Doug Williams Admits Friction In Front Office

June 4th, 2010

Appearing at a high school in Baton Rouge, La., that was dedicating a field in his name, former Bucs director of pro personnel Doug Williams confessed to why he is no longer working for the Bucs.

The reason? Bruce Almighty and Chucky are gone, so he told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“The guys that are in control at this particular time weren¹t the guys who hired me,” Williams said. “The guys who hired me are no longer there. I think anybody who’s in that position has the right to make a decision about who they want to work for them, and it¹s good that we both were big enough to sit down discuss it and go our separate ways.”

Williams said that because he left Tampa Bay on good terms, he has received lots of calls and interest for his services.

“I got about two or three solids leads,” Williams said. “It’s just a matter of working out some details and seeing which way we are going to go.”

Joe wouldn’t be surprised if the Redskins, and Bruce Almighty, actually hired Williams. Joe does know this about Williams: there were few bigger backers of Kareem Huggins than Williams.

5 Responses to “Doug Williams Admits Friction In Front Office”

  1. Radio MushMouth is a Pedophile Says:

    You set up that quote horribly…what do you mean Chucky and Bruce Allen are gone, per Times Picayune?? Then Williams goes on to talk about why he was fired, not Gruden or Allen.

    not your best work, Joe…

    Remember: Coffee before keyboard…

  2. Johnny D. Says:

    Can you translate that last sentence about Williams and Huggins into English?

  3. Larry Says:

    Maybe he’s suggesting that if Huggs ends up on PS, he’s a goner.

  4. Joe Says:

    Can you translate that last sentence about Williams and Huggins into English?

    Williams loved Huggins.

  5. William Says:

    Joe, I got it all! Thank you!
    I think the previous people who commented are drinking to much RedBull…
    I love Huggins too!
    Good job Joe!