Sweet Payback For Kellen Winslow

September 13th, 2010

kellen winslow 091210Yesterday wasn’t just a season-opening game for Bucs tight end Kellen Winslow. It was also a chance to give a little payback to a team he once played for, a team that drafted him and a team Winslow has quite a bit of mixed emotions about.

Winslow wanted the Bucs to win yesterday badly. So much so he carried a Bucs flag in pregame ceremonies and waved it in front of the Browns bench. He had four catches for 32 yards and nearly made a sick catch where he skied over Browns defenders and looked as if he was picking apples, only to lose the ball when he hit the ground.

After the game, Winslow didn’t deny he was fired up to win, as reported by the Associated Press.

“I have nothing against the players,” the seventh-year pro said. “This is our job. So, when you get traded or demoted or anything like that, it’s personal. So, you want to get some revenge and you want to play as well as you can.”

Winslow spent five at times tumultuous seasons with the Browns. He had a pair of 80-catch seasons and made the Pro Bowl once in Cleveland, but couldn’t shake a perception that he was a troublesome presence.

“We didn’t win very much over there. When I got traded, it felt very personal. I’m in a better situation now with a coach like Raheem Morris.”

Joe could even see how Winslow was emotional on the field just by his play. Joe’s not suggesting anything to the contrary here, but Joe would love for someone to hypnotize Winslow into thinking he is playing the Browns each week.

9 Responses to “Sweet Payback For Kellen Winslow”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Really loved the flag waving move! Now that’s the stories this team should have every week!!

  2. Josh Says:

    Winslow needs to become even more of a weapon. Hes very important in the bucs offense. Hopefully stovall comes back next week

  3. NegativeExpectations Says:

    I am pretty sure that ANY NFL player would be pi$$ed off if they got traded to the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  4. sensiblefan Says:

    BSPN posted on quick blurb on this pre-game. Cleveland fans were PISSED! I like the edge. The Bucs have been getting disrespected nationally so it feels good to see that we can disrespect people right back!

  5. Joe Says:


    The Bucs have been getting disrespected nationally

    Pppfftt. So people should respect a three-win team????? Really??? Come on.

    This “respect” nonsense is just over the top. Want attention for your team? Make sure said team wins games. It’s no more complex than that. Don’t blame the messenger, blame the team.

  6. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Kellen should have talked more smack to the Browns. He now has LeGarret Blount to punch any of them out, and Talib has been known to smack a head or two in his time.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Jesus Joe, Are you stuck in time! LAST YEAR we were 3-13. LAST YEAR!!! This is the NFC south! We are 1-0 right now, and favored to win the division!! Last to first is the rule here!! The Browns won their last 4 games LAST YEAR, but I bet they respect us this morning!

  8. sensiblefan Says:


    Sorry Joe but I have to disagree. I’ve been a fan since 1996 and we’ve never had anything more than cursory attention paid to us by the national media. It’s been even more evident this offseason. People assume that this is the same bunch of nobodies as last year, with a nobody coach, and a cheap ownership group who’s still living off of its ONE Super Bowl. Heck, you’ve posted all the articles from the national media by guys who haven’t even bothered to research who’s even on the team and basing their predictions on our struggles last year. The Bucs are treated as if we’re a UFL team by the national media and it’s been that way for many years even with Gruden. The national media has NO clue about what’s going on in Tampa because they don’t care to look. That to me is a lack of respect.

    I get it, Tampa is a small market team with no stars. The national media has no incentive to talk us up until we do something but I’d like to be placed in a category of up-and-coming teams (i.e. the Lions) instead of a category of perennial losers like the Rams. I’d like them to recognize that the emphasis is being placed on drafting young talent and developing it. Wishful thinking I suppose.

    “Want attention for your team? Make sure said team wins games. It’s no more complex than that.”

    My point is that we DID win and instead of feeling good about it, the win gets crapped on. Once again, I understand. It was one win…and it was over the Browns. I still think we’re a lock for 6 to 8 wins tops. But for a team whose fanbase dwindled in just one year of rebuilding and who most predict will lose upwards of 11 games I’m just excited that we came out, got hit in the mouth multiple times, came back and showed some edge while doing it.

  9. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Capt.Tim

    Actually…they still don’t respect us lol

    “We’re better than we just did. We just played Browns vs. Browns, and the Browns lost,” Cleveland receiver/kick return specialist Joshua Cribbs said. “I would love to give Tampa a lot of credit. They’ve got talented guys out there, but we beat ourselves. We were the better team, but not today.”

    -Josh Cribbles and Bits