The Cavalry Isn’t Bringing Vincent Jackson

October 1st, 2010

Some Bucs fans still seem to think the Bucs are not in a rebuilding mode and that the Bucs can trade for help on offense.

But Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune softly reminded Bucs fans that the Bucs are building from within, therefore, don’t expect a trade to help out.

Q: The Jackson that I think we’re missing more than Tanard (IDIOT) is Vincent. Another receiver to stretch the field and force defenses to remove that eighth man in the box would help Caddy and everyone else by opening up the middle of the field. Jackson’s not that old, and wouldn’t be the first “character” challenge that we’ve taken on. Winslow, Williams, and Stevens have had little drama. Are we in the hunt?

Nashville Buc Fan, Nashville, Tenn.

A: I don’t think the Bucs have much interest in Vincent Jackson. They’re pretty happy with the young receivers they have, and in a rebuilding program you just have to be patient with them. One of the big problems is that the Bucs still haven’t had anyone really step up at the flanker spot. If someone can jump out there, everyone will benefit.

— Woody Cummings

As far as wide receiver help, Joe fully understands if Bucs general manager Mark Dominik decided to pass on trading a fifth round pick for an elite receiver like Santonio Holmes, what makes people think Dominik will cough up a significant amount more for a lesser player?

16 Responses to “The Cavalry Isn’t Bringing Vincent Jackson”

  1. Eric S Says:

    I will never get why the Bucs didn’t try for Holmes or Boldin. Can you imagine one of those guys along with Williams for your WR corps. The Bucs could have passed on Benn and drafted for another need. Or they could have drafted Benn still and strengthened the WR position even more. Sometimes I don’t get Dominik’s philosophy. Trading up for Benn and Freeman will always puzzle me. 2 draft picks thrown away when there was a great chance both players would have still been there (Freeman definitely, Benn probably).

  2. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    The Bucs wll not get Vincent Jackson. Get that out of your heads right now.
    Dominik will never do it.

  3. eric Says:

    Is Stroughter still a “steal”?

  4. Matt Says:

    Not that I want either player, but:

    Vincent Jackson > Santonio Holmes

  5. eric Says:

    Who needs 140+ passing yards like Boldin put up Sunday with 3 touchdown? Or 166 from BM ?

    Dom knows exactly what he is doing. Jackson would only screw up Freeman’s development.

    He only trades for guys like Reggie Brown.

  6. Jonny Says:

    Joe, you are a stats guy and a horrible analyzer of talent. Jackson >>> Holmes, just like Marshall >>> Holmes.

  7. Steve From Oregon Says:

    This new regime is stressing character guys, that being said, Holmes and Vincent are not character guys and have showed that they cannot be dependable. Just think that we sign one of these guys, pay them their money, give up a draft choice for them, then they get busted again.

    Tanard was not a Dom/Rom pick up, so I can’t put that on them.

    Boldin is a character guy; however, he has injury concerns which scared alot of teams away, not just the Bucs.

    We have a good core group of talented players, young, but talented….Heres hoping one of them other then Mike Williams develops faster.

  8. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Eric…..Straughter is still a steal, however, I think they have him out of position. He is much better suited to play slot, as soon as one of our other receivers steps up, I think it will help Sammies production.

  9. Eric S Says:

    Let’s cut this nonsense about this regime being so concerned about character. They already have looked the other way on two guys that were suspended by their colleges and one that quit on his team. Those guys seem to be doing well so far. It wouldn’t have been far fetched for Dominik to go after Holmes or Jackson.

  10. Jonny Says:

    Having a rookie with character concerns is a LOT different from having a veteran with those concerns. On a young team like ours, most of the younger players look up to the vets and try to adopt some of their habits, its a natural thing. On contrary rookies with character concerns are not that big of a bad influence as no body really looks up to them.

    I am fine with ignoring Holmes and Jackson. One thing though, Jackson’s character concerns are blown out of proportion.

  11. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Eric, I agree on what you said about us getting Josh and Benn in later rounds, and having some more players to boot. But hindsight is 20/20, and Tampa may have known some other team was going to take them, if they did not ?

  12. OB Says:

    I think the main reason none of these guys are on the Bucs is that they are making a team that plays together, not a team of prima donnas which they are and they don’t play with the team. At the end of this season, you tell me if Williams, Benn, Parker, KW, Spurlock, and Sammy are not as good as any of them.

  13. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Eric….big difference with Jackson and Holmes….if they mess up again, they are out for the year….ultimately, I think that is what scared them away…the rookies still have some strikes to play with, not Vince and Santonio.

    Jonny… many DUI’s before it begins to show a character flaw?

  14. Eric S Says:

    Well I am concerned to see what happens when Williams goes through a bad stretch. Will he fight through it or shut down like he did at Syracuse? What about Blount? Will he slug someone during a game if they cheap shot him?

    Holmes is a former SB MVP and Jackson has been to the Pro Bowl. I think the players would have looked up to them for their on field accomplishments. Prime examples are Mike Vick and Brandon Marshall. They’ve done some rotten things off the field, but seem to be leaders on their respective teams now. It doesn’t make it right, but that is how it is. And Holmes and Jackson have done far less than those 2.

  15. eric Says:

    Brandon is on pace to have more receiving yards and catches than our entire wide receiver group combined.

    As for character, what about Blount? And when did 143 yard three touchdowns Boldin have a character problem?

    What is the real reason these players are not on the team? We would be unable to maintiain our status as lowest payroll in the league.

  16. JDouble Says:

    Why the hell would we be interested in V Jackson? Sammie looks like he needs to stay in the slot and not flanker, but we haven’t even seen our 2nd round rookie WR try flanker yet. You know….that Benn guy. Plus we have Parker and Briscoe waiting to get thier shot. Only if all these young guys ON OUR ROSTER have played 2 or 3 games as flanker and suck….should we even consider looking for another reciever. Giving up our 2nd and 3rd in 2011 draft for V Jackson right now would be a horrible move.