Blackout Tour On Sale Now For Saints, Rams

September 27th, 2010

Blackout Tour attendees in Lee Roy Selmon's yesterday. Photo by News-Press of Fort Myers.

So Joe’s been plugging this “Blackout Tour” for weeks, where fans can hop a luxury bus to Lee Roy Selmon’s in Fort Myers to watch blacked out Bucs games and get a free draft beer and a free plate of wings.

To date, each Blackout Tour bus has sold out and fans have enjoyed the experience.

The good folks at the Fort Myers News Press came out to Lee Roy Selmon’s yesterday to talk to the hardcore Bucs fans who made the bus trip from Derby Lane in St. Petersburg.

“We all work for a living and it’s hard to pay all that money to go to a game. But this tour is a great alternative,”said Roche, a welder who wore Bucs fullback and Mariner High graduate Earnest Graham’s No. 34 jersey under a red Bucs cap over a red bandanna.

Roche slapped hands with other Bucs fans anytime the team made a positive play Sunday. But there weren’t many as the Bucs (2-1) were blasted 38-13 by the Steelers (3-0).

“I’d rather pay for this than go to the stadium and pay $150 for tickets, parking and food,” Brandon resident J.R. Eldridge said before biting into a wing. “It’s a great atmosphere. The best part is I’m around some great Bucs fans here.”

Joe’s glad his readers are enjoying the Blackout Tour, courtesy of Paradise Worldwide Transportation. The cost is $24.95 per person. It’s a lot of great fun to bond with other hardcore Bucs fans. And make no mistake, you’re a serious fan if you’re driving to Fort Myers to watch the game on the big screens.

Click a Blackout Tour link and get your tickets now for the next Blackout Tour games in October, when the Bucs face the Saints and the Rams. Tickets are 100 percent refundable if the Bucs game miraculously ends up being televised in the Tampa Bay area.

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  1. eric Says:

    Joe aint gonna get caught flat footed this time!!!!!!!!!

  2. sensiblefan Says:

    Flip Phillips signed to the UFL today