Steve White Says Sapp Is No Fan Of McCoy Plan

September 29th, 2010

"These old timers are dogging me"

If it’s possible to lob a grenade from a blog post, then former Bucs defensive end Steve White just tossed one in the direction of One Buc Place.

White is no fan of Raheem Morris’ explanation of why he’s OK with stunting Gerald McCoy’s development at undertackle.

And White not only details why he’s at odds on this issue with Raheem, he mentions that his longtime Bucs teammate, undertackle for the ages Warren Sapp, feels the same way.

Here’s a snippet, but Joe recommends you read the entire long take on White’s blog.

But McCoy will either take longer or never develop into a good to great undertackle if he is also trying to be a decent defensive end on either side as well as part time nose tackle as well. It’s just not going to happen.

And the reason why I’m being so vocal about this is because it reminds me so much of the way Gaines Adams was mishandled may he rest in peace. I don’t care who I piss off I’m going to keep talking about it either until it changes or the season ends. I may end up looking like Ahab screaming at the sea but I really don’t care. I know what kind of undertackle Gerald McCoy can be. I watched him in college, I saw him in the preseason and I saw glimpses in the first game against Cleveland. Its not selfish to want to see more of that, its smart. You don’t draft a guy number 3 to be a utility man, you draft a guy that high to be a dominant force AT ONE POSITION.

Maybe in 3 years when McCoy has established himself and has some game experience under his belt he will be able to dabble a little more at end keep his productivity up at undertackle but I don’t see it happening as a rookie. And the thing of it is the defense doesn’t “need” him to move around. That’s just not true. We have enough talent on our defense to not have to use gimmicks and trickem dickem stuff. That defense can line up and whup people’s ass if they are put in a position to do so. Last year I could understand trying to fool people to victory but not now. Not with the talent we have on this defense.

White dropping the line about Sapp agreeing with him is earlier in his post. Again, you’ll have to read it all on White’s blog.

Raheem said moving around McCoy along the D-line is critical to the Bucs being successful now, so therefore Joe has no issue with the move, even if it has negative long term effects. If Morris thinks he needs to do this to win and therefore keep his job, despite the possible longterm effects on McCoy, then so be it. The coach has to play to win.

Raheem is from the Chucky coaching tree, and as Chucky might say, “Hey, man, it’s all about this year. If I need McCoy bouncin’ around or playing #$%^’n hopscotch, then you better #$%^’n believe he’s going to do it.”

Given Raheem has admitted using McCoy in various positions is affecting the speed of McCoy’s development, then for Joe that’s a sign Raheem is feeling a lot of pressure to win with his young team. Otherwise, why not play the guy exclusively in the 3-technique where he and Mark Dominik raved about him locally and nationally for months?

23 Responses to “Steve White Says Sapp Is No Fan Of McCoy Plan”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I really don’t see any harm in it so long as most of the plays he gets are his main position.

    And as to Gaines…when did he ever NOT play defensive end? Refresh my memory please.

  2. Fish Says:

    I agree with Steve to a certain extent. The plan that raheem and dominik have in place, which I absolutely agree with and am all for, requires development. It is absolutely crucial and the top priority.

    We’re in a damned good situation with a lot of talented players and have found ourselves a lot farther down the road than, say, the lions, browns or rams, within a YEAR of becoming a rebuilding program. This is a plan you have to stick to, which they mostly have been, for it to work. Once you have a high-producing foundation, you can keep refreshing it with young and developing talent, but the most important aspect is DEVELOPMENT.

    We might not get a chance to pick as high as we did in last Aprils draft for a while, and even if we do, we probably won’t get a player of GMC’s caliber. We need to do the right thing with this guy and do it the way it’s supposed to be done.

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe I think Raheem is pressuring himself to win now and that it isn’t coming from upstairs. He liked what he saw in the pre season and first two games. He is somewhat excitable, and says he doesn’t ride the emotional roller coaster, but it’s his middle name. He needs to take a couple deep breaths and get back to the plan. I think Dominick will reign him in a little and get him back on track. I would like to see McCoy & Price playing side by side tackles on more plays, with Crowder, Bennett & White on the ends.

  4. Joe Says:


    If you were an NFL head coach and you just came off of a 3-13 season, had to fire both of your coordinators before the end of the season and see all the empty red seats in what once was a weekly packed house, you’d be putting pressure on yourself too.

  5. Fish Says:


  6. Gatorbuc15 Says:


  7. JDouble Says:

    I can see McCoy lining up as DE or NT 10% of the time, as long as he is playing UT the other 90%. So far it seems like he plays NT and DE just as much as he plays UT….and that is stupid.

    I’m not one of the guys that rips on Rah, but moving Kyle Moore inside and having McCoy move out to DE while Price is on the sideline is just retarded. The ONLY time McCoy should slide out to DE, is if it’s to let Price play UT.

    Like Steve said, you don’t draft a guy 3rd overall to float him around. We’ve been searching for a dominant 3 tech DT for almost a decade now since Sapp left. Quit f###ing this up Rah. Let the man stay put and learn to dominate at his position. Period.

  8. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    God, I HATE to say this, and it is not my opinion either. But I was told by someone who has considerable football knowledge that McCoy has been an unspoken disappointment to Tampa, as far as a dominant pass rusher goes. This person told me that he believes Raheem and Mark Dominick are intentionally moving McCoy around, despite advice to the contrary, so at the end of the season they can blame the moving him around, instead of admitting to their mistake in drafting him so highly! This person says it is becoming more and more clear we should have traded OUT of the number 2 pick, passed on McCoy, and taken the USF Defensive End and the quality Middle linebacker he feels we need so badly. Again, this is not MY opinion, just some food for discussion. But chew on this, Suh has sacks, McCoy has none so far. My friend feels McCoy will never be the dominant defensive lineman we hoped he would be in the NFL. He says NFL Offensive Linemen are having their way with him, and out of sheer job preservation, Raheem and Mark Dominick are trying their best to protect their NFL Futures.
    Mark Dominick has a lot riding on this draft, considering the waste of his bosses money on Ward and Clayton. Surely, the Glazers will not tolerate another Gaines Adams ? Tampa Stadium is always empty, except for the fans of other teams.

    I hope my friend is wrong about McCoy being a bust. He sure is a likable guy, and so is Mark Dominick. I see our run defense as way better then last year, and I attribute a lot of that to McCoy and Price. But the numbers don’t lie, where are the sacks ?
    Charlie Batch had all DAY on Sunday, and even ran on us.

  9. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Here is one of many posts of warning about drafting McCoy so highly (number 3) in the draft. Personally, I agreed with the pick, but my friend is an “I told you so”

    McCoy will bust regardless of the health of his knees. For a guy known as a superior athlete with elite quickness, like Glenn Dorsey was, he tested extremely poorly, like Glenn Dorsey. He might be alright, but he will NOT be a great player like Sapp, Tommie Harris, or even Jay Ratliff (all ran 4.8 or better in the 40, compared to McCoy’s Dorsey-esque 5.1)

    Posted by: Brandon | March 24, 2010 at 07:58 PM

  10. Matt Says:

    The only reason McCoy should NOT be play UT is if it’s to give Price reps at UT and to put McCoy at LE to get Kyle Moore off the field.

    In no circumstances should McCoy be moved out of the DT position so that it opens up a spot for Ryan Sims to play. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    Way too early to even talk about McCoy being a bust! First year is just culture shock because of the speed and talent. Our D line has already improved over last year and that is with 2 rookies and 2 second year players.

  12. McBuc Says:

    Apple, I disagree with your friend, and so do most experts. Remember Sapp only had 3 sacks his first year…I think he only played about 8 ganes though. I also think he had 17 or 18 tackles. It is crazy to call McCoy a bust after 3 games. He has also drawn a great deal of attention from other teams, which will effect his stats as well. You can also not compare Suh and McCoy, they are in completely different systems.

  13. McBuc Says:

    I also think the 40 time is an over rated test. How often do they run 40 yards after the QB?

  14. Posey99 Says:

    I agree with white, but not only is this hurting Gerald McCoys development but this is also hurting Kyle Moore and Tim Crowders development. If Gerald McCoy is our 3 technique of the future then who they hell is playing it while mccoy is playing DE? (Kyle Moore) We never did this Bullsh*t back in the day. Raheem is totally controdicting himself because he just talked about this with Ronde Barber moving to saftey. MCCOY WAS PLAYING JUST FINE AT THE UNDER TACKLE, SO DONT MOVE HIM AROUND, HES NOT BROKEN SO DONT FIX IT.

  15. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    McBuc, according to Steve White, he is not commanding double teams from opposing teams at all. I agree though, 3 games does not a season, or a player make.
    It also took Mario Williams a few years to become dominant. If nothing else, we are stopping the run better then last year, at least Carolina. I think we all miss that Tampa Pass Rush we used to have in the Dungy and early Gruden years. Hopefully McCoy will provide that again, some day.

  16. bux76 Says:

    I thought we were drafting all this young talent for the future? how come now it is O.K to ruin his future progress to win now? with that mentality shouldnt we have just got veteran players? if it will hurt him by making him play multiple positions instead of keeping him at tackle,this is a waste. I see no sense in this thought proccess

  17. McBuc Says:

    Apple, I agree about missing those great lines of the past. I have read a bunch of articles that say in the first two games he was double and sometime triple blocked, in fact Steve pointed that out on the big sack that Black had against Carolina. I am just saying (Joe has been saying this since the draft) rookie d line guys rarely make a huge impact. I think in two out of three games he has mad an impact, our line is better than last year. I just think Brandon is a little early with his I told you so moment with you. You may get to throw it back at him in a year or two.

  18. Andrew Says:

    I don’t think, I know it’s too early to call him a bust. I agree with a lot of what Steve says. Let McCoy learn one position first (as well as adjust to the speed of the NFL from one spot) and then move him around. They need to give rookies a chance to learn and develop. I don’t want to see them stretch someone like McCoy too thin.

  19. McBuc Says:


    Apple, Roy Cummings wrote…

    And while McCoy has yet to turn in a real splash play, he has played a significant role in some other defenders getting splash plays.

    For example, on the first play of the game against Carolina last week, McCoy drew three blockers, which allowed linebacker Quincy Black to rush in and drop Panthers lead back DeAngelo Williams for a 2-yard loss.

    Later in the game, McCoy pushed two blockers into a Panthers chip blocker, and that allowed Black to run uncontested into a devastating third-down sack of Panthers quarterback Matt Moore.

    Finally, on that critical fourth-and-goal play from the Bucs’ 1-yard line in the fourth quarter, McCoy occupied three blockers yet again, this time allowing linebacker Geno Hayes to knife through and stop Jonathan Stewart for a 1-yard loss.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Apple, I don’t know if you are talking about “knowitall Brandon” that posts on the St Pete Times site, but if so, he’s an idiot, and doesn’t know as much about football as he thinks he does.

    If McCoy is a Bust, then why is Price on the Bench 90% of the time? What is the excuse for that?

    Roy Cummings was incorrect about McCoy occupying 3 blockers on the 4’th down play. The Bucs had 6 linemen on that play and McCoy was on the other side. I don’t remember who it was, but that statement by Roy was proven wrong on film.

    I still like McCoy and think he has as good a shot as anybody to be a very good DT. My only question about him at this point is: Why are his calves so small? He has huge thighs but small calves and that seems odd for someone that big. Just an observation.

  21. thomas Says:

    So far McCoy = Huge Disappointment, basically he is not a factor at all.

    White is just trying to help remedy that

  22. McBuc Says:

    White, maybe I am qwrong, but has said he is a factor, but white is hiolding him to a higher standard. Thomas, did you watch our line last year? How can you say he is a nonfactor. Who in their right mind thought he would arrive and put up 15 sacks? Nonsense.

  23. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Not that I ever really questioned Steve White, but we have disagreed on the NFC North.
    I liked the Vikings, and he likes the Bears. Honestly, I thought perhaps his friendship with his old tampa coach who is now the Bears head coach had him overly optimistic. But Steve is turning out to be right, as usual! I had to eat crow publicly on his Blog for that.
    The man knows his chit!