“I Told Them To Go Do What They Practiced”

September 14th, 2010

Joe loves Raheem Morris’ confidence with his young, improving defense. On the offensive side, well, that’s another story.

Pressed again yesterday at his news conference to explain how he riled up his defense at halftime to help inspire them to shutout the Browns for the final 30 minutes, Raheem explained he told them nothing special at all. 

“I told them to go do what they practiced,” said Morris, emphasizing that he didn’t expect the media to believe him.

Fabulous, confident response from the head coach. It sounded very Dungyesque to Joe, who remembers the Dungy years when “execution” was always the word of the day.

Raheem went on to explain that his young defense needs to step up its communication at all costs.

“When you got a veteran team, it’s ok to be a little more subtle with some of your calls, because you know Derrick Brooks can communicate with [Greg] Spires through eye contact or a simple nod,” Morris said. “Right now, I’m not real sure of my young little babies I got right now. So I want them to be loud and don’t keep it a secret. I don’t care if Cleveland knows. I want to make sure we know. It’s more about us.”

Joe wonders how many more games the Bucs defense can win, in addition to the “W” it brought home on Sunday.


11 Responses to ““I Told Them To Go Do What They Practiced””

  1. goodfellajay Says:

    Buccaneers rookie wide receiver Mike Williams is nominated for the NFL’s Rookie of the Week award. Bucs fans can vote for Williams at: NFL.com/rookies. Voting ends on Friday.

  2. Joe Says:


    Either you are Williams’ agent or are Mike Williams himself. 🙂

  3. sensiblefan Says:

    Just watched the press conference and I gotta say…I love me some Rah! The guy breaks down the game, his players, the atmosphere of the stadium…he even does impressions! Very entertaining and informative.

  4. Jon Says:

    I don’t know how many more games our “D” can win. But our “D” carried us for years in the past, why shouldn’t we hope for the same. Maybe the “O” will improve and we can actually be listed as a powerful team instead of “that other team” that beat so and so.

    Glad to hear Morriss is confident. The players needed to respect him and stop with the “Coach Rah” crap. More victories will elevate him and the team

  5. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Joe

    I just voted 10 times for Mike. I hope he wins. Amazing catch.

  6. goodfellajay Says:

    lol joe,…no just want the Bucs to get some love for once..

  7. goodfellajay Says:

    and you should be posting the voting ..not me

  8. oar Says:

    While that was an awesome catch(no thanks to a crappy pass), I don’t think 5 catches for 30yds(17yds coming from one) and 1 td is worhty of a rookie-of-the-week award. Not when the other rookies up for it, had more game changing performances.
    Now catch-of-the-week? Hell, yes!

  9. McBuc Says:

    OAR…Just being a Buc makes him more worthy!

  10. Amar Says:

    been a fan of Raheem Morris since day 1, you will never hear me call him mush mouth or radio…Anyone that does, is an idiot….yes an idiot.

  11. tampa2 Says:

    Morris sucks! And a comeback win over the hapless Browns does not make him a coach. And anyone that thinks Morris is a professional coach and not an amateur is an idiot…..yes, an idiot!

    “Pressed again yesterday at his news conference to explain how he riled up his defense at halftime to help inspire them to shutout the Browns for the final 30 minutes, Raheem explained he told them nothing special at all.”

    At least he admits he doesn’t make half-time adjustments.