Can The Bucs Get A Pass Rush?

October 6th, 2010
The Bucs will need to find a way to get to immobile Carson Palmer.

The Bucs will need to find a way to get to immobile Carson Palmer.

One way the Bucs were able to win at Carolina was because the Bucs’ front defensive line, jostled, mocked and robbed Panthers quarterback Matt Moore.

This brought great joy to Joe’s heart.

The Bucs knocked Moore out of the game and maybe out of a career.

Carson Palmer of the Bengals will easily be the best quarterback the Bucs defense will have faced yet this season. But he’s also, perhaps, the most immobile quarterback the Bucs have faced this season.

This nugget of information did not pass by eye-RAH! Kaufman, of the Tampa Tribune, who Twittered on the TBO Bucs Twitter feed that getting to Palmer will be critical.

The Bucs know exactly where Carson Palmer will be Sunday — in the pocket. The question is, can they make him uncomfortable?

When a defense faces a quarterback who is about as fleet-footed as a statue, it’s critical to make his life uncomfortable, otherwise, said quarterback will make the defense uncomfortable.

11 Responses to “Can The Bucs Get A Pass Rush?”

  1. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Palmer will throw all over the Bucs this week.

    I will start him over my othet QB in fan football.

    Sure wish I had the Bengles RB!!!

    (Fire Raheem so we can bring back sell outs)

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    Damn I hate Panther fans posting here…. go home RahDom

  3. Spirit of '76 Says:

    He’s just a troll trying to stir things up. Pay him no attention. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

  4. eric Says:

    Palmer hasn’t really been elite since he had surgery. But then again Batch hadn’t even started a game since 07.

    After watching the film on that game I am bettting Cinci will test the secondary big time. So, as Joe points out pass rush is essential.

    I would like to see McCoy get a sack this week and cause a bit more disruption.

  5. pete I Says:

    Well the evidence to date suggests NO. Certainly not by Sunday but I guess you must crawl before you can take baby steps. If we can make Palmer at least uncomfortable that would at least be crawling.

  6. McBuc Says:

    Pete, they rushed the passer in the first two games, so why does the evidence support that they cannot do it this Sunday? Even our glory day defenses had off days.

    Eric…I agree with you on this one, which Eric are you?

  7. eric Says:

    I am the good Eric today……………..but can break bad anytime………….:)

    Dang meds………..

  8. bucfanlostiniowa Says:

    I bashed Raheem plenty last year. This year I’m on the fence waiting to see how it all turns out but anybody who thinks firing him now will generate sellouts is a fool.

  9. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Coach Morris said it himself that the plan for the Steelers (contain) did not work.

    I fully expect a full on pass rush this weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing the young guys pin their ears back and ‘get it’.

  10. Gary Says:

    Good point Rocket Surgeon… I was about to say that if Batch runs on us like he is Vick, then what will Palmer do? I forgot that the game plan was to have no rush, which sounds ridiculous after the fact.

    Oh well, to me everything rests on this game. Another egg and we suck yet again. But if we can win, that will prove last game was not REAL bucs and that Rah can actually coach since the bye week gave him extra time to prepare.

  11. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    Everyone plays the Steelers the same way – most of ’em get beat regardless of what their game plan is…

    I understand what Coach Morris was trying to do, and to a point it was working. Thinking outside the norm is not a bad thing (unless you’re a staunch traditionalist.)

    For the Coach – that’s growth, and a lesson for sure.