Talib Met With Roger Goodell

July 30th, 2010

Helmet-wielding, cabbie-pouncing Aqib Talib is a man the Bucs hope and pray is on the right path, so writes Tampa Tribune uber columnist Martin Fennelly.

Fennelly talked to Talib, Ronde Barber and Mark Dominik, and penned a column that left readers with the feeling that nobody is quite certain Talib can avoid another outburst that could derail his promising career.

But Talib says he now understands that to be the man, you need to act like one. He has visited with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Talib had to pay out after the incident with the cabbie. Maybe it helped.

“Sometimes you got to get your head beat against a wall, take money out of your pocket, go see the NFL boss,” Talib said. “That’ll make you wonder ‘What the hell am I doing?’ My father and brother keep telling me ‘Don’t (mess) this up,’ you got what you wanted since you were 5 years old.”

Now Joe knows journalists pick and choose what angles and quotes they want to use in a story, but Joe found it interesting that Fennelly didn’t quote Talib being remorseful or even imply as such. Odd.

Talib is a true Pro Bowl talent, who’s barely a half-notch below the upper echelon in the NFL. The guy’s ready to be a stud.

Joe sincerely hopes Talib never forgets that he could land in jail if he screws up before his court-ordered anger management classes are completed. 

Stay cool, Talib.   

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