Rex Ryan Lashes Out At Father Dungy

August 19th, 2010

The saga of nosey Father Dungy and f’ing Rex Ryan continues to escalate.

You may remember Joe brought word that Father Dungy was morally offended over f’ing Rex Ryan’s potty mouth on the NFL Films/HBO series Hard Knocks, a show Father Dungy hasn’t even watched.

Father Dungy told Dull Patrick he was outraged at f’ing Rex Ryan’s salty vocabulary and had the unmitigated gall to want to tattle on f’ing Rex Ryan to NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell, so Ryan would get in trouble with NFL brass.

Yesterday, f’ing Rex Ryan’s father, Buddy Ryan, in a manner of words, told Father Dungy he could take a long walk in a shortened version of the Stations of the Cross.

Now, f’ing Rex Ryan has chimed in. He unloaded on his critics and trashed Father Dungy for jumping to conclusions, reports Bart Hubbach of the New York Post.

“I’m always going to be myself, and I’m a good person,” Ryan said, his voice cracking slightly. “Just because somebody cusses or whatever doesn’t make him a bad person, and just because a guy doesn’t cuss doesn’t make him a good person. I’ll stand by my merits.”

Emotional throughout his comments following today’s practice, Ryan professed his disappointment with Dungy for the former Colts coach being so publicly critical of the number of Ryan F-bombs caught by the NFL Films cameras in last week’s HBO series debut.

Dungy even suggested — ridiculously — that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell look into the alleged controversy.

It is ridiculous — terribly so — that of all the vital issues on Goodell’s plate, whether it be the CBA, TV blackouts, former players becoming vegetables in their 60s or handsy, vulgar NFL quarterbacks trapping and flashing college chicks in seedy backroom bathrooms, that Father Dungy wants Goodell to cast those issues aside so Goodell can go after coaches who have expanded their vocabularies.

What next, Father Dungy is going to have Goodell punish Lions quarterback Matt Stafford for his bikini-clad cheerleader girlfriend having fun with kegs?

33 Responses to “Rex Ryan Lashes Out At Father Dungy”

  1. Rican Says:

    Add the fuel to the fire Joe, keep on adding it. 😉

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow- Keg stands! Gotta add those to my wifes aerobic workout!

  3. Gary Says:

    This story is just out of control now. Why wont Dungy just call him back and smooth this over so it just goes away!

    Come on Tony, you know you’re wrong, do the right thing and make this go away!

  4. Rican Says:

    Or Rex can swallow his pride accept that Tony has his own conviction and move on with it. The media is the only thing blowing this out of proportion. They refuse to let it die lol, like our friend Joe : ). The third ‘father’ biased based article in 2 days hehe. Kind of hard for something to die when the fuel’s being fed so often.

  5. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Joe I think your stance on this is way off base and Goodell should look out for the image of the league. No league wants someone like Rex Ryan representing it’s value system. No ONE! All Coach Dungy said was he would not hire the guy and maybe he should represent himself and the league with some class…..

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    This (repeated) story doesn’t even belong on this site. Give it a rest.
    Give us Bucs news.

  7. booty traps Says:


    By that the league should not hire felons. Wait….then we wouldnt have an NFL…

    This should just go away…its not even worth reading to me.

  8. Gary Says:

    Unrelated but to all Bucs fans outside on Tampa hoping to catch the replay on NFLN:

    The 4am game on sunday has been replaced with seahawks-whoever game. The first time they are going to show our game is 1pm on MONDAY!! F’ing monday!

    What a load of BS! Because of this garbage about not showing the NFLN replay before the local tampa station has a chance to, now there is no way I will not know everything that happened in the game before watching it! Because of course I will not make it all the way through work on monday without my usual roundup of Bucs info.

  9. Gary Says:

    Us outside the area and doubly screwed because I can’t even listen to the radio… man, if this sh*t happens during the reg. season I will be pissed.

  10. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Gary – It can’t happen to you during the regular season. Don’t sweat it. If you want to part with your money, you can watch the game on Go there and click on game access.

  11. frank Says:

    Goodell approved the reality show, and Dungy knows that. So what’s the big deal from any of these guys, really? Dungy knows all about foul language. He just won’t have it on his teams. Plenty of room for all types.

  12. Joe Says:


    This (repeated) story doesn’t even belong on this site. Give it a rest.
    Give us Bucs news.

    Too many Bucs fans still revere Father Dungy as a form of Lazerus, bringing the Bucs back from the NFL dead, and still look upon him as a Bucs diety, even more so than the man who got the Bucs a Super Bowl victory. Thus, this is Bucs news.

    Joe also believes this issue is (another) example that demonstrates that Father Dungy may not be the man of the cloth so many people believe him to be.

  13. D-Rome Says:

    I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth but in my opinion Tony Dungy sounds like a douchebag for making these statements. Of all the issues to comment on he comments on this? He even admitted he didn’t see the show.

  14. Joe Says:

    He even admitted he didn’t see the show.

    That’s a major pet peeve of Joe’s in any walk of life, people commenting negatively about (pick a subject) when they will freely admit they never heard/watched/read said subject.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    It’s no use Joe. Some people just don’t get it and never will. If it is moral and they believe it, it’s their God given right to preach it. Maybe Rex is going to Hell with some of us others, but it is a choice that free men in a free society are allowed to make. But then again, many have already spent their time in Hell.

  16. eric Says:

    Moral conviction is not a license to criticize others in public and then insulate yourself from criticism when others disagree with you or merely defend themselves.

    Ryan is supposed to say nothing just because this is Tony’s “conviction”?

    BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony is the one picking the fight here.

  17. Irony Says:

    How many articles you need to put up hammering the same issue Joe? Hehe Beating that dead horse pretty hard ;). I think we all realize by now you don’t like Dungy. *checked. Made a mental note, you gonna be able to move on now?

  18. Joe Says:


    At least two more coming before the end of the week. One may actually paint Father Dungy in a sympathetic light.

  19. Rican Says:

    That would be interesting to see you pull that off ;). I’m interested to see all the different lights you can come up with.

  20. k_bassuka Says:

    This is typical NFL; they want a clean image, but do the very minimum to police itself up. They still have players getting in trouble left and right at an alarming pace, they still have a big portion of player doping and coming up with lame excuses i.e. “I have a condition only me and my doctor know about”.

    The NFL wants a clean image by portraying their players to be the toughest men alive, acting like if they just fought a war or something, what a joke.

  21. Dave Says:

    For all the praise everyone around here bestows upon Dungy, he should get his fair share of criticism. He is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. It is called freedom of speech. Cursing has nothing to do with the morality of someone. Dungy, for all his faith, is judging without knowing the person…. a big no-no.

    As far as coaching, Dungy was good but WAY OVERRATED.

    He built the Bucs along with the people before him, give credit. But he never had a clue on offense and could not get over the hump.

    He went to Indy where a juggernaut was in place on offense. They wanted him to build a defense. He was there 7 years. Won 10 games once and 12+ 6 times. 1 Super Bowl. Take away the 4-0 record in playoffs the SuperBowl year they are a monumental dissappointment 3-6 in playoffs with only 1 AFC championship game to show for it.

    Sorry, but I just think the guy is very overrated. He underachieved with those Colts teams.

  22. jlynch Says:

    Dungy’s comments are irrelevant.. He really shouldnt be flapping his gums about swearing like nobody on any of his teamsever swore….Maybe he should have corrected Talib for telling Morrisoff in london??

  23. sensiblefan Says:

    @ Dave

    “He is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. It is called freedom of speech.”

    Freedom of speech is a two-way street Dave. You can say whatever you want publicly…and you can be criticized for the comments you make publicly. I also disagree with the contention that he’s sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong. As a former player and Super Bowl winning head coach and current analyst he has a duty to ensure the game retains some semblance of integrity.

    “As far as coaching, Dungy was good but WAY OVERRATED.”

    You had me at overrated Dave. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Please stop.

  24. sensiblefan Says:


    “This is typical NFL; they want a clean image, but do the very minimum to police itself up. They still have players getting in trouble left and right at an alarming pace, they still have a big portion of player doping and coming up with lame excuses i.e. “I have a condition only me and my doctor know about”.”

    I’m no slappy for the league but they probably do the best out of the other major sports when it comes to player safety, player conduct, drug use, and rules changes. Compare the NFL with MLB and its massive screwups this year. (e.g. Almost perfect game and the Steroid Era)

    On the other hand, the NFL quickly reacts to anything threatening the good image of the game. Players are drug tested multiple times in each section of their year (Offseason, Preseason, In-season & Post-season) and programs are in place to discipline and rehabilitate any player who’s gone awry.

  25. McBuc Says:

    Dave…Dungy is a great coach, any one that argues otherwise I am not sure what to say about. He only had two losing seasons, the first one with each team. All coaches tend to lean either towards offense or defense. I forget the position, but he is up there on the winning coach list.

    He has the right to criticize the language, just like he now has to take criticism being dished out to him.

    For a nonissue this is Joe’s third article!

  26. oar Says:

    And triple-digit comments!

  27. Javier n Wimauma Says:


    “Sorry, but I just think the guy is very overrated. He underachieved with those Colts teams.”

    You hit the nail right on the head buddy.

    Can you also say that Peyton Manning was what made the Colts and not Dungy?

    If anything, Dungy had the Colts asses so tight come play off time that they couldn’t even play at the top of their game. That’s called BAD coaching in my book.

    The Colts won those ‘regular’ season games because of Peyton Manning.

    With ALL the success the Colts had with Dungy there, why did they only win 1 AFC Championship leading to that Super Bowl against the BEARS and Rex Grossman LMAO!

    I like Dungy, a lot, I think that he is an excellent REGULAR season coach.

    It’s too bad that he didn’t have Rex Ryan’s or Bill Belliceck’s fire during the play offs, then maybe his teams would have risen to the occassion. Hey didn’t Bill Cowher’s Steelers spank TD to get to that Super Bowl, even AFTER the ref’s tried so deparately hard to give the game to the Colts?

    That’s why I want Bill Cowher!

    Dungy rode on the coat tails of Peyton Manning and the Colts OC.

    I mean, look at what his repacement did? Went to the Super Bowl.

    I mean, Dungy’s teams are so whimpy, that by the time a new coach with even a little bit of charisma steps in, they take the talented team to the Super Bowl. See Gruden, Jim Caldwell.

    Jim Caldwell almost went undefeated too. Maybe Peyton had something to do with that? Jim Caldwell came very close to winning a Super Bowl in his first season. And no, it wasn’t Dungy’s team. It was Peyton’s team.

    Much like the Buccaneers Super Bowl, it wasn’t Dungy’s team, it was the Defense’s team. Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, John Lynch (all in place before Dungy came aboard).

    Moral of the story, Dave is 100% right, Tony Dungy is overrated. He is a great REGULAR season coach, but come playoffs, he failed to fire up his teams.

  28. Javier n Wimauma Says:

    Here you go… they both talked. This should be the end of the story.

    Damn you men for talking before the media has the chance to REALLY blow things up! DAMN IT you grown MEN!

  29. topdoggie Says:

    Please quit takeing up space on my favorite site with a non story. It was an interesting first story now it is becomeing like the OJ chase on TV. It never ends.

  30. k_bassuka Says:


    You have to be fu#$ing kidding me! Are we talking about the same league in which year after year stars commit crimes that would’ve landed most of us in jail for many years and year after year have stars including young stars doping and testing positive? Look around the other leagues MLB and NBA and you rarely see a star player get in the kind of trouble these guys are getting.

    I know that’s what the media and the NFL want to preach to us about how much they’re doing and how better their system is, but in reality is the worst system and it hasn’t stop anyone from getting in trouble or doping including young talented players.

    Joe will have a heart attack if young stars like Longoria get caught doing some of the stuff the NFL stars dare doing.

  31. sensiblefan Says:

    @ k_bassuka

    “You have to be fu#$ing kidding me! Are we talking about the same league in which year after year stars commit crimes that would’ve landed most of us in jail for many years and year after year have stars including young stars doping and testing positive?”

    C’mon bro don’t do some research.

    1) Athletes in ALL sports have landed had brushes with the law and issues with failed drug tests. Tyreke Evans (Sac Kings) was allegedly the getaway driver in a drive-by in the months preceding the NBA Draft! MLB just ended an entire era tainted by steroid use! You have to look at the proportionality of the crimes/drug test failures rather than the frequency. It may be at the forefront of your mind because it happens more frequently in the NFL but the simple truth is that it happens more frequently because the NFL has the biggest population (1,700) out of the 3 major sports (MLB – 750, NBA – 450).

    2) You’re making my point for me. I assume when you mention doping, you’re talking about Cushing. Don’t you get it? THEY’RE CATCHING THESE GUYS! The NFL is doing its job! These players are tested double digit times throughout the entire year for drugs, roids, diuretics, etc. Now the league wants to add in HGH testing in the new CBA. What more can be done? Lindsey Lohan ankle bracelets to check Jerramy Stevens’ alcohol level? NFL League Security following Kareem Huggins to the bathroom when he’s out enjoying the Tampa nightlife?

    The bottom line: The NFL or any other league can never be able to stop its players breaking the law or looking for a competitive edge. It’s impossible. There are too many people with too much money and time on their hands. However, the NFL has proven to be the most proactive of all the leagues in addressing player and league issues and delivering discipline or making changes to the status quo.

  32. k_bassuka Says:

    @ sensiblefan

    If you really think the NFL is catching the drugs users you must be high your d@mn self. I remember going into the NYJ locker room once when I was a child and seeing most of those guys shooting up, so bad that even my uncle told me afterwards that I wasn’t going to play football. That’s the same reason why the NFL had to crack down on it first because it was out of control, the only thing that helped them is that we as fan don’t care whether they’re doping or not. Is not like we want it to happen but we really don’t care because is football. Don’t believe me then ask yourself this, are you angry at the current Bucs players that got suspended for doping? You probably forgot about who they are.

    The NFL knows it still has a problem and that’s why they want to test for more things because they know a big portion of players are using it, and the players association knows it too.

    The point about the NFL having more players than MLB and NBA is not true because when you look at how many are using is not even close. I don’t think the NBA has a problem at all, I follow MLB even closer than the NFL and even when you add all the players from rookie leagues to the majors is not even close. Most baseball players that are using as of this year are the ones that most likely won’t see the majors anyway and rarely do you see stars at their peak using them, unlike in the NFL.

    Off the field issues there’s no comparison so we don’t even have to go there and you know it, from dog killers to DUI murders the NFL is on a league of its own.

    Using a lone alleged criminal from two leagues doesn’t make your case.

  33. Rican Says:

    @K What do these numbers look like that you’ve researched? I’m curious.
    How long ago was it when u went into the NYJ locker room? I’m surprised they’d let just anyone walk into their locker room like that. You’d think that even the dumbest would have their people looking out for them….