“We Didn’t Feel Helpless”

September 26th, 2010

For one reporter at Raheem Morris’ postgame news conference, it seems today’s 38-13 beat down from Pittsburgh conjured up memories of the Bucs getting clobbered last year at home by the New York Jets (26-3) and New York Giants (24-0).

Morris was asked if today’s game had that Jets or Giants feel to it. In his response, he gave a glimpse into just how low the Bucs were in 2009.

“No. We didn’t feel helpless [today],” Morris said, referring to last year’s losses.

The head coach went on to say the Bucs are keeping the “big picture” in focus, meaning the fact they are 2-1 and have time to assess their performance and improve with a bye week next Sunday.

“It’s a great time for all of us to get together and bond and be one, and not let anything tear us down for the next two weeks and get ready to go play Cincinnati at their place on their home turf and get a win and close out the first quarter of the season,” Morris said.

Joe knows “We didn’t feel helpless” doesn’t represent improvement to feel good about. But really, all that matters at this point is the Bucs’ response in two weeks.

20 Responses to ““We Didn’t Feel Helpless””

  1. Deputy Buc Says:

    How this team responds to this loss in two weeks will tell us a great deal about the testicular fortitude of our young team.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Simply put, we got beat by the better team. And the Steelers are clearly better than the Bucs…right now. Heck, the Steelers are better than most NFC teams…even with Batch leadign them.

    Before the season started, I said I would be happy to win 2 of the first 4 games…so I’ve got my wish thus far.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I think that Jets game last year was actually far worse than this. The offense was actually able to move the ball well at times today. The things that killed us were dropped INT’s by the defense, Grimm starting, not giving Blount the ball after he started out so well, and rookie mistakes by the receivers.

    Grimm is not ready to start at safety. Come on. A 7th round pick being inserted into the starting lineup after you lose your pro bowl caliber safety?? Pretty tough adjustment to make.

    Philips and Hamlin are out there. Sign of those two. Either that, or start Corey Lynch. He’s better than Grimm and Piscitelli.

  4. Tye Says:

    ”We didn’t feel helpless”

    Well then it must be DENIAL because you sure looked like you were helpless!

  5. Capt.Tim Says:

    Exactly Pete! We aren’t as good as the Steelers! I think all of us knew that. We optimistically hoped that we were catching them at a good time, with Batch At Qb. Well, that didn’t work out. But we are still 2-1. And despite today’s lose, I think the team is still far ahead of the schedule we all thought they were on. Really wanna see more of Blount and Benn after today, meybe Preston also. The Steelers are trying to win the SuperBowl now. They are ready. We are still building- but we are looking good, and will be challenging very soon

  6. Spirit of '76 Says:

    The first quarter went about as expected except for the first Steeler TD. I, for one, thought that we would be able to place a lot of pressure on Batch. But once they were up 21-6, we were out of our game plan and that was it.

    The most telling tale of this game was the difference in the lines. Theirs moved ours, on both sides of the ball. Pretty one sided on Pittsburgh’s side.

    On offense, we couldn’t keep them out of our backfield and they pretty much stuffed the run. The couple of gains that Caddy got were called back on O-line penalties. Blount was a nice surprise and with Pressley in did some nice things. The receivers couldn’t get any separation and we were predictable in our play calls.

    Defensively we were back to last year. i got sick watching the Steelers right right side 70% of the time for 10+ yards at a crack. The left side didn’t fare that much better. Lack of pressure on Batch let him pick us apart and look like he is headed to a Pro Bowl.

    I am looking forward to the bye week. This was a butt kicking.

  7. YearOBucsfan Says:

    I predicted 6 wins and I think they are ahead of schedule. I feel pretty confident they will get to 6. They are a growing team that is getting better. They still have plenty of holes to fill, that didn’t get solved in one or two drafts. Go Bucs.

  8. tj Says:

    Josh freeman is only going to get better and I know it is his only 3 rd game but is mccoy goi ng to make some plays besides falling. Down a nd getting pushed around. Lastly talib s almost int s would have made the game closer

  9. Spirit of '76 Says:

    This was a benchmark game to see where we really were against top grade NFL talent. If we use it a measuring stick, we can see we have a long way to go.

    I am not disappointed in where the team is going. Do we have more talent than last year? Yes.

    Are the schemes on both sides of the ball better and built around the players we have? Yes.

    Are they young and will there be some growing pains? Yes.

    Were we able to address all the shortcomings in talent and personnel in two drafts? Hell no.

    I’m happy with more wins and progress over last year. Another good draft will get us closer. But please, no more beat downs. That was tough to watch.

  10. Patrick Says:

    @Year of Bucsfan

    They better get to 6, considering they started 2-0.

  11. thomas Says:

    They will get well rah has been given 19 games and he still hasnt won 6 in his illustrious career! But I will bet that he will get career win # 6 by the end of this year!

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    There were more Steeler fans than Bucs fans today, or damn close. It was embarrassing and almost looked like a Steeler home game. No matter what the excuse is, our fans suck. For a game like today to have over half the Stadium sold to Steelers just shows that Tampa Bay doesn’t care as a whole. So many season ticket holders sell their tickets and don’t go. It’s sad, but only one loss and they will bounce back.

    How bout Blount? He’s a beast. The turnovers killed us and Grimm just doesn’t look ready yet.

  13. tampa2 Says:

    Well, all you Sabby haters got your wish and Raheem put Grimm in. Did great, didn’t he! maybe Raheem the Amateur will give Sabby a chance now. It certainly couldn’t be any worse than Grimm. By the way, Raheem takes credit when his defense plays good. Will he take the credit for the beat-down the defense allowed today?

  14. McBuc Says:

    Tampa2…You really do not pay attention do you? Morris always takes the blame, at least he has this year for any and everything that has gone wrong. I was thinking, well Grimm did about as good as Sabby, so no I do not think Morris made the wrong choice.

  15. Patrick Says:

    What the hell is wrong with Olsen? Blount does great then he just stops giving him carries! He kept passing the ball over and over and over again. Change it up a little!

  16. will the beast Says:

    I think if Flip is still available for a test drive he would be an upgrade from whoever is on the roster now I’m not saying Grim can’t get the job done but it would help to have someone who has done it effectively and recent he’s good for a few snaps

  17. Spirit of '76 Says:

    @ Patrick

    We were down by 3 scores when we went off the passing game. Blount did get his share and I was impressed with he and Pressley in there. But the game was out of hand by the end of the 2nds quarter. We’ll see more of Blount and I’ll be happier for it. Pounding the rock!

  18. Paul Says:

    He should’ve said, we felt unlucky. The game would’ve been a lot closer if it weren’t for freak plays. Who knew some fat, old, slow D-lineman would get his first career int and TD off of a tipped ball in garbage time. 24-13 is the score I judge the Bucs on.

  19. eric Says:

    Rah really unleashed em in that second half!

  20. Peder Says:

    Time to put the Caddie in the Used Car Lot!! Ernest was one hell of a runner when Caddie was injured. Why hasn’t he been given the change to gain 1000 yards this year. Remember, a few years back he almost achieved that goal.

    Caddie is mediocre at best. Won’t make it on any other team. Time to look at the film and stop hoping and wishing.