“Dunderhead” Trueblood Getting Smarter

June 9th, 2010

The man best known for false starts, who was dubbed “Dunderhead” by a wiseacre copy editor at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Bucs offensive right tackle Jeremy Trueblood is trying to put those troubles behind him.

Though Joe loves the guy’s nasty streak, he sometimes took it too far, getting flagged for stupid personal foul penalties. Add that to his league-leading false starts, and there were untold number of drives killed by Trueblood’s penalties.

Trueblood told eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune he will make a specific effort this fall to not let the zebras throw yellow hankies his way.

“I know that I need to keep it between the whistles, but sometimes that’s hard to do because you want to go get the guy right now when he hacks you off,” said Trueblood, who has made 61 consecutive starts. “It’s something with age and wisdom that I’ll be able to fix. When you look at the film and see a penalty or two that hurts the team, it really puts things in perspective. At the end of the year, you watch all the tape and I see how those flags kills our drives. It’s something you have to learn from … and I have.”

An offensive line that was touted as a team strength struggled often last year, but all five starters figure to return.

“Even if you thought you were a great offensive line, you went 3-13, so you weren’t that good,” Trueblood said. “There was a lack of consistency overall and my season wasn’t good enough. We were all very disappointed because 3-13 isn’t nearly good enough. That’s why we’re out here working our butts off.”

How refreshing! Unlike other teammates who claim they are better than what they showed on the field last year, Trueblood comes right out and says they need more work.

Bravo, Jeremy. Bravo! To paraphrase the recently departed John Wooden, Joe hopes Trueblood plays angry; but don’t be a dunderhead.

12 Responses to ““Dunderhead” Trueblood Getting Smarter”

  1. BigMAcAttack Says:

    I think Jeremy Trueblood may have been dropped on his head as a kid………..numerous times, maybe even on purpose. Like they say, you can’t fix stupid. I’d expect more of the same form him.

  2. Joe Says:


    Joe’s gotta stick up for Trueblood here. Dude graduated from one of the better schools in the country. He’s not stupid, just hasn’t used his smarts. He’s better than that.

  3. oar Says:

    That or he pulled a “Tommy Boy” and he ate paint chips.

  4. Joe Says:

    LOL Joe always loves a good paint-chip blast. 🙂

  5. oar Says:

    Seriously, I have to agree Joe. I dont think he’s dumb or stupid, but do think he has a focus or attention issues.

  6. jlynch Says:

    Poorly coached is his problem… I met heyward opeanut and stovall at gasparilla doing shoys of jim beam and they remarked how much they laugh it up a practice about those penalties even the coaches so quit blaming trueblood coacing or lack there of take your pick….


    So hilarious that people equate aggression to stupidity…more evidence of never stepping foot on a field…I hope you guys enjoyed marching in the band…

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    When you continuously make the same mistake over and over and over again, you have a mental block. I don’t care if you have a PHD in Astrophysics, if you can’t master the basic fundamentals, you have a problem. If you can’t acknowledge that Trueclod has had this problem since he’s been here, then you have a problem with your eyes and perception. Fighting and standing up for team mates is one thing, but Trueclod has a total lack of self discipline and that is mental.

    If you get paid millions of dollars to go on 2, and you confuse that with go on 1, you might just be a Dumbass.

    Stupid: Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

    I don’t know what they teach at BC, but common sense is out the window.

  9. jlynch Says:

    He doesnt make millions. He gets Mediocre pay for his playing. How would you like playing and losing its no fun.. When players tell you that they laugh at meetings and practice about those errors it COACHING PERIOD LACK OF IT THe Bucs staff is a Joke..

  10. bucfanintally Says:

    i love how people say it’s because the current coaches don’t know what they are doing when Trueblood has had this problem his whole time in Tampa. He has done this under the best coach ever…. Gruden….. and now under Morris. The only way this will change is if they don’t play him.

  11. tampa2 Says:

    Okay, so Trueblood has done this under the Best Coach ever, and under an “amatuer” coach. Maybe some coach can teach him to count to three.
    Personally, I do not like the penalties, but wish the whole line had Trueblood’s demeanor. He is big & nasty, and that is the ultimate O-lineman. Now, is we can just find a coach…..

  12. Gary Says:

    If he hasn’t been saying he needs to improve on his penalties for a few years already, he has a major problem or the coaches haven’t done their jobs, and you can’t blame Morris for that alone, HOF coach Gruden is included as well.

    So whats worse, he didn’t even think it was a problem until now, or that he has been trying for a few years and is still dunderhead? hmmm… tough one there.