Dominik Flushes Two Sixth-Rounders

September 6th, 2010

So long, Bowden.

Today the Bucs cut wide receiver Reggie Brown, who was acquired for a 2011 sixth-round pick, and punter Brent Bowden, this year’s sixth-round selection.

Publicly, the Bucs had high hopes for Bowden, who was pretty good overall in Bucs camp, but he dropped some big-time clunkers in the preseason and didn’t seem to have a ton of leg strength.

Australian rules football transfer rookie Chris Bryan impressed with the Packers but didn’t get the job and was cut by Green Bay before the Bucs snagged him today.

Of course, Brown, presumably was brought to Tampa to be a veteran presence as a No. 4 or No. 5 receiver.

Joe respects Mark Dominik for not being afraid to pull the trigger on moves he thinks are in the Bucs’ best interest (within the no expensive free agents plan), even if it means admitting failure on a couple of acquisitions.

But in a deep draft like this year’s, and the Bucs building through the draft, the Bowden pick is a major miss.

45 Responses to “Dominik Flushes Two Sixth-Rounders”

  1. Dew Says:

    I said on here yesterday Brown would either be traded or released. We have a ton of promising receivers now and while I hope they do great things this year, future years should be unlike a normal Bucs team. Lots of downfield passing. Should be fun.


    Joe said:

    Joe respects Mark Dominik for not being afraid to pull the trigger on moves he thinks are in the Bucs’ best interest (within the no expensive free agents plan), even if it means admitting failure on a couple of acquisitions.


    This trait is what makes the great ones great. You don’t see Parcells sticking with guys so he can prove to everyone just how smart they are. New England just cut third rounder Tyrone Mackenzie from USF; they cut the chord early on UF WR Chad Jackson.

    Say what you will about Rah’s inexperience, Dominik is far from clueless (see Bengals front office).

  3. dmj Says:

    Please tell me this guy bryan can kick a little further than 30yrds!

  4. Andrew Says:

    I agree that it is a good trait to have, especially at this point of his GM career. However, I hope it doesn’t become a habit. It’s too costly to sign the contracts of the Wards and the Claytons only to have to cut them the next year. If he learns from his mistakes it will help him and this team greatly.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Apparently people around here, including Joe, forget the frustrations of last years “musical kickers” rendition, and are happy to see it come again with the punters.

  6. Pete Says:

    Hopefully Blount can make up for the bust in 6th rounder Bowden. Having another power back doesn’t hurt. The Bucs will have to run the ball effectively to shorten games, especially against teams like the Steelers.

  7. JimBuc Says:

    You’re presuming Bowden is truly gone.

  8. eric Says:

    Not being afraid to pull the trigger on moves that could help the bucs?Pleassssssssssse.

    Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Boldin.

    Instead we get tomato cans like Vincent, Jones, Reggie Brown.

    Low cost tomato cans at that! Pitiful offseason performance by the manchild, just plain old pitiful.

  9. Dew Says:

    The plan is to sign Bowden to the practice squad.

  10. McBuc Says:

    Eric…What makes you so sure that the Bucs had a chance at any of those players? Also, I thought you only want high character guys? You can not admitt that any of the off season moves, including draft picks went well? You have an ax to grind, simple as that.

  11. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    wtf happened to Jeff Niemann?

  12. eric Says:


    It is Dom that says he wants high character guys, not me. I don’t mind a guy with an edge.

    We had higher draft choices available than either of the teams that got BM, Boldin, Holmes…………… reason we couldn’t have snagged them.

    You are really satisfied that the best we can do is Vincent and Jones?

    The rookies may pan out, I dunno. But I strongly question Mr. Dom’s reliance on them – especially concerned about lack of veteran leadership.

    Just the way I feel my man. I don’t think I am alone.

  13. McBuc Says:

    You are not alone for sure Eric, but you have to see somethng good once in a while. We may have had the picks, but they may not have wanted to sign with TB anyway. I like Vincent, and Jones is ok. I was hoping Brown showed his potential tghat made him a 2nd round pick, but he really did not do much in the preseason. I see some guys that are young with allot of potential. We have some returning guys that need to step up into the vet roles, and they will. Keep the faith my man.

  14. McBuc Says:

    Eric, I also thought Sabby would have lifted his game with Jones hewre, but that did not happen either.

  15. Aldo Says:

    cmon eric, stop it, u doesnt even deserve to be called a buc fan!!! whatever we do ur lashing out!!! stop it dude or go to the carolina kitties!!!

  16. goodfellajay Says:

    I have been rambling about Huggins and Blount for about a year. I even have a Madden Franchise in year 8 with Huggins and Blount as my backfield. I can’t believe they are both actually getting a shot in pewter and red. I’m very excited to see what happens. My gut tells me Blount will end up getting cut, but there is always that slim chance that he could blow up here.

    If we have coaches that can mentor this kid and help him get past the anger managment issue, he could truley be a steal. People like to say he is a thug, but he has never been in trouble with the law. No gangs, or drugs, or DUIs, or rape accusations, or anything of the sort. He just has to stop losing his temper and punching people

  17. Night Man Says:

    @ Joe

    Maybe you could answer these two questions for me

    1. Now that brown isn’t going to play a regular season game for us and isnt on our roster, do we still owe the Eagles that draft pick?


    2. Since Antonio Bryant is not on the team anymore and if it stays that way are we still eligible for a compensatory draft pick? How does that work?

  18. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    All around good move, consistent with keeping productive players regardless of their draft status, etc.

    They are building the right way, not just picking up Free Agents with draft picks is a proven failure in the beginning of rebuild.

    I like the activity. They are working at making my team better.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    Dominick felt like he was cutting ties with his worst players and replacing them with better players. I don’t see anything wrong with that, regardless of Draft status. I just happen to think Sabby was his worst player, by far. Our Punter looked terrible last week, dear in the head lights bad. So he missed on a 6’th rounder and Brown wasn’t better than any of the kids. It is what it is. I feel pretty good about the team their building and these latest moves. But I say again “Why is Sabby still on the team?”. Maybe Sabby goes next week when Aqib gets back.

  20. Dew Says:

    The only thing keeping Zuttah on this team now is flexibility. I doubt he makes it thru the season.

  21. Dew Says:

    And perhaps we make a play for Tyrone MacKenzie like we did Briscoe. He played at USF and may prefer to be on our practice squad over New England’s.

  22. gotbbucs Says:

    i’m not worried about his anger issues. what would you rather have a big mean rb or a big soft rb? what does worry me a little bit is whether or not he can pick up the playbook enough to make an impact early in the year.

  23. eric Says:

    I am not positive but I think our compensatory pick for Antonio depended on how many games he played, which is zero.

    I think in Browns case, since that was a straight up trade we just lose that pic.

  24. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Nightman – Yes, the Bucs still owe the Eagles the draft pick. And Bryant’s performance and salary is part of what determines the compensatory pick. Not sure if that includes signing bonus, and what the details are for him not playing for Cincy. We’ll find out soon.

  25. Patrick Says:

    It’d be nice if we get a compensatory pick for Antonio Bryant and then snatch him back up next offseason on the cheap and when he’s healthy.

  26. Night Man Says:

    @ Joe

    Thank ya, i remember reading we traded for brown with a conditional draft pick, wasn’t sure if that was based on the conditions that he made the team or preformance based conditions making it a higher draft pick if he performed well or met certain criteria

  27. Night Man Says:


    I’d be worried with him learning the playbook, but also pass protection has been an issue of his (with a guy that size though, i think that changes the more comfortable he gets with the system and playbook) and although i dont think he needs to make an impact early with lumpkin on the team, those two ingredients mentioned will be the keys to him getting on the field (then he has to make an impact and do it rather quickly with the baggage he has) or he might be looking at fullback if the bucs arent already thinking about it

  28. gotbbucs Says:

    patrick, im sorry buddy but i dont think you’ll ever see antonio bryant in a bucs uniform ever again.

  29. ZeroExpectations Says:

    So Dummy trades a fith rounder for BENN to move up 3 spots in rnd 2, thats 2 draft picks for BENN . And now the goof releases his 6th punter???? When he drafted a punter with a high 6th roundr I was like this guy better be good. And he wasnt…. what a bunch of dumb moves this guy makes…. so lets do the math…. 2nd and 5th for 1 WR plus a traded 6th for Brown…. plus another draft pick for a 4th round WR (we got lucky with him btw… he spent 3 draft picks in 2010 draft and another in next years draft on WRs)

  30. ZeroExpectations Says:

    To my count… thats three wasted draft picks.
    5th 2010
    6th 2010
    6th 2011


    We really could have used some LBs or DEs or OL-Men with all these wasted picks… Dummy is playing musical chairs with these draft picks¡

  31. ZeroExpectations Says:

    He is proving that he’s not good enough to be trading draft picks… period.

  32. McBuc Says:

    If he got lucky with Williams, why not say he got unlucky with the punter? No GM hits on all of his picks, at least he is able to man up and cut his losses. If he would have picked the others you suggest, I suspect you would have bashed those moves. I have “zero expectations” in an objective view from you.

  33. McBuc Says:

    Also Zero…You do not know what Benn is going to do, and Blount cxould turn out to be a beast…will you say those were good moves if they pan out, or will you go with the “lucky” line again?

  34. McBuc Says:

    Zedro, also look around the league, how many teams have EVERY 2010 DRAFT PICK on them? I guess all those other GMs are worthless as well?

  35. gotbbucs Says:


    Considering Bruce Allen normally waisted 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks I’ll wait until one of Dominik’s “premium” draft picks busts to jump all over him.
    I really can’t beleive people are jumping all over Dominik over some 5th and 6th round picks not working out up to this point, considering Bowden and Fulton have a grand total of one years worth of experience in the league right now.

  36. Jdouble Says:

    Bowden is going to the practice squad and will be back if he can be more consistant. It’s not fair to call him a failure yet.

    The 6th for Brown and the 6th last year for Xavier Fulton are the only wasted picks by this regime….which is nothing. Especially when you look at Mike Williams in the 4th, Stroughter, Watson, Grimm, and Biggers in the 7th, plus Blount and Briscoe as FAs. This regime has found more talent in the late rounds than the last regime could find in the 1st and 2nd rounds!

  37. Jdouble Says:

    Oh…I forgot Huggins as a FA also.

    On top of all the late round and free agent talent they have signed, they seem to have hit on thier early picks too. Freeman, Miller, McCoy, Price, ect.

    How could anyone seriously dog this regime over a few 6th round picks that didn’t work out? I mean…really?

  38. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Holy protection agency batman.

    The GM us trading away picks left and right and the Raheem Will Be Great Cult comes to the protection of Raheems Dream Regime.

    Yeah, everything is f-c-ing great!

    And why is everyone getting excited about a practice squad pick up????

    You clowns are idiots Jesus Age Christ!

  39. JimBuc Says:

    Eric, you are a broken record. For last time, the Bucs would not give up the PICKS for anyone of those guys. (See last seven years for reason why)

    Our comp pick for Bryant has to dol with his status for the Bucs, not his playing time this year.

    Perhaps the silliest of comments on this board are those about “blown” picks. Oh, wait . . . that’s Zero. Nevermind.

  40. adam from ny Says:

    hi all, back again….now that the season is beer!……oops….i mean here!

    what wrong with you people….the standard rule is if you hit on half your draft picks you did ok as the draft is like playing russian roulet…they are drafting ok and not doing half bad with it…so relax…let the season play out and lets see how they develop….i think the majority of the moves dommy is making seem pretty ok so far….you cant hit on everything and you cant make guys into stars who are mediocre…..lets go bucs…after last year if we can win 7 or maybe even 8 games we will have made major major strides….this season will be interesting because a lot of pieces are considered to be in place and now lets see if they really are good fits and building blocks……..adam from ny

  41. Radio Mushmouth ( Mr. Credibility ) Says:

    So ….it appears this regime wastes just as many picks as the former , only now we don’t make up for it with free agents ….

  42. Jdouble Says:

    OMG! We missed on a 6th rounder! This regime sucks!!!!

  43. eric Says:

    Ward, Leftwich, Nugent, Luke, Clayton, Reggie Brown……………..

    nuff said.

  44. Buddhaboy Says:

    Guys picked right after our blonde punter

    – Anthony DIxon, big back
    – Greg Hardy – starting DE for panthers
    – JOnathan Dwyer – RB pittsburgh

    I thought it was stupind to draft a punter , especially with such needs still not addressed for the bucs, like RB and DE…..punters are a dime a dozen, can always pick someone up off the scrap heap. Dumb…..just dumb…

  45. Night Man Says:


    we weren’t going to take dwyer or dixon with the money we had invested back there and with a big back like ward already on the team, although i like both players, thats just the bussiness side of it, filling other needs first, they still had hope with ward (the mistake was signing ward, which was a mistake, and some were expected, i think most people though he was going to better than he was) plus we would have drafted blount instead anways since he was one of the guys we brought in for our 30 visits to one buc place, we didn’t have a punter and we thought he would be good, fact is he isn’t yet, now yes it does look like greg hardy would have been a good pick, i think they thought alredy drafting two first round dt in their minds was going to help the end position and they could focus on the many other areas of need that we had, if bowden turns out to be great then it wasn’t dumb, as of now it is though, but also looks at the picks we made after that in the 7th round, grimm and watson, both promising players, look at who we got before that with williams and price and benn and now even parker, your not going to hit everyone, and rome wasn’t built in a day although you’d like it too be, i think overall they did a good job with this years class

    and if bryan turns out to be good for us, then we really didn’t waste the pick, but i could also see the hardy arguement, like i said though, your not going to hit on every pick and its a 6th rounder, the genius bill bellichick cut a 3rd rounder this year, it happens, look at the overall picture mane, its not the first dumb move and i promise you no matter who is in the FO, it wont be the last