

    Wyche went 5-1 before he got fired.

    Long way to go.

  3. big007hed Says:

    I can’t stand the way Sharpe talks!!!

    I’m not expecting any national love for the Bucs for awhile!

  4. Kevin Says:

    Who cares…The Bucs need to quietly improve over the season and prepare for another decade of playoff appearances and hopefully another Superbowl. The table is being set like it was in the mid 90’s, when we had no names like Sapp, Barber ,Lynch, A-Train, and Gramatica. These no names are Williams, Freeman, McCoy, Talib, and Price. Its going to be fun. In fact the future is so bright around here, I need sunglasses! LOL!

  5. Ish Says:

    Hater in (new town a week), it’s good to know that not all the trolls left after the season began. Stay on your Aints wagon for a while, maybe Reggie Bust will show y’all pictures if his girlfriend.

  6. factoidboy Says:

    Joe, all Boomer did was talk about what was wrong with the Bengals! Not a word about the Bucs making big plays to overcome their own mistakes (fumbled kickoff that turned into 7 points for Cincy, Williams fumble at the Bungles 4 yd line). Garbage.

    Javier, get off Bucs pages and smoke your happy grass with Saints lovers. you just got beat down by the Cardinals… without giving up a touchdown.

  7. gruss222 Says:

    Yeah Javier, just like the S–aints showed us last year in their house!! Welcome to Tampa S–aints!! Prepare for 60 minutes of all out effort and lets see who quits first. Funny how people put team names in their screen names after a super bowl win!

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    Face it! The Bucs Defense plays well against pass first teams; that’s what they were built for. Same goes for the offensive line. Most of these guys were drafted for their pass protection skills more than their run blocking skills. Even though we haven’t been able to run the ball; pass protection (for the most part) has been above average. Looks like the coaching staff is trying to play to the teams strengths which right now is a good thing. Saints can’t run the ball; so let’s completely take away the pass and get another win. Brees can run around all he wants and we’ll be right on his tail.

  9. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Good Post Joe.

  10. architek79 Says:

    We don’t need love, we need more consistency from the Oline and the Dline. I don’t think that we deserve anything, I believe that we should stay under the radar because honestly we are not consistent at anything but the scheme is working for us. That points to coaching (especially Olsen) not so much the Dline and Oline. Freeman and M. Williams is carrying this team offensively, just my opinion.

  11. bucfan Says:

    How are we 5 point dogs at home to the saints? They have BARELY beaten poor teams, had trouble scoring, and have key injuries.

    The Saints own victories over the 49ers (0-5), Panthers (0-5) and Vikings (1-3). (Sando)

    This just shows the lack of national respect we get.

  12. jaytek74 Says:

    We did not get a lot of love during our Superbowl year either. Most national shows are based out of NY City or LA and Tampa is nothing more than a nice lttle retirement community for golfers in their view. We love the Bucs because we live here but we are not worth mentioning to the big city folks. It just is what it is. I am just enjoying our winning games regardless of these fools. We are 3-1 so lets just enjoy our good fortunes as 0ne of 8 teams with 1 loss. “Hey hey Tampa Bay the Bucs know how to shine.” Now there is a tune from days past. LOL

  13. passthebuc Says:

    give them a break, there sports analysts. what do you expect, rocket science.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Javier the idiot still slumming it. I thought Joe flushed your ignorant a$$. Must be clogged pipes and a back up. Now the whole site smells like a$$.

    The Raven’s have a swarming defense creating turnovers, yet Carson Palmer threw 3 picks, none of which had to do with good defense by the Bucs, #2 in INT’s right now. Cody with Raheem made a great read and stole that TD. Cody played it perfectly saying they pretty much knew what Carson was going to do. That is great defense

  15. dean Says:

    @ Javier, don’t come across with that Saints B.S. acting like they’re the Steelers or that they win every year! overall they are pathetic.I know the Bucs history isn’t great either. but after 3 years of existence they were a touchdown away from the superbowl! didn’t it take the saints like, 30 years? to go 8-8 enjoy the victory while it lasts, when all the hype over Katrina goes away the N.F.L. won’t help your team anymore and things will return to normal. 6-10 get used to the way that looks, thats what the paper will say in Jan.

  16. Pete 422 Says:

    @ Javier I’ll remember you jumped in here (glad you did). The Saints haven’t look so sharp lately, so I don’t know why you are puffing your chest out.

  17. Jon Says:

    Dont worry, they will be all over us again next year when our young guys develop even more,and have another good draft. Hopefully we get a RB, and and DE, and I really think we are back to the days of making the playoffs again every year,and having that fun team to watch like we did back in the dungy days.