Derrick Ward Gets An F-

August 14th, 2010

It’s just one preseason game, and maybe it’s meaningless, but Derrick Ward looked so horrendous even THE OPTIMIST would struggle to find anything good about his performance.

Still in the first quarter, Ward (12 carries for 20 yards) was visibly moaning to somebody on the offensive line after another sad carry.

Then Ward fumbled and John Gilmore recovered.

That was followed by Ward complaining yet again, this time in the direction of Keydrick Vincent on the O-Line. And then on the next play Ward coughed up the ball for the Bucs’ second turnover of the night.

And it sure seemed to Joe that Josh Johnson’s sideline tirade near the end of the first half was directed at Ward, who wasn’t happy with Johnson’s attitude.

Yeah, Ward played behind the Bucs’ poor second-unit line — Joe would say Jeremy Zuttah looked like a tackling dummy at center, but blowup doll would be a more appropriate description — but Ward showed absolutely nothing. So Joe can’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe Ward is just done. If so, the Bucs’ running game is in a heap of trouble.

22 Responses to “Derrick Ward Gets An F-”

  1. Aldo Says:

    i know is a long way to the next draft but Mark Ingram would be my guest!!!


    I agree Joe.

    I’m tired of seeing Ward’s lack of accountability. Reminds me of a play last year against Miami when K2 dropped a 3rd down conversion and Ward bitched at Freeman. Freeman put him in his place. Trade the guy.

  3. ac3 Says:

    Robert quinn…not mark ingram, especially after huggy’s game! But yea what was up with ward…

  4. Rican Says:

    Ward needs to get dropped to “other” like Clayton lol

  5. TJ Says:

    Horriable Horriable he looks like he need to loose weight

  6. troxell8t8 Says:

    I think Huggins’ stock just went up tonight.

  7. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    He doesn’t even attempt to hit the hole hard….it’s a totally different guy than used to run for the Giants.

  8. goodfellajay Says:

    he sucks….hes fat…hes slow…hes no caddy

  9. BamBamBuc Says:

    Even when there was a hole (which wasn’t often with that line), he didn’t hit the hole, he hit the back of his blockers or the chest of the defenders. It’s like he didn’t want to run very far, so just went straight at the first thing he saw….

  10. BamBamBuc Says:

    And I can’t put too much on the line, Huggins ran just fine.

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Higgins looked mighty impressive. Don’t forget there’s always Ernest

  12. jlynch Says:

    TRADE HIM!!!! lets look for another offensive line man Trade That Jeremy Stevens too he sucks

  13. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Get RID of him already, send him packing.

  14. TopDoggie Says:

    The O-line opened some nice holes for Caddy and Kareem. It looked like Ward had a stone wall. I’ll worry if it keeps up over the next few games. Huggins looks like he might make a good change of pace. Caddy Caddy Caddy Kareem Caddy Caddy Caddy Kareem. One play for Ward to give Caddy a breather. Sure hope his knees hold up.

  15. Patrick Says:

    EARNEST GRAHAM!!!!!!! Give him the ball, he deserves it!!!!!

  16. King Says:

    Looked like the o-line was teaching Ward a lesson in manners. You take care of those guys, they take care of you. You bitch and moan at them often, it becomes a convenient time to let a linebacker run free.

  17. Dmajik Says:

    Ward is beyond gone. He played up to his big contract, got the money and has been living the lifestyle instead of trying to get better, and to top it all of he has a sh%$^ attitude. Moaning at the O line?? Are you kidding me?

    I gotta take issue with the comment that the Bucs’ running game is “in a heap of trouble.” Did you see the same game I saw?

    Cadillac looked about as close to ’05 as I can remember… he had burst, broke tackles, and all that good stuff. Does he have the long speed, or are his bones and ligaments any more stable than a Twizzler?? Maybe not, but IMO he’s shaping up to be our bellcow this year.

    Then Huggins came in… poor man’s Mo Jones-Drew I think. He has ridiculous speed and quicks. Our depth isn’t great, but I’m comfortable with just Caddy and Kareem. Ward can go. Let the Glazers save the game checks he’d earn, who cares. The guy sucks and his presence muddies up the waters.

  18. jester03 Says:

    Ward needs to be traded back to the Giants or cut,even though I wonder if he is tanking it just so he can go where he wants.It was just his running he missed a play call and ran the wrong way.He also looked terrible in blitz -pass blocking!!! Send him packing move E.Graham back to RB. Keep Pressley or Purvis at FB.

  19. k_bassuka Says:

    This is no joke, even my 3 year old son who was with me at the game looked at me and said “daddy he sucks” first time I hear him say such a thing too bad he was right.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hey, I agree with ALL of YOUS GUYS, & Joey too !!!

  21. Greg Says:

    It’s alright guys, Ward is just feeling the effects of the STD he caught from one of the the Kardashian whores! Nothing a potent shot of penicillin can’t cure!!

  22. Rican Says:

    What made me sick was when he got hit in the back field twice in a row before half-time. He made absolutely no effort to make anything out of the play.