Bucs Punch Ticket For LeGarrette Blount

September 6th, 2010

Loading up on what Joe has said for months is a mediocre running attack, the Bucs decided today to pick up the services of notorious LeGarrette Blount.

That’s the word from Anwar Richardson of the Tampa Tribune as he Twittered the news.

Bucs had signed running back RB LeGarrette Blount and released WR Reggie Brown.

A talented back but with a lot of baggage, Blount is more famously known for sucker-punching a Boise State player after losing to the Broncos last season, and then stupidly challenging Boise State fans to a fight and had to be held back from charging the stands.

Now Joe has zero idea what was said to Blount to make him react the way he did but Blount was clearly provoked as evidenced by Boise State coach Chris Petersen’s reaction to the guy Blount clocked. Joe’s not piling on for punching the guy. It very likely was justified.

What was not justified was how Blount went wilding after the incident. It cost him the majority of his senior season and quite a few bucks in the  NFL draft.

62 Responses to “Bucs Punch Ticket For LeGarrette Blount”

  1. justin f Says:

    im in shock that bowden got cut, what is that like 20 guys now that dominick has either traded for – drafted – signed that have not turned out good

  2. TJ Says:

    WOw not good for a coach that likes violance

  3. Tom Says:


    If you watch this youtube video, it looks like a fan punched him in the face thats what made him BLOW up.


  4. Bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m shocked really. So please enlighten us as to why he punched a fellow titans player. Well after the play was over I might ad. It surely was spur of the moment.

  5. Barber20 Says:


    They just released Bowden

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe you think punching a fan is justified?

    Maybe Talib was “justified” in punching the cabby as well?

    I can only IMAGINE those road games with TJ, Talib and now Blount when it comes to curfew?

  7. Spirit of '76 Says:

    I like the moves. I stated before that we were far from done with filling this roster. I, for one, was hoping we would draft Blount in the later rounds. the fact that we picked him up off waivers is like Xmas morning. He is vilolent (The HC should be happy) and he was a beast in his final college game which I believe was the Senior Bowl. He will be the touchdown vulture that Alstott was. I’m hoping we can surround him with good character guys and a security detail.

    As to the punter Bowden, nice story but his shanks cost him. That and lack of distance. Another upgrade there.

    I like what we are building with our roster.

  8. Dew Says:

    He could be a great pickup for the Bucs. But if not, at least we didn’t waste a draft pick on him. I’m sure he’s on a short leash.

  9. TJ Says:

    nah that is not what happen the guy from boise state was talking trash he smacked blount’s shoulder pad then blount hit the guy he then try to go into the stands after one of the orgean’s coaches try to hold him back this blow up was just as worst to artesst. maybe he has turned over a new leaf I know Oregan let him come back cause they needed him to play not beacuse he was behaving

  10. paul Says:

    I like this, he’s a competitor, but gets out of hand sometimes. If they can keep him focused and out of trouble, he’ll be a beast. They did it with Stevens, Bryant and Winslow, so I’m hoping they can with him too.

  11. Jdouble Says:

    I’m giddy like a 4 year old on christmas morning. Huggins and Blount in our backfield….r u serious!!! Thunder and Lightning baby!

    Go Bucs!

  12. Jdouble Says:

    I fully expect Blount to get cut, but there is that chance he could blow up in Tampa. Lord knows he has the ablity to be great. He just needs someone to mentor him and keep him from punching people! lol

  13. BamBamBuc Says:

    I’m not so sure he’ll get cut, Jdouble. Just like with Briscoe, they had the opportunity to sign him to the practice squad, they just had to outbid other teams to do so. They didn’t, they signed him to the 53 man roster. Also, apparently Jeff Fisher called Raheem Morris and told him the Titans had wanted him back on their practice squad and that he’s a good player, so I’m inclined to think they’re not only keeping him, but planning on using him some way this season. If they can control his anger issues, I think it’s a good move. Unfortunately, it’s not usually that easy to control someone with anger issues. We’ll see how it pans out.

  14. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    Where did you read this Fisher Morris phone call?

  15. eric Says:

    So much for two things:

    1. The alleged importance of “high Character” players.

    2. Dom’s trade abilities. Brown obviously is another failure.

    Now, we try and make a roster with other castoffs.

    Just like the bad old days in bucs yesteryear.

  16. Gatorbuc15 Says:

    Blount could be a good pickup for the Bucs. Just gotta hope he keeps his anger in check.

  17. Dew Says:

    I read that Fisher called Rah about Blount also. Said he was a good player and they wanted him on there practice squad. Time will tell. I think long-term he will be a fullback for us.

  18. Dew Says:

    I read that Fisher called Rah about Blount also. Said he was a good player and they wanted him on there practice squad. Time will tell. I think long-term he will be a fullback for us. And if he pans out, this will be Graham’s last year.

  19. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “Bowden thus handled all of the team’s punting duties during the preseason and averaged 36.5 yards on 20 kicks, with a net of 35.9. Bowden showed his directional-kicking strength by dropping eight punts inside the 20 versus no touchbacks but struggled to consistently get distance on his kicks.”
    – From PR

    The leg strength may have done him in, but let me tell you…he placed better kicks than anyone since Bidwell here. I think it was bad to let him go, but what’s done is done.

    Wonder if they plan to resign Bowden to the Practice Squad…give him time to increase leg strength and develop?

    As to the new guy, Blount?
    He sounds like trouble to me. Do we really need another trouble maker?

    Talib is punching Cabbies.
    Tanard is smoking weed.
    Trueblood is hitting between plays and going to jail

    And now we have a guy that might hit a fan for mouthing off in the stands.

    Sometimes I wonder if they are rebuilding hte Bengals of the 2,000s here.

    That said…and off my chest…I’ll give the new kicker AND the new RB a fair chance to earn my respect. If Blount is as good as HE thinks he is, he might just be what this team needs. The thought of an angry RB entices me, so long as he is directing it toward playing good football.

  20. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Eric-you just posted yesterday that the Bucs should grab Blount stat and now you’re bitching because he’s not a” high character” player.It doesn’t matter what Dom does,you’re going to complain regaurdless.

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    (Correction) That quote in my comment was from Buccaneers.com, not PR)

  22. eric Says:

    Lakeland Bob

    Must have been another eric.

    Isn’t it news that Reggie Brown was cut? I have been reading how good he was on here from the koolaid crowd all offseason.

    And hasn’t “high character” been the mantra? how does this guy fit that?

  23. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    Anyone have the link where Fisher called Morris? Would love to read it…

  24. Jdouble Says:

    I love how Blount is a thug with bad character cause he lost his head and punched a guy. He obviously has trouble controling his temper and it is a serious problem that he needs to get some help for…..but has he ever been popped for drugs? DUI? Gangs? Rape Accusations? Guns? Stealing? No. He is actually a good person. A bit “country” so he isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he has good character imo. He just needs a strong mentor and possibly some lithium for his chemical immbalance. :p

  25. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    By eric’s logic, Dominik is as good at talent evaluating as Bill Parcells, whom just cut his second round wildcat qb Pat White…

    not bad company for Mark Dominik…

    I guess eric’s missing the good ol’ days of Bruce Allen and Gruden’s talent evaluation…lol…Sammie Stroughter is better than Stovall; 7th rounder vs. 3rd rounder…and that’s one of the few bright spots of Allen’s drafts.

  26. Jdouble Says:

    Dom and Rah have found more talent in the 7th round in thier two years here, then Gruden and Allen found in thier entire 7 year reign.

  27. eric Says:

    I did like the winning seasons Allen put together.

    Sure did.

    And actually contending for the Division Title vs. last place and blackout city.

    Sammy 334 yards receiving, 10.8 ypc.

    wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooo SUPERSTAR!

  28. Trguy12 Says:

    Eric: “and now we try to make a roster with other peoples castoffs”?
    I’m sure you realize they are making moves with 3rd string and practice players trying to add possible talent to this team and maybe find a few gems…
    Take a Prozac buddy..you’re depressing

  29. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:


    Yeah, one and done in the playoffs with the obligatory drop to the bottom the following year was really a successful approach.


    And you say we’re the ones with the low expectations…you’re hilarious.

  30. Lakeland Bob Says:

    Sorry Eric-but I know you were wanting the Bucs to get Brandon Marshall and he obviously is not a “high character” player.

  31. eric Says:

    What is depressing is that for an entire offseason the manchild has brought in Vincent and Jones as far as players with NFl experience, which is an insulting, laughable, miniscule effort to field any kind of a team IMO.

    But the bullets start to fly for real pretty soon.

    Perhaps I am wrong, we shall see. Ill be there at Rah Jay hoping I am.

  32. eric Says:

    Fire Greg Olsen

    Actually of the 2007 Division Championship team they followed it up with 9 dash 7.

    Looking better and better every day IMO…………………….given what we have and are about to witness.

    One and done would trigger a ticker tape parade now.

  33. McBuc Says:

    Eric…Did you not say this weekend that we needed to go get Blount? Geez man, can ypou not be happy even when you called the move!? WTF is wrong with you?

  34. FIRE GREG OLSON! Says:

    …with a 4 game skid to miss the playoffs. Not to mention all 4 of those games, the Bucs were tied or leading, going into the 4th quarter. Yeah Gruden is a genius, that’s why he’s still in the booth and Allen has done a wonderful job fielding the 2005 NFC Pro Bowl team in Washington.

    Arguing with you is like fighting a bum. It’s a lose-lose situation. Congratulations on being “that guy”.

  35. Dew Says:

    FGO, here is the link to the article that says Fisher called Rah about Blount today.


  36. eric Says:


    Must have been a different eric! Somebody else posts under that name sometimes, I never talked about Blount.

    I got no problem with Blount, just pointing out the hypocrisy, thats all. Dom was supposed to be all about high character guys……………….one reason given that we couldn’t trade for BM.

  37. McBuc Says:

    Oh…some other Eric posted…

    :eric Says:

    September 5th, 2010 at 5:04 pm
    we just signed Lumpkin from GB? The Titans just released LaBlount and thats a guy we could use, a big, tough, physical brusier for that 3rd and 2 pick up that no way Caddy or Huggins could get……sign LaBlount STAT”

    I think we qll thought it was you. Blount only has the one issue. It may be early to put the bad guy tag on him. We also added Williams and Parker, so ytou could use your argument on them as well. Give the kid a chance, I am sure you made some bone headed moves in your youth…I know I did. Sorry for bashing you for this other guy’s post. I came in to say “hey Eric, you called that one”, so was a bit miffed when I read your post…

  38. eric Says:

    Fire Greg Olsen,

    I thought tied going into the fourth quarter was a good thing. I am sure Rah would brag about it, since they almost won every game last year and all.

    Here’s two words never applied to Rah’s teams:

    Playoff run.

    And never will be applied!

  39. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Dew…try this link:

    It appears Blount has multiple times commited this infraction. Once in college, once in training camp.

  40. Pete Dutcher Says:


    That truly has yet to be determined. But I’m sure if he did make it to the playoffs, you would claim someone else just posted that under your name, right?

  41. McBuc Says:

    Ptet…that is twice. Guys get into fights at camp all the time, remember Ronde talking about it? Give the kid a chance. Besides, nothing any of us can do but cheer for him. Moss was a “bad character guy” and I would have loved to have him as a Buc for years. Sapp was a “bad character” guy, and we loved watching him on Sundays…The list goes on. Let’s see how he does in Tampa before we cast him off.

  42. Lakeland Bob Says:

    So now we have six backs by my count.Probably not a good sign for Pressley.

  43. Big Marlon B Says:

    it is disappointing to see that the Bucs have released Brent Bowden, especially considering the fact that Greg Hardy was still available at that point in the 6th round. by all accounts, Greg Hardy has been impressive so far and could work his way into the DE rotation for our division rival Carolina. wouldn’t it have been nice to have an extra, talented body in here to push Kyle Moore and our other unproven DEs? instead, we wasted a pick (albeit a 6th rounder) on a guy who is now on the unemployment line.

  44. tampa2 Says:

    Sunday will be here in just a few days! And then we will see how our mighty Bucs do over the “hapless” Browns. While I am sue that the Browns coach is shivering in his pants at facing Raheem the Dream’s brilliant game plan, I think you may want to wait until the game is over for the Raheem Parade!

  45. McBuc Says:

    Kiss off Tampa 2…worst fan of all time. Try cheering for your team once in a while.

  46. Patrick Says:

    It just disgusts me that after releasing Derrick Ward, they still don’t choose to use Earnest Graham at running back!! They pick Blount before they pick him!

    How bout we sign a fullback?! k Raheem?? Or use Pressley! why the hell do we have him if he never plays?? He’s better built for FB than Graham is. Do one of those two things, that way Graham can go back to running back, where he belongs and where he’s proven to be an effective runner!

    Oh, and sign a defensive end. Bobby McCray is out there and is better than what we currently have. Stylez is good, Crowder is ok, but Kyle Moore hasn’t even done anything to earn a starting job.

  47. Dew Says:

    I think we still have two slots on our practice squad. Bet they sign a DE soon.

  48. Dew Says:

    Or release Pressley and sign a DE to our 53 man roster.

  49. D Says:

    Talib, Blount, the Soldier of Fortune… When Rah said he wanted a violent team, he really wasn’t kidding….

  50. eric Says:

    Looks like we need about another three years to be ready for opening day.

  51. christopher Says:

    Dom traded a 2nd for K2. How’d that work out?
    Dom found a borderline franchise LT on the Vikings practice squad(Penn).
    Dom found a road-grader @ LG who helped the Panthers run all over us, even prompting us to go away from the Tampa 2(Vincent).
    Dom found a starting calibre WR in the 4th round(Williams), & a 3rd receiver in the 7th(Sammie).
    We now have our Sapp & Culpepper & Booger, except maybe better, in McCoy, Price, & Miller. Dom’s picks.
    & we might just have the franchise QB since we gave up on Steve Young.
    I think Dom’s doing just fine…

  52. eric Says:

    Gatorbuc you’re such a homer, yesterday it was a stupid idea and today you say it could be a great pick up?? grow your own set of b*lls or ask for the ones you had back……you’re an idiot

  53. eric Says:

    See, there is the other eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. eric Says:

    Sorry guys, this is the Eric from yesterday that suggested picking Blount up but I called him LaBlount and Gatorbuc was too quick on the draw to point out that I check my spelling and that I was an idiot for saying that and for the misspelling his name, didnt know it was a spelling bee Mr. Kumar…..uuuhhhhh I mean Mr. Gatorbuc…..dont take it out on the other Eric…I will post under another name using Eric so there isnt so much confusion…..like Gatorbuc the flip flopper

  55. McBuc Says:

    @Eric from yesterday (the other Eric)…You called that one my man. I too like the pick up.

  56. @eric Says:

    Thanks McBuc and you’re right I like the pick up as well. If any coach out there can get along with Blount it would be Rah, young, energetic and understand football players, good guys or bad. At the end of the day its Football, rough, tough and run you over…..not helping old ladies across the street or picking flowers like Gatorbuc wants….I do agree its risky and a gamble but what if…………….what if………he works……..what if he gets along and contributes…..huge upside “what if”…

  57. Ed Says:

    Whadda bout rendrick taylor?? When we gonna sign him i know he didn’t do a whole lot in preseason but he definately had potential, bucs need to sign him to PR ASAP

  58. Jdouble Says:

    Renderick Taylor is built like a house but it’s made of glass. Look up his history. The dude breaks a different bone every few weeks.

    Week one of preseason we had Caddie, Huggins, Graham, Peanut, Ward, Pressley, and Taylor.

    Now we have Caddie, Huggins, Graham, Blount, and Lumpkin. MUCH better imo.

  59. nick Says:

    I like LaGarrette he will start for us one day I like violent football players it shows heart something this team is lacking and Raheem still sucks

  60. Radio Mushmouth ( Mr. Credibility ) Says:

    More evidence that the Bucs plan to build with character guys…

    Seriously , does this guys vision look coherent to ANYONE besides JimBuc ???

  61. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    I can see the forest for the trees is that’s what you’re implying Mush…

    lol – Bucs ‘punch’ Ticket for Blount… sensational headline much? 61 replies and counting.

  62. Night Man Says:

    Bringin in the Bleezy, alriiight

    62 biatches