LeGarrette Got The Damn Ball

October 24th, 2010

These 4-2 Bucs threw caution to the wind and actually handed the rock off to LeGarrette Blount today. And, voila, he found holes and ran threw them with a nasty, get-out-of-my-fuc*n way edge.

It can’t be a coincidence that he finds holes where Cadillac Williams falls in invisible ditches.

And for those blacked out fans who couldn’t see a replay, Blount’s 20+ yard run called back for a foolish Jeremy Trueblood block in the back came after Blount had run past Trueblood and the Rams defender victimized by Trueblood.

Blount finished with 11 carries for 72 yards and about 40,000 new fans.

Joe’s just excited about the guy, probably because there’s been so little excitement in the Bucs backfield for since Earnest Graham got banged up in 2007.

Joe wonders what the Bucs might look like if Blount is carrying the ball significantly in the first half and the team actually gets a lead and serves up a more balanced attack. 

27 Responses to “LeGarrette Got The Damn Ball”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Blount and Graham should probably be the top 2 backs on the team, with Caddy being the #3/receiving threat out of the backfield.

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wasn’t that run like 45 yards? That’s going to give Arizona something to worry about next week.

  3. sensiblebuc Says:

    Cue the Chris Berman sound effects!




    Rumbling bumbling stumbling!

  4. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nope… unacceptable. That 42 yard run didn’t count, because of a penalty… it never happened. That’s what was said about Caddy’s runs in the first couple games. He had an 18 yarder called back, and a 12 yard run. There was another of about 20 yards or so. They didn’t count, called back by penalty, never happened. Neither did Blounts.

    Don’t get me wrong, Blount looked good today. Showed good strength, great heart and drive. Never gave up on a run. I like this kid. Should be fun to watch in the coming weeks. But that run never happened (or so I’m told by others when it happens to Caddy… same rules should apply here).

    Glad to see the run game get going. Should help tremendously the remainder of the year. Caddy is still great on 3rd downs as an extra blocker with the threat of getting out in a route and catching the ball. Graham can help out there as well when he’s healthy.

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Absolutely I agree with you. The irritating thing, though, was it was unnecessary. He was already past that guy, just a stupid penalty. But you are absolutely right, it never happened.

  6. BamBamBuc Says:

    That happened on at least one of the Caddy runs in the first couple weeks as well. A holding penalty by Trueblood after Caddy was already past him. Winslow’s penalty may have sprung Caddy on one of them, but a penalty is a penalty, whether it sprung the guy or was after the fact.

    Keep it up, LeGarrette. You’re doing great and can only get better the more you learn. I still wonder if the guy can be a threat to catch the ball on swing plays or screens though….

  7. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Us Tampa fans saw it at the Steelers game, and we saw it again today. Blount is a starting NFL Power Back! It is my opinion Blount won this game for us. Once HE started running the ball down their throats, you could feel the vibes at Tampa Stadium. His running turned the momentum around. It was a team effort of course, but I am proud of the Bucs. Please Raheem, just start Blount from now on. HE is our back of the future.

  8. gitarlvr Says:

    BamBam- Screen plays? Your shooting for the stars there buddy. The last time I remember the Bucs being a good screen offense was well…..never. Wouldn’t that be a novel concept though? Making teams pay for blitzing Freeman constantly. We can only dream.

  9. josh Says:


  10. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Josh, I think you just named him !!!!!!!!
    The B Train (Legarret Blount) the NEW Boss in the NFC South!
    Raheem SAID he wanted “violent young men” right ?

  11. jesse j Says:

    BREAKING NEWS, HOT OF THE PRESSES!!! apples not calling for Rah’s head!!! shocker! oh yea, its a win now and we live in a show me now society. lil perspective there apple

  12. yearobucsfan Says:

    I thought Blount did a nice job running hard in Tennessee. I was surprised he was available when the Bucs got him. He needs to be our starter.

  13. CharlieB Says:

    I hope Punchy gets more carries next week. He looked good and magically the passing game didn’t suffer.

  14. Bucfanjeff Says:

    For everyone bitching about the O-Line, what say you now with Blounts yardage behind an injury riddled, penalty filled OL on this day?

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Joe. Man enough to admit it. Looked like a whole different team with Blount running the Ball. You were right about Caddy, I was wrong. Blount looked great today.- reminded me of – oddly – Steven Jackson! I can’t believe all the stupid mistakes and penalties on O-line today! Definately needs improvement

  16. bucs!! Says:

    does anyone in orlando know how to watch the game? are they replaying it later on tonight?

  17. TJ Says:

    BLount looks like a Beast. Dont agree with Domminick about his free agency choices, but his late round pics are turing out to be great Straughter, Grimm, EJ Biggers hold his own Mike Williams

  18. jeff Says:

    We have a used caddy and a brand new H2 Hummer in there now baby way to pound the rock blount

  19. Leroy Buttermilk Says:

    Blount Object up the Gut fire dem cannons this guy is a banger no doubt about it he don’t quit on the run. He runs with anger and a mean streak. Freeman is a winner simply put the guy is icebuckets when these youngsters learn how to play sound football this team is going to light up teams. I heard coach chilli complain about his starting center being out so it made it more complicated for the god of football Brett Favre to get plays off. Young Josh has lost 75percent of his starting offence and hasn’t thrown as many int’s as the God

  20. tommy Says:

    4-2….go bucs

  21. gitarlvr Says:

    Caddy is shabby…He’s the offenses Sabby… Just pound it with Blount and you’ll make us all happy! Wow. Winning makes me delirious! Lol

  22. Formerbuc Says:

    Just want to throw this out there to you all. Do you find it interesting that Morris has downplayed his use of Blount since the Pittsburg game citing “blocking assignment” issues? Even going so far as to indicate Lumpkin was further along in his progress of the offense. Both times Blount has played he clearly has gained large chunks of real estate.

    I think Raheem may have been keeping this guy under wraps so teams don’t game plan for him out of the gate. Only now there’s no hiding this guy. We all saw it. Fellas…we got’s ourselves a wrecking ball now. Pretty crafty Raheem!

  23. Buc You Says:

    I am very excited about Blount. This running back may single-handedly keep our drives going. He will def give Freeman more time. Freeman is big and quick and moves well and makes nice strong throws. Williams, Winslow and now Caddy out the backfield give us an offense with player makers.

    Our offense is starting to turn the corner it seems… They need to cut back on the penalties.

    Now the defense on the other hand… Holy Sh!t this defense is awful. Our defensive coordinator needs to be replaced and fired so we can further progress. Raheem is stunting this teams growth with his moronic defensive play calling.

  24. Formerbuc Says:

    I’m a little confused Buc You. The defense pitched a shutout in the second half, so the play calling couldn’t have been that atrocious. What I saw was missed tackling, and the usual lack of pass rush/gap integrity issues. I’ve looked up the real problem with this defense in the dictionary for you.

    Wash, Todd ( noun) 1. Position coach for Buccaneers that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. 2. Teacher or mass confusion, befuddlement. 3. The act of creating havoc and confusion by lack of explaination of fundamentals of line movement and gap integrity.

  25. gitarlvr Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il-18rW2muM Watch this highlight video of Legarrette at Oregon if you want to really get pumped up and excited for the future of the Bucs run game. He’s not a “power back”. He is an all around elite back. Power, speed, field vision, and nastiness. Watching footage of the infamous punch interspersed with his awesome all out effort runs just gives me chills.

  26. mike56wesley Says:


  27. Dave Says:

    I dropped Caddy and picked up Blount 2 weeks ago in my Fantasy league.

    Niether will ever be a starter though, I have Ray Rice and Frank Gore. Blount is for injury insurance as the year goes on and maybe playing at a Flex position. Caddy was doing that but I finally let him go…. After this year it appears it is time for the Bucs to do the same.