Two Talib Near-Picks Burn Bucs

September 26th, 2010

Now Joe’s not ragging on Aqib Talib in this post. Instead, this post is to illustrate how a few inches can turn into points.

Yeah, Talib had an interception in the first quarter when the Bucs were very much in the game. But it was two near-misses Talib damned near had that later turned into Pittsburgh touchdowns that helped turn the game into a blowout.

It appeared that Talib had an interception in the corner of the end zone in the second quarter when the ball bounced off his fingertips and into the waiting arms of Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. Touchdown Steelers.

Later in the same quarter, a Charlie Batch (Charlie Batch?) pass to the right sailed right through the arms of a diving Talib that Wallace caught for a first down. Pittsburgh later scored a touchdown on the same drive.

If Talib could have hauled in two more picks, would it have changed the game around? Maybe, maybe not. But it shows how just a few inches can mean the difference in a great defensive play, and six points for the opposition. 

30 Responses to “Two Talib Near-Picks Burn Bucs”

  1. safety Says:

    I agree completely.
    They were the better team today, but the score really should have been a lot closer.

  2. BamBamBuc Says:

    Lot of “IF’S”, Joe. I agree, it goes to show the team is close, just not close enough. Add a few more if’s….. If Cody Grimm turns to see the ball on the first TD, they may not score. If Stroughter catches the ball instead of tipping it for a pick 6, it may change the game. If Donald Penn blocked someone… nah, that’s just getting ridiculous….

  3. Josh Says:


  4. Aldo Says:


    agree, and i want to ask, how much guaranteed money did penn receive?? i mean, after all we can cut him if that money is not much enough, and take a look on real LT for the team.

  5. Josh Says:

    Talib is our best defensive player , Ronde is done its time to cut him loose.Bucs need to regroup after bye week thhey have a big game against ciny that i will be going too. iw ould ay its a must win for bucs. Cincy is not that good and i think we can beat them. im happy with the bucs start though 2-1 is dam good for a team that is very young and inexperinced

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    First thing they teach Db’s – make sure they CAN’T get, then you try to get it! I am sure he’ll here that speech this week! Lol

  7. Josh Says:

    @ Aldo

    im not sure but i think penn is guaranteed 20 mill over 6 years. n

  8. thomas Says:

    The picks, or near picks meant nothing: the statline tells the story,the steelers O did whatever it wanted, the bucs O next to nothing:

    pit tb
    387 303
    Total Plays 49 62
    Average Gain 7.9 4.9
    Net Yards Rushing 201 75
    Rushes 32 21
    Avg. Per Rush 6.3 3.6
    Net Yards Passing 186 228
    Comp.-Att. 12-17 26-37
    Yards Per Pass 10.9 5.6
    Sacked-Yards Lost 0-0 4-23
    Had Intercepted 2 1
    Touchdowns 5 1

    The bucs won the TO battle at home and got blown out by a team that ATL took to OT in Pitt!

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    Actually, the Steelers picked on Talib, and mostly avoided Barber. I thought that was unusual. Most teams avoid Talib. Did I miss something? It looked like Penn held up well today, except on some strange blitzes where they sent DB’s from the wide edge, and I don’t know any tackle that would stop that !

  10. Josh Says:

    The steelers lucked out on 3 or 4 of there TDs

  11. Josh Says:

    i saw barber get blasted on a few plays and he missed some tackles. LBS PLAYED OK

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh look, that p.o.s Thomas finally crawled out of the sludge to comment. Didn’t have the guts to post the last two weeks, huh, you stupid loser! We are still 2-1, and still in first place in our division. So all in idiotic crap your ignorant ass cried all summer still proved to totally wrong. You are still a cowardly puss. Crawl back under yer rock at your boyfriend RahDoms house. If we need an idiot to say something here, we’ll call you! Hold your breath, you dumbass

  13. thomas Says:

    yeah josh that was actually a close game lol

  14. thomas Says:

    capt dim: remember it takes 16 games to make a season, beating two winless teams in the first 2 weeks of the season means nothing. I said all summer, we’ll see come week 3. I predicted a 2-0 start b/c of who the opponents were. So far, I have been prove absolutely right. While all you sheep were floating on cloud delusion for the last few weeks I remained grounded and said this week will be the test! Grade: well, according to Josh the bucs nearly won!

    How cocktails Dim? 10-12?

  15. thomas Says:

    at least the camera crews knew who the hc was this week! last week when they showed rah the cameras captured and announcers talked about the LB coach – it was hilarious! The crew spends all week studying up on the teams and they still dont know who the HC is.

    BTW – Rah is no Mike Tomlin, and just b/c our coach vacations with a great coach (which I am tired of hearing about) doesnt make our coach a good coach!

  16. Aldo Says:


    take a look!! maybe he can be cut… the question is, with all the needs for the next draft, is really a need LT or at least with penn we can be ok??

    i mean, maybe we can afford another year with Penn,we need DE(i mean stylez is a great back up on other teams, and behind him, theres not much hope), we need safeties (sean jones is just for another season), i guess a MLB (sorry ruud, but ur not the answer tampa looks), maybe RB (after today game blount give us hope, if not we can take a look on ingram) and OG, just my opinion…

  17. eric Says:

    The Steelers were playing with a fourth string Qb who wouldn’t be in the league but for injuries and the Ben suspension. Guy hadn’t started a game since 2007. STILL a total blow out.

    It was no matter of inches. Steelers could name the score.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas, as ussual, you are a lying piece of s*^%. you said that Raheem wouldn’t win a game this season, that he was over his head . The only thing more pathetic than your lying, is your sorry ass. and I’ve told you- don’t adress me in your post- you aren’t worthy! Don’t do it! I have the technology to find you

  19. Aldo Says:

    eric, STFU u big MoFo!!! get ur damn ass outta here!!! man ur a cancer!! edited for hate speech beyond the level of the aforementioned hate speech!!

  20. eric Says:

    Man that must have been bad!

  21. Josh Says:

    Geez i dont see whats wrong with being 2-1. The rest of the schedule is fairly easy. We got cincy then saints then rams. THE CINCY GAME IS BIG! I WILL BE GOING TO THAT GAME. They are beatable

  22. thomas Says:

    Dont make threats, they can get you in trouble! Particularly over buc football in a “rebuilding” year!

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol no, they won’t!

  24. thomas Says:

    The silver lining to getting blown-out by a 4th string quarterback at home! Needling the sheep who thought that this bunch of 2nd raters had a chance to compete for the playoffs!! Lol, lol, lol

  25. Patrick Says:


    Did you just say Barber should be cut? Where were you the first 2 weeks of the season? Barber is having a good year.

  26. thomas Says:

    You sheep are beating on the secondary, how many sacks were there? Where was the pressure? Where were the glory boys mccoy, price and miller? I dont recall any of them making a play all day. Mendenhall averaged 8 yards per carry and the back-up 6. the d-line was horrible just like last year, in fact that was a 2009 game, kind of like the saints at home last year.

    My goodness, I think we have regressed from last year!

  27. thomas Says:


  28. Josh Says:

    @ Patrick .
    I know ronde made those picks week 1 and 2 but hes just too slow. Speed is needed on defense now and we dont have T Jackson to bail him out any more. BTW Where was Geno Hayes he was all over the place the last couple weeks

  29. Patrick Says:


    Yeah I agree that Barber is quite slow now but he can still force turnovers and that’s a big reason to keep him around. We have a E.J Biggers, who is a pretty fast guy.

  30. Josh Says:

    People forget that Steelers have the best defense in the league. I think we will bounce back against cincy.