Bucs Knew The Real Jake Delhomme

September 13th, 2010
Bucs coach Raheem Morris and his defense knew Jake Delhomme all too well.

Raheem Morris and his defense knew Jake Delhomme too well.

While many national pundits, as well as Browns bossman Mike Holmgren, were trying to talk up Jake Delhomme as the next savior in Cleveland, the Bucs knew that he could be fraudy quarterback.

Despite his 9-2 record against the Bucs entering yesterday’s game, the Bucs just knew him too well and that is what led to the Browns’ downfall, writes former Bucs beat writer and current Sports Illustrated columnist Don Banks.

That was a very ill-advised sidearm interception thrown by Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme in the first half at Tampa Bay, the kind of brain cramp that led to him relocating to Cleveland in the first place during the offseason. The good folks in Carolina have seen that kind of dubious decision-making out of Delhomme before, and Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber read Delhomme like a book, from cover to cover, before returning the pick 65 yards to the Browns’ 3.

The turnover-plagued Delhomme wound up throwing two interceptions in Cleveland’s 17-14 loss at Tampa Bay, a game the Browns once seemed comfortably in command of, at 14-3. Not a good development for Mike Holmgren’s rebuilding program in Cleveland. If the Browns can’t defeat the Bucs, who can they be expected to handle? And if Delhomme keeps throwing two picks a game, my prediction of Seneca Wallace as the team’s starting QB by October has a great shot of coming true.

While BSPN was waxing poetic about Josh Freeman winning the game, Joe sides with Banks. It was the Bucs’ defense that stymied the Brownies after they jumped out to 14-3 lead in the second quarter.

8 Responses to “Bucs Knew The Real Jake Delhomme”

  1. Pete Dutcher Says:

    So, Joe…I thought Jake had the Bucs number? (nudge-nudge-wink-wink)

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    It was a combination of Freeman and the Tampa receivers, and our Defense, especially our defense in the 4th quarter that won this game.

  3. sensiblefan Says:

    “Bucs coach Raheem Morris and his defense knew Jake Delhomme too well.”

    “It was the Bucs defense that stymied the Brownies after they jumped out to 14-3 lead in the second quarter.”

    That’s it Joe! I appreciate positivity.

  4. Joe Says:

    You are welcome sensiblefan.

    It’s a simple concept: Win games and positive posts magically appear.

  5. sensiblefan Says:

    @Apple Roof Cleaning

    Freeman’s developing a nice little resume of 4th quarter prowess. It’s good to know that If we’re in the game in the 4th quarter, we can turn to Freeman to lead the comeback.

  6. lightningbuc Says:

    I have been a big detractor of Rah, but was very impressed with whatever adjustments he and his D staff made at halftime.

  7. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Joe



  8. troxell8t8 Says:

    Ronde made the play of the game. The Bucs were on the ropes at 14-3 with under two minutes left in the first half. Agreed on Freeman, he is showing an ability to bring his best in the 4th quarter. Freeman is continuing to develop, which every Bucs fans should feel good about.