Marvin Lewis On The Bucs

October 10th, 2010

Earlier this week, Joe caught an interview that Bengals coach angry Marvin Lewis gave to Bob Papa and Ross Tucker, co-hosts of “The Opening Drive,” heard exclusively on Sirius NFL Radio. Lewis talked about his opponent today, the Bucs.

Ross Tucker: Marvin, Tampa Bay will be coming off a bye week. You think they will have some new wrinkles?

Marvin Lewis: There will be some things they do a little bit different but we can’t concern ourselves with them so much as we need to concern ourselves with us.

Bob Papa: The Bucs are 2-1 but with basically no running game.

Marvin Lewis: I think they have some talented running backs. What Cadillac did early in his career… we know what he can be. Earnest Graham may be the most underrated player for a long time in the NFL. He has always been a productive player. It’s important for us that we stay gap sound and keep the quarterback in the pocket and tackle.

Ross Tucker: I like the way [Tampa Bay management] is building this team through the draft. They are young across the board with quarterback Josh Freeman as their leader, even how he carries them. What do you see?

Marvin Lewis: I think you are right Ross. I think Freeman is a talented young player and they have done a good job of building through the draft. They have had a complete revision of their football staff and put things around the quarterback. They’ve done a nice job of picking solid players who have nothing but solid upsides.

Ross Tucker: What about their defense?

Marvin Lewis: Their defense is very, very, very fast and atheltic and this is the key. They do the little things that they wnat to do within Raheem’s scheme and what he is comfortable with. They are very effective at what they want to do.

Bob Papa: What jumps out at you in their passing game? Is it Kellen Winslow? Is it Mike Williams?

Marvin Lewis: They have great athletes. We know what Kellen can bring as he was in our division. Mike Williams and the kid from Illinois who will play this week, Benn, are two powerful receivers. We watched them and scouted them in the draft too and we knew they would be powerful and strong and physical NFL receivers.

3 Responses to “Marvin Lewis On The Bucs”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nice comments from Marvin Lewis. Lot of respect and admiration there, yup . . . Especially since we stole Desmond Briscoe out from under his nose – hehehe!! Sure hope we drop loss on them today! Might be enough to get Marvin Ranting again. I want to see Jim at the press conference, doing his best South Park” they took our job” voice, crying that ” they took our Briscoe!!”

  2. JDouble Says:

    Win or lose today, I just wanna see us play a good game. I wanna see 100+ yards rushing, some sacks along with good pressure, and better play from our safeties.

    I know they spent alot of time these past two weeks trying to improve the pass rush. If we still get no pressure today, I’m going to be very disappointed and concerned.

    Usually all that matters is the “W” but today I would rather take a loss in a game were we play great, than a win that we luck into and don’t deserve. We need to see some improvement today in out week spots. Mainly pass rushing and running the ball.

    Go Bucs!

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    People new to Tampa may not be familiar with the Brisco name. WHO remembers Jack and Jerry Brisco, anyone ?