Attacking “35” Part Of Steelers’ Game Plan

September 27th, 2010

Oatmeal connoisseur Peter King, of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports, had a chat with superstar-for-a-day Charlie Batch following the Steelers bashing of the Bucs yesterday, and King shared some of their talk in his popular Monday Morning Quarterback column.

The Pittsburgh quarterback revealed that rookie Cody Grimm starting at free safety had the Steelers salivating before kickoff.

“Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance for another start here,” Batch told me from Tampa. “But what was great today was we had everything in the game plan, and we were going to take our shots downfield early. We were just trying to open it up, because we weren’t playing us, honestly. And before the game, Mike [Wallace] said to me, ‘Give me an opportunity, Chuck. Throw it up there for me.’ We decided that if 35 [Grimm] ever turned his back to me, I was putting it up there.”

That’s exactly what happened on one of the TD bombs to Wallace. Batch put it up for Wallace, and Grimm lost the ball, and Wallace won it in the end zone. Just like the Steelers drew it up.

Of course, it’s no surprise the Steelers wanted to pick on Grimm and saw the Bucs secondary as a weakness with the absense of Tanard Jackson.

In Raheem Morris’ postgame news conference, he clarified that he has no plans to rotate safeties like he did in 2009. And he was reserving judgement on Grimm’s overall play until after reviewing tape.

Regardless of Grimm’s grades, Joe suspects a Sabby sighting on defense is about as likely as a Rachel Watson sighting in Joe’s hot tub.

14 Responses to “Attacking “35” Part Of Steelers’ Game Plan”

  1. Spirit of '76 Says:

    Great game plan by the Steelers. they know that if we get up on them, they will have to play catchup. And with the Florida heat, it would be tough sledding. So they go up top against our weakest weakness, score early and take our crowd out and insert theirs. Brilliant. Also by opening up thru the air, it makes their running game that more dangerous. They were playing chess while we were playing checkers.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    Even with the long TD given up; I think Grimm hung in there pretty well. He was second on the team in solo tackles (behind Barber) and was in position to make plays most of the game. The difference between him and Sabby is; Sabby would have bit on the play action and wouldn’t have been within 10 yards of the TD. At least Grimm didn’t get fooled and was in great position, but you need to see that ball coming when your defending in the end zone. He’ll get it! I think he has a knack for knowing where the ball is going. I’m sure starting your NFL career against the Steelers had him a little shell shocked as well.

  3. toolman Says:

    Trivia question for the week: What Buc db played safety for a FCS school, played college ball against 2 currently starting NFL QB’s, and beat both their college teams. You gotta be a student of the game, play smart, and KNOW your position.

  4. Colby Says:

    Bucnjim, were we watching the same game? Grimm was out of position the entire game and a complete liability in pass coverage. Talib had no faith in his help over the top and it reflected in his play.

    Put in Piscitelli!!! Raheem, I have been a supporter of yours since the beginning. But for the love of god, man, swollow your pride and put in Piscitelli.

  5. eric Says:

    When you start calling for the goat, things have broken bad………..

  6. eric Says:

    or rather baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd.

  7. KJ Says:

    So the solution for a guy who was out of position and didn’t inspire faith amongst his defensive team-mates is to take him out after one game and put in a guy who was constantly out of position and inspired no faith amongst his team-mates? Hmmmmmmmm. Holy hell the guy struggled in his first start ever against the Steelers and people are ready to go back to Sabby? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Give the kid a change. Sabby had 16 GAME try-out last year (and stunk in every one), why pull Grimm after one freaking game?

  8. KJ Says:


  9. toolman Says:

    Oh yeah, this db also has 1 or maybe 2 national championship rings (FCS) and has credit for intercepting Brett Farve in his rookie season.

  10. Bucnjim Says:

    Grimm gave up one TD, the others were Talib who had the interception in his hands, and Ruud who had middle responsibility on the back of the endzone. I’m not say Grimm played a great game, but you need to look at the poor play that came from our team leaders before you call out a guy in his first NFL start. I guess you just passed over the stat where he was the second leading tackler on the team in his first game.

  11. tampa2 Says:

    Could Sabby have done worse? I think the whole run-stuffing, violent, defense sucked all day long. The person who Raheem the Dream should call out for that beat-down is the Defensive coordinator. Oops, That is Raheem, isn’t it! Call yourself out, you amateur idiot! And put Sabby back in there! Blount shows promise though. He is a bruising runner!

  12. eric Says:

    I hope Rah shows some mercy and doesn’t do too much unleashing.

    Were liable to skyrocket above the 27th ranked offense.

  13. McBuc Says:

    KJ…Welcome to Tampa, home of the arm chair GM and fair wether fan. (See Tampa 2 and Eric above for reference).

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    Tampa 2; always good for a laugh, but never contributes anything factual to the conversation. Here’s one for you! Cody Grimm; rookie seventh round pick; is second on the team in solo tackles. Something Sabby has never done in the 4 or 5 YEARS he’s been in Tampa. Oh, but he did miss the most tackles in the entire NFL last year!