Garcia Connects With Rendrick Taylor

October 1st, 2010


Yes, this Jeff Garcia video below is a shameless way to post a Carmella Garcia photo and still stay in Bucs mode.

Hanging on to the game in the UFL, playing in Omaha for Jeff Jagodzinski, Jeff Garcia leads his team to a fourth-quarter comeback against Duante Culpepper’s team. Garcia makes the game-winning toss to Rendrick Taylor, the manbeast rookie fullback who was one of the Bucs’ final cuts this year.

Funny how Garcia still hasn’t figured out how to slide.

  • 10 Responses to “Garcia Connects With Rendrick Taylor”

    1. McBuc Says:

      Great job working in Mrs garcia. Keep up the good work Joe.

    2. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

      These games actually seem pretty entertaining, too bad they look like Division II College teams.

    3. eric Says:

      Can we get some of them on our schedule? Fresh out of Cleveland’s……………

    4. bucfanjeff Says:

      Garcia…makes me laugh because it makes me think of Pros vs Joes – hahaha, Pros got punked by Joes.

    5. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

      Wow, Jeff Jagodzinski a head coach, imagine that ?

    6. McBuc Says:

      I have watched a few of these games, and they are really fun. They are like watching two really good college teams go at it.

    7. McBuc Says:

      Of course their uniforms look more like motor cross or something, and the Florida team has a stupid name.

    8. bucfever40 Says:

      I’ve heard from several former Buc players on the FL team that they could beat the Bucs, really? Do they really think they are that good, or that the Bucs are that bad, I say they’re just jealous they’re not in the NFL….that league sucks!

    9. Doug Says:

      Well it looks like we may have some decent football after all if the NFL does not play next year. That would really PO them.

    10. fanaticalbucsfan Says:

      carmella is so fine but whats up with her meat curtains?