October 24th, 2010


Joe has written several times since January that no matter how much he likes Cadillac Williams the man, Cadillac Williams the running back, is washed up.

After the first four games it became apparent to even Stevie Wonder that Williams’ best days as a running back are over. Rushing for less than three yards a carry in the NFL and not being able to read holes or adjust a run on the fly (like Rams running back Steven Jackson did multiple times today) is not the way to keep a job as a starter.

But as Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson said last week, there’s no one on the roster better.

The fans have even turned on Caddy. Just look at today’s game live chat and see how people were freaking out. So amid all the negatively and criticism, Caddy responds not by running for 100 yards or rushing for three touchdowns, but for catching the winning touchdown from quarterback Josh Freeman.

Again, Joe thinks the world of Cadillac. Great story. Great guy. Great heart. But this isn’t college football. This isn’t a fan club. The NFL is a results-based business.

Cadillac got the results today. But will it be enough to keep him in the starting lineup?

14 Responses to “Redemption”

  1. gitarlvr Says:

    Im guessing Caddy might remain the starter for the rest of the season while Blount hopefully rounds out his game. But really he will be a starter in name only. Legarette will get more carries. I hope.

  2. Oli Says:

    Blount is crashing through several defenders on most carries, Caddy can’t do that. The O-line was awful for long periods. Williams is a good 3rd down back and put Laurinaitis down with a great stiff arm.

    He’s not the same player as of 2005, and probably shouldn’t start. Still a good enough back though.

    Ted Larsen was awful. Davin wasn’t much better.

  3. jesse j Says:

    gitar, exposing your ineptitude again? Caddy worked himself into a 3rd down back. He can catch and blitz pick up. Nothing wrong with caddy as a third down back. Blounts gonna a very servicecable back in the NFL

  4. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    That was a great catch Caddy made! Not to take anything away from him, but IMHO if Blount had played all game, we would not be playing catch up. Tampa loves a Power Back, we had Alstott for years. Us fans who have gone to games at Tampa Stadium for years know the energy Alstott brought to our stadium. We felt this energy again when Blount ran against the Steelers, and we felt it again today. Fans were simply going nuts when Blount broke a long run, until Jeremy Trueblood took a stupid penalty. Maybe they can figure out a way to work both of them into the game ?

  5. CrazyBucsFan Says:

    hes is a great pass down back,,,

  6. CrazyBucsFan Says:

    Im goodfellajay joe always trys to block me but cant….why do u hate the fact i call you out on some stuff..your a good guy but u take things to heart..block me again..ill get around it again

  7. gitarlvr Says:

    Hey jessie- I didn’t say anything about Caddy not being a serviceable third down back. Your post makes no sense. If your trying to become the next great Troll then your off to a good start. Congrats!

  8. gitarlvr Says:

    Oh and goodfellajay you are hilarious. But what if Joe stopped banning you? Then you would not feel your triumphant joy over Joe’s crushing defeat when you get around his ban!

  9. booty traps Says:

    Caddy is on this team because he has earned it. He is the best we have for now on blitsz pick up. He ran like he was trying to keep his job. I will give him credit for the touchdown of course.

    BUT, he is not what we need and im sad to say that. Blount had 4 carries he averaged 7 per carry i think. The man ran over dudes and looks hungry as hell for a contract. Everytime he gets the ball i get all pump up for him to run over defenders like the A-Train!

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    OMG, we are so screwed, lol.

    Caddy had a couple good plays and it keeps him his starting job? Really?

    On that touchdown pass, is it possible he could have made that play as a backup? I think so. One good play does not a starter make.

    This is why the Bucs have no starting game. They stick with these non-starting calibur players at RB, and the fans are easily swayed by 1-3 good plays. We have seen the same thing with Stovall for years at WR. He had a few good plays toward the end of each season, and that swayed the fans into thinking he was worth keeping…but he never ges better.

    I’m all for sticking with a Running Back…if he’s young and either produces or has the ability to produce with coaching. Caddy is at the top of his game…and unfortunately the top of his game is not good enough to start…not without an offensive line that can open huge holes for him.

    Blount may see his production drop if he starts, but at least he’s young and can grow with the rest of the young offense.

  11. jesse j Says:

    gitar, look dude my patience is running thin with many fans who want to play the monday morning couch coach and nit-pick every down and how “it coulda went” all the while forgetting we are rebuilding. My post made complete sense by the way, what doesnt make sense is how, one moment youre accusing me of doing nothing but cussing you and not offering any subject matter soon there after you offer nothing up but a troll insult.

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    This is why the Bucs have no starting game

    Meant: “This is why the Bucs have no running game”

  13. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    I love Caddy, but I’d like to see this become Blount’s backfield now. Then have the Bucs draft a RB this spring to pair with him, and our offense could be dynamic!

  14. Scott Says:

    I haven’t seen it mentioned but Caddy is earning his pay as a reviver. Wasn’t he the #1 receiver in last week’s game?