Were Glazers Wise To Let Game Black Out?

September 26th, 2010

Empty seats were scarce today and Terrible Towels were plentiful

Considering the beat down the Steelers dropped on the Bucs today, plus the ugly TV shots of Steelers fans all over the stadium, maybe Team Glazer made the right call keeping this “Bucs infomercial” away from hundreds of thousands of local football fans?

Joe’s wondering just how exactly this game would have inspired the non-harcore fan base into positive water cooler chatter and Bucs love.

At least now, for the masses, the no-name Bucs are still a bit unknown and 2-1 and tied for first place?

Joe can’t blame Team Glazer for not shelling out the cash to gobble up the remaining tickets a few days ago to get the game aired today. Yes, Joe would have done it if he owned the Bucs. But perhaps Team Glazer is better served coughing up the cash to get a game aired when the team has a better shot of impressing?

15 Responses to “Were Glazers Wise To Let Game Black Out?”

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    well we played like crap…saw the game online..and maybe i should have went out…,still a 8-8 team

  2. goodfellajay Says:

    well we will win in 2 weeks cant win em all

  3. justin f Says:

    so we got rid of bowden to sign this punter who can not kick the ball 30 yards great move, and greg olsen is gruden 2.0 does the same 5 yard pass gruden did never takes chances settles for fg

  4. Deputy Buc Says:

    LOL… I was thinking the same thing as you Joe. I can’t blame the Glazers for not buying those tickets. The stadium was ridiculously black and yellow all over.

    As far as the punter… I agree…. We need a new one.

    The offense was dink and dunk because of the qb. They sent receivers deep but when they were open Freeman was running for his life or hesitated and lost the opportunity.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I said this when we found out the game was blacked out.

  6. JimBuc Says:

    Joe said of the Glazers decision to not purchase the remaining tickets:

    ” Yes, Joe would have done it if he owned the Bucs.”

    Precisely why you would never own the Bucs Joe. Not saying that is a bad thing though.

  7. RastaMon Says:

    Mercy Rule….yes it was wise of them

  8. Larry Says:

    I kind of think that the Glazer’s picked a bad game to make a point. I saw what looked to be a sold out game on TV (legally, I live in Detroit and have the Sunday Ticket) They said no way folks and the Buc’s end up losing big. Do they think the fans will now come back so they won’t have to miss another game like that? Don’t think so – I believe the Glazer’s hurt their cause looking like a bunch of cheap buggers. What do you bet that sports radio will also report that the stadium looked full? No extension? What a load of crap.

  9. Patrick Says:

    I guess this loss means that all the home games will be blacked out now. Absolutely ridiculous. There should be more fans in the stadium.

    Relax guys, we have the Lions and Rams coming to Tampa this year. The stadium should have people in it on those days. And even if it doesn’t, the Glazers should purchase the last couple hundred or thousand seats available, since those are games we have a good chance of winning.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    This proves in a lot of ways what the problem is selling out the stadium. So many people bitch and moan that Tampa is not a sports town or No one supports the Rays etc…etc… Tampa is a great sports town, but it is a huge melting pot of fans from all over the Country. There were probably 20,000 to even 30,000 Steelers fans there today. These people didn’t fly in for the game; they live here! Along with Packer fans, Giants fans, Jets fans, Bears fans and so on. This same concept goes for the Rays! The 20.000 Yankees fans didn’t hop on a plane and come down here; they live here!

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Maybe the Glazers knew that it was likely that the Bucs weren’t going to win this one? I mean why spend money to lift the blackout when you know the locals will see your team get beatdown?

    Alas I bought into the season 2-0 hype and yes I fell let down – again. But in retrospect Cleveland and Carolina just suck worse than the Bucs.

    Personally I say that everyone should just blame Retard Jackson for his behavior and getting suspended as the cause for this terrible beating. Let’s go into the bye week, catch Blount up with the playbook and hope that the Bucs go 6-10 this year.


  12. D-Rome Says:

    Agree with you Joe.

  13. tampa2 Says:

    Are the Glazers wise period? Nope, just greedy as Hell!

  14. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    If you’ve ever called Obama a socialist (not pointed at you, Joe. unless it applies) and then you complain that the Glazers don’t buy out the tickets, you’re a hypocrite.

  15. Eric S Says:

    If the game was close to a sell out, I do think the Glazers should have bought the remaining tickets (couple thousand or less). If it isn’t close to a sell out, then I am fine with them not buying out the rest of the tickets. I truly hope politics doesn’t seep into this site. I think most people come here to get away from politics.