Son Of A Buc

June 20th, 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah. In case you just got out of bed and forgot to look at a calendar, it’s Father’s Day. Joe’s already sick of hearing about it and the afternoon has just begun. At least Travis Henry and Antonio Cromartie should be busy today.

Since it is Father’s Day, Joe guesses he has to have a token homage to the day. For those that hold the day special, Joe encourages you to read Anwar Richardson’s touching Tampa Tribune story of Bucs general manager Mark Dominik and his famly.

For something more related to the Bucs, Joe brings this BSPN video of James Wilder, Jr., one of the most coveted high school recruits in the nation. In case you haven’t put two-and-two together, Wilder is the son of one of the greatest running backs in Bucs history, James Wilder.

Here, Wilder speaks with vodka-swilling Dana Jacobson about his dad and football.

7 Responses to “Son Of A Buc”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    I saw Wilder catch his first swing pass in preseason….the guy was a sight to behold…..punishing

  2. JK Says:

    Yeah JR. Come to the Bucs. The Glazerhouses will run you to death just like Hugh did to your dad. Provided you sell tickets of course.

  3. Capt.Tim Says:

    Run a running back to death.
    Guess it’s more appropriate than swimming him to death! I didn’t know James Wilder was dead?? I thought he retired after a greatly respected career, with a pretty big chunk of change in the bank.
    Go figure , musta been all that running! We gotta make sure we protectour young running backs from running. Sounds dangerous! 🙂

  4. Jackson Says:

    “vodka swilling” Dana Jacobson has more talent in her pinkie toe, than you have in your entire being. Sooner or later, you’ll learn that this method does nothing but burn bridges and make enemies. But apparently, you think you can do it all yourself.

  5. Clayton's Moving Van Says:


    If you consider Horse Impersonation a talent…LOL

  6. d-money Says:


    Joe might not be able to do it by himself but i’m sure he can do it without you. Hit the road if you don’t like it. No one told you to visit

    BTW i’ve never even heard of Dana Jacobson.

  7. Joe Says:


    Thanks for watching Joe’s back. But Joe found that critique quite humorous. It’s Joe’s fault that this vodka-swilling Dana Jacobson got drunk at a roast and damned near got fired?

    Plus, Joe lies awake at night not wondering about paying the mortgage or having needed maintenance done on his truck or how he can somehow lure Rachel Watson into his lair, but if the Bristol Bolsheviks might get mad at him. 🙂