Raheem Talks Quarterback Maturity, Partying

June 4th, 2010

Raheem The Dream talked to the media and heaped massive praise on three of his quarterbacks following this week’s OTA sessions: Josh Freeman, Josh Johnson and Rudy Carpenter. Buccaneers.com caught the head coach behind the mike.  

Jevan Snead got a little love, something about his “core beliefs,” but nothing compared to the other three. (A side note on Carpenter, Joe might still be the only one who’s interviewed the guy for publication in this town. Amazing, considering he was the No. 3 QB for much of last season).

After talking about how Josh Johnson might do all kinds of Wildcat stuff, Raheem The Dream explained how his favorite trio of young gunslingers is a heady, football-focused bunch that doesn’t party like other unnamed young players who show up unprepared for work. 

“Then you get lucky, and you bring in a guy, and I don’t want to say lucky, you know you’ve got a great scouting department in Mark Dominik and those guys. But you bring in a guy who’s a football junkie, a football schoolboy rat: Rudy Carpenter. Smart. Dynamic. Been around good coaches and good players. He’s come in here and he’s helping out as far as being sharp and young and on the details. These are not your typical young guys who go out and party all night and then come to work with no idea.

“They may go out together, and they may do things together. You’ve seen them out. You see them having fun; don’t get me wrong. But at the same time, I see those guys inside that room, meeting with those rookies, meeting with those receivers, meeting with those O-linemen, making the calls as far as protections with their O-line coach. … It don’t matter. They are football junkies. They’ll come to me a lot and talk about defense, and talk about structure of defense, and different coverages they see every day. It’s pretty impressive sitting down and talking to those young men. So I don’t want to call those the average young guy mentality at quarterback. We’re not trying to develop their core beliefs. They’ve been developed throughout the process for the three young men I’m talking about right now. …It’s a young group, but they’re well above and beyond their years I believe …because of the coaching they’ve had in the past.”

Joe’s a big fan of the Freeman, Johnson and Carpenter. They deserve the love now, regardless of whether they turn out to be good players.

As for the not so serious young players Raheem The Dream referred to, the ones “who go out and party all night and then come to work with no idea,” Joe is intrigued.

Who are they? How many are there on a super young team like the Bucs?

The serious look on Raheem The Dream’s face when he made that comment was scary. That wasn’t a passing comment.

17 Responses to “Raheem Talks Quarterback Maturity, Partying”

  1. Radio MushMouth is a Pedophile Says:

    …Reidel Anthony for one, was known for partying…

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Radio said, “Then you get lucky, and you bring in a guy, and I don’t want to say lucky, you know …”

    Hey Radio …I know you read Joe’s site..I know you know that I know…you know?

  3. BucForce Says:

    Aqib Talib, Radio is talking to you…stay out of the bars until 3AM and stop beating up cab drivers.

  4. Jamie Says:

    In case everyone wasn’t aware, Joe’s here to let us know it’s the off season. Ha.

  5. jlynch Says:

    Practice what you preach Radio. Isnt he out clubbing with Barber and Flip broke bone Phillips. Oh yea get your foot out of your mouth Radio

  6. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Jaime – Joe’s got to eat what’s on his plate. 😉

  7. jlynch Says:

    Bon Appetiet Joe

  8. mpmalloy Says:

    That’s encouraging………….and very true…
    ………work ethic separates the wanna-be’s from the really-are’s.

  9. Greg Says:

    Seriously, Radio couldn’t find his ass if three fingers were shoved up it! This guy is serously an idiot! He’s one of those guys that you would follow into a village if for nothing else to see what stupid sh*t he would pull! I’m done with this as*hole!!

  10. BucForce Says:

    Hey Greg, every village needs an idiot and we have found ours…

  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damn Greg!!. What, in that innocent little article praising our 3 Qb’s choir boy demenors, could have driven you over the edge !!??! So far over the edge that you are visuallizing two fingered rectum seekers?? It’s , uhm, still preseason,we are undefeated and tied for first place right now! You might wanna try more fiber in yer diet . Dating occasionally could also help with those wacky “anger management issues” that cause you to mental unprovoked!
    Yup, sounds like we have 3 hard working young Qbs. Good Coach Morris points out, that when not involved studying football( which is never, NEVER damn it!) , that ” they still have fun together!” Makes you wonder, Doing What?? From all the stuff you hear in the press, it must be watching Disney movies and munching on Vanilla wafers!
    Getting to the point that I wanna hear Freeman Bounced a whiskey bottle off Claytons helmet, after another dropped pass. Just to make sure Freeman’s got a little QB arrogance going on!
    Think Raheem was talking about famous napper, Kyle”sleepy” Moore, when calling out young Partiers??

  12. Radio MushMouth is a Pedophile Says:

    Greg says:
    “He’s one of those guys that you would follow into a village if for nothing else to see what stupid sh*t he would pull!”

    Follow into a village? Who are you, Borat?

    another case of the pot calling the kettle a dumbass…

  13. Chargedcbh Says:

    Hey Greg why don’t you go out there and coach something and then tell us how many championships you’ve won. Your an IDIOT!!!!
    ALL you fools never say why you think he’s an idiot. WHY?
    And if your done then why write a comment?
    If they start winning this year you’ll be saying he is great!

    I really believe the majority of you are racist…..

    He likes the QB’s so he’s an idiot.
    Sometimes it’s best to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and erase all doubt….

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    Raheem is not the best public speaker, but he is getting better at it as evidenced by his comments about his College coach/mentor. He is also becoming a better head coach, and he is not an idiot. Idiots abound in this town and Rah isn’t one of them. His players like him and the comments that they make show their support for him. I also find the nickname “Radio” very disrespectful and inappropriate. That is is the league of names you might call an opponent’s coach who there is much hate for. Raheem may not have been quite ready to be a HC, but it was offered to him, and can you blame him for taking it? Anyone that says the Bucs didn’t improve over the course of 16 games is a fool, especially the defense. Raheem isn’t a bad coach, he’s our coach whether you like it or not, and he damn sure isn’t a radio.

  15. Mr. Lucky Says:

    BigMac – darn you! Why do you have to be so serious? It’s not even preseason yet?

    After reading your post I have to agree with you. Calling Raheen “Radio” is pretty degrading – but I only use it to have a little fun. I actually liked Cuba Gooding Jr. in that movie, better than I like Morris as our HC.

    But then again I can’t fault the man for taking that job. Given the opportunity I would have done the same exact thing. And yes I gave Morris credit for the defensive improvement.

    I just hope Morris takes some public speaking classes so he doesn’t come off like a buffon; kinda like the Rod Blagojevich of the NFL coaches.

  16. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Greg, while I’m not a Morris advocate you need to take a Xanax buddy! Raheem was just praising the kids this time.

    Its not like he was calling for a passing play on 4th and inches on his own 45 yard line – oops that was LAST year! 😉

  17. mpmalloy Says:

    I can be negative with the best of them,
    but comments like Greg’s are ridiculous.
    Coach Morris should use it as motivation
    to put those kind of whack-jobs in their place
    when he goes 9-7 with this young ream.

    I’m actually a tea-partyer but I focus my anger where it should be:
    On ballooning gov’t debt not some football coach judged by one chaotic
    rebuilding season.

    And the best part is: I think Coach Morris is still going to be a great HC
    but he needs to work with a chip on his shoulder.