Tony Mayberry Talks To Joe

May 26th, 2010

Joe caught up with one of the coolest ex-Bucs around, former offensive lineman Tony Mayberry at the Chris Thomas Memorial golf outing at Feather Sound. Trust Joe, the guy has lost so much weight, Mayberry looks more like a long distance runner than an offensive lineman.

Mayberry shared some of his thoughts about the Bucs offensive line and what he expects this season.

JoeBucsFan:  What happened to the Bucs offensive line? That unit seemed on the cusp of something great and they really regressed last year. Was that due to trying implement zone blocking?

Tony Mayberry:  [Zone blocking] is not easy to learn. Those guys did a good job if you ask me. There are a lot of talented players there. [Learning zone blocking] is just a matter of time and playing with each other, learning how each other fits in. It’s hard enough learning a system, but learning a new system at the pro level with guys who were quite proficient in a system they were previously in, that will challenge you.

Joe:  Some have suggested that former offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski getting fired messed with the progress of the offensive line?

Mayberry:  Football is adaptation and the ability to overcome. If it doesn’t kill you,  it will make you stronger. I believe the offensive line will be the most improved aspect of the team, yeah.

Joe:  Joe is of the belief Aaron Sears not showing up and Jeff Faine being injured early hurt the offensive line more than anything.

Mayberry:  Now that is unique situation with Sears. I wish the best for the guy. He has to get himself right before he can think about doing something [on a football field]. People don’t understand the stress that is put on some. You know, unless you walk a mile in their shoes, it’s very hard to judge. I hope he has good people around him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a comeback. When he played early on, I saw a lot of talent.

Joe:  So do you believe Jagodzinski’s firing stunted the offensive line’s progress more than injuries and absences?

Mayberry:  Jagodzinski? That’s just an obstacle that may slow your learning but what you learn in the NFL is to adapt and overcome. Dudes get hurt. They don’t stop the season. They keep playing. If someone gets hurt, get the next dude up and coach him up as best you can. Make sure he doesn’t decide the game for us.

5 Responses to “Tony Mayberry Talks To Joe”

  1. Chiz Says:

    I love hearing from all these old dogs.

  2. Dave Says:

    Sounds like he didn’t know who Jagodzinski was

  3. DieHard Bob Says:

    Some food for thought.
    1. Mayberry said “I believe the offensive line will be the most improved aspect of the team, yeah.” Even though the Bucs are young, there are vets on the offensive line and most football fans know that a lot of games are either won or lost in the trenches.
    2. Most believe that Freeman will be much improved after working so hard in the off season.
    3. They have experience in the backfield with Williams, Graham and Ward and one of the best centers with Faine.
    4. Plenty of experience at tight end with Winslow, Stevens and Gilmore.
    5. The defence started to come around later in the season after Rah took back control and some think there is a good chance that McCoy and Price could be impact players as rookies which could greatly improve the play of everyone behind them.
    6. I know we don’t know how the rookie WR’s will perfom in games yet, but they do have raw talent and a rookie has been known to contribute before (Clayton).
    7. Now that coach has his rookie season out of the way hopefully he got most of the rookie mistakes out of his system. He is not a dumb man, and maybe now he will start making the kind of coaching decisions that made him a head coaching canidate in the first place.

    Yes . . . I know that many of the posters here can reply to this message and give 1000 reasons why the Bucs might suck this year, but I think the true fans would rather look for the reasons why the Bucs MIGHT suprise some people this season. Why not look on the positive side for a change, get behind these players and show them the support they need to right the ship.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Mayberry was a helluva player.

  5. Greg Says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Tony Mayberry at Mike Ditka’s golf tournament at Avila a couple of years ago, and this guy is authentic as they come! Wish we had more guys like him on the team, but have to agree with Joe, the guy looks more like a marathon runner these days then an offensive lineman!