Josh Freeman Handles Adversity

May 26th, 2010

It seems Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times is taking a new and smart twist on microblogging.

The Bucs beat reporter is fielding questions from fans, not from his Times e-mail account, but from Twitter (you can’t send a Twitter question/message without having a Twitter account). Questions that catch Holder’s eye are being answered in detail on the Times’ Bucs blog.

In the first installment of this feature, Holder decides to tackle, figuratively, Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. Holder, though hesitant to make any bold predictions, suggests one impressive trait of Freeman’s is his ability to handle adversity.

Another area I think Freeman compares favorably with good young quarterbacks is in his learning curve. From all indications, he is picking things up quickly despite being put in an unenviable situation last year in which he had to re-learn an offense after the change in offensive coordinators. I think you’ll see a very big step forward in terms of savvy and understanding this fall, largely because of the time he’s spending this offseason in the film room and with his new quarterbacks coach. That should translate into good decision-making and improved timing.

Of course, the timing may take time. Remember that the Bucs quite possibly will have two rookies and one second-year wide receivers on the field in three-receiver sets this season. So it’s quite possible Freeman will put up better numbers in the latter weeks of the season as opposed to, say, September.

42 Responses to “Josh Freeman Handles Adversity”

  1. Not a Rocket Surgeon Says:

    I think that Josh showed a lot of short term memory loss after some of the events from last season.

    At times, I thought to myself… Damn, that was a rough series for him. Credit to him, he stuck in there… didn’t look like it phased him.

    If you know what you’re doing and strive to be the best, there is no such thing as adversity.

  2. RahDomDaBest Says:

    The worst part aboutthe off-season is we can’t win or lose… however, there is so much senseless positive hope now that it is actually a falsehood.

    Soon, the season will start and the excuses will be flying… but remember all the claims about how much thiese guys have improved when you haven’t even seen them play a game yet.

  3. Snook Says:

    Sure, its the offseason and there’s a lot of “positive hope”. But what’s wrong with that?

    I’ve heard nothing but great things about how Freeman is progressing. He seems to be putting in the work. Afterall, it could be a lot worse.

    And no one is expecting him to lead us to the Super Bowl in 2010… But improvement this year will set the Bucs up well for great success in years to come.

    As Bucs fans, we haven’t had a promising young QB who actually has the skillset and physical attributes to succeed.

    Freeman seems like a good young player. If he’s really working as hard as people say he is, I don’t see how he can’t become successful.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Beast-in-the-Making is getting tons of positive press this offseason .

    I’m exciting about him , one of the few things I actually can get excited concerning this team right now….

  5. the_buc_realist Says:

    That’s the point that RahDomDaBest is trying to make Snook. All we heard last year is how Offensive Coach Jags was going to pound the football and setup big plays. We heard how Coach Bates Defense would get alot of sacks and stop the run. Our new Tightend would be unstoppable. Right now all you will hear is skewed news from the bucs, Please take it with the grain of salt.

  6. Eric Says:

    Given the situation, I thought the kid exhibited great poise and toughness.

    Im looking forward to watching his development, although im still pissed they didn’t get him a really good and experienced wide-out. (#15)

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    I don’t expect any miracles this season. I certainly don’t expect a playoff team. What I am expecting is to see some young, very talented players learn how to play as a team in the NFL. I expect to see Josh Freeman improve, both statistically and as a leader. I expect to see flashes of talent from Benn and Williams. I expect to see McCoy,Price,and Miller show glimpses of becoming a dominating trio of DT’s. What’s wrong with that. I sat in the stadium and watched Sapp,Brooks,Lynch,and Barber grow into an unstoppable monster. Hope I’m lucky enough to see it again
    The previous regime didn’t bring in any young talent. You don’t get excited about an over the hill vet trying to squeak out one more decent year. I really liked Jeff Garcia,but a 39 year old QB isn’t something you build around. Or Pettigout,Galloway,etc,etc. They were bandaids
    Everyone is getting excited because,finally, this team looks like it has a brighter future

  8. gruss222 Says:


    ” but remember all the claims about how much thiese guys have improved when you haven’t even seen them play a game yet.”

    The same can be said: remember all the negative trash banter when you haven’t even seen this team play yet.

  9. thomas Says:


    we have seen 17 to 18 of the 22 starters play from 9-16 regular season games together last year, and it was ugly.

    It is idiotic to think that you can insert 4 rookies at key positions and improve substantially with the same regime in place. If they improve by 2 wins it will only be attributable to a much easier schedule.

    So the negativity comes from 3-13 and more of the same. The positivity comes from delusion!

  10. Snook Says:


    If I was so down on everything about a team, I sure wouldn’t waste time at a news website for that team… but anyways…


    I don’t care how hyped up the COACHES were last season. Coaches can only do so much. In the end, its to the players to perform. This article is about FREEMAN. He’s a player, not a coach. And he’s much more advanced than he was last year with 3rd string reps.

    And by the way, our new tight end last year WAS unstoppable.

    Its more than just from the Bucs that Freeman is looking promising. And its not like anyone’s made any bold predictions about him. Most of the good press I’ve read about him just says that he’s putting in the hours and the work necessary to be a good QB. It doesn’t mean that he will be but its better than him sitting at home on the couch like JaMarcus Russell did.

  11. Snook Says:

    Capt. Tim:

    Great post.

    No one’s predicting championships… but one thing is for sure… it sure beats a 40 year old QB throwing ducks to a 40 year old WR.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree with the Capt’n too.
    I am committed to the games and making the most of the experience. I love football and the Bucs are our Team. No matter how peeved I may get, I can’t go against them. I do believe they are on the right track, finally, but still have major concerns about Olson and Wash as coaches, Sabbitha and Clayhands as players, but that’s it. I think they can be very good.

    I am still totally pumped about the Bolts signing Stevie Flippin Y. I may have to break down and get Bolt’s season tickets too, even if it means a 2’nd job to do it. I may be Flippin Burgers. First there’s the Great One, then Lemeiux, with Yzerman right behind. I am just so pumped about the way the Lightning are headed with Vinik. If the Bucs had this same type of leadership, we’d be looking at our 3’rd or 4’th Superbowl.

  13. Negative Nancy Says:

    I sure hope Josh continues to bounce back after getting pounding this upcoming season. Anyone know the over/under for his INT in 2010?

    As for overcoming adversity – what about Bryon Leftwich? that dude was a human tackling dummy last season and he continued to stand in the pocket and deliver duck after duck!

    Boy isn’t it great how everyone gets excited about his progress playing Madden 2010? Wait until they get some pads on will ya?

    Oh and has anyone seen Donald Brontsaruous Penn lately? I thought I read where he ate two Chinese Buffet’s out of business.

  14. Negative Nancy Says:

    Cap Tim – you can get as excited as you want about a 5-11 or 6-10 team.

    Personally I’ll take the prior regieme 9-7 teams that were held together with band-aids.

    But after last year’s fiasco I get it’s ok to get excited about doubling the number of games your team wins.

    Hey are your a life-long Cubs fan too?

  15. BamBamBuc Says:

    Let me put it this way. It’s easier for me to get a bit excited and be positive about this team now than it was for me to get excited about the team when they drafted Bo Jackson and he insisted he wouldn’t play for them. They drafted him anyway and completely wasted a pick for a team that needed as much help as possible. It’s easier to get excited about this team than the one that drafted Keith McCants, or Trent Dilfer, or Vinny Testeverde or Craig Ericson. I’ve been through a LOT of years with this team and I’ve seen them make HUGE mistakes before. I’ve also seen them not correct their mistakes in a timely fashion (or sometimes not at all). I’ve seen bad coaches and GMs and owners before, and this current team from top to bottom isn’t even close to being as bad as it was in the 80’s. This team has players that have shown promise (Talib, TJack, Freeman, Stroughter, Davin, etc), they have veterans to lead (Ronde, Faine, etc.), they have a coach the players want to play hard for. That is why it’s easier for me to remain positive about this team, I see the differences between this current team and the teams of the 80’s. Some of you may not have been around during that era, or too young then, but take it from someone who’s seen this team be BAD and make BAD decisions, and what you’re seeing here is not even close.

  16. Eric Says:

    Calling Mr. Galloway a “bandaid” just aint right. Three straight 1000+ receiving yards. Big contributions to two NFC South Titles. Very highy YPC.

    Many, many exciting plays for buccaneer fans by 84.

    That was a good trade Key for Joey.

    Amazing how those who have accomplished are demeaned, and those who havent are esteemed.

  17. BamBamBuc Says:

    @ Nancy

    Lifelong Cub fans would be those that accept 9-7 teams year in and year out. Teams that may make the playoffs every now and again, but never get the championship (I know, they got it Gruden’s first year, but they declined every year after… got older, no real new talent). I’d rather see the team rebuild. They may start slowly (last year), but at least they have a chance at being a champion again, rather than a perennial “close but no cigar” team like the Cubs.

    We could spend millions on UFA’s each year and end up just as successful as the Washington Redskins. Oh, wait… they didn’t do much better than we did last year, even with all their big signings the year before.

  18. BamBamBuc Says:

    @ Eric

    Saying someone is a “bandaid” fix doesn’t mean they aren’t productive. It simply says they were brought in to be a short term solution to an area of need that will need to be addressed before the band-aid is gone. Bandaid fixes can be very productive for the few years they play, and Galloway certainly was. Antonion Bryant came in and had a productive first year, so they “took off the bandaid” by letting Galloway go. Unfortunately, Bryant couldn’t repeat his first year success with the team in his second year (partly at least due to injury).

    Now, we could pay Bryant another $9M to see if he can return to yr 1 form, or we could say “Hey, enough with these bandaids, let’s get some young guys that can carry the load long term”. I’m not gonna say either Benn or Williams is that guy, as we haven’t seen yet what they can do in the NFL, but at least they’re looking to fix the problem long term.

    Galloway was a great addition to the team for the time he was here. It’s time to look longer term and actually fix problems.

  19. thomas Says:


    This team has NO chance be champions until at a minimum 2012 and probably longer.

    Under Gruden, every year (except the year Simms, Griese got hurt and Gradkowski was forced to start) they were playoff caliber and had a chance to get hot in the playoffs and make a run. It happened once and they won it all – the other times they ran into hotter teams – like the Giants in 2008 – who won it all.

    The present regime is clueless and lost and this team should win at least 8 games this year b/c of the weak 4th place schedule but they will probably win 5. I predict 1-5 in the division.

    Sit back for years of lagging behind atlanta, no and carolina – which means never making the playoffs. If they were to bring in a Cowher now, all of this would be addressed in one offseason – by adding vets and continuing to develop the kids.

  20. Eric Says:

    If i could get Joey Galloway 2004-2007 on my team, id damn sure take it.

    I believe every coach in the league would, except perhaps ours. If either of these new guys fills his shoes, they will be very good players.

    Likewise, if Rah has a winning record in three out of four seasons, with two Division Titles, that will be some very good coaching by just about anybodies standards.

    But, i suppose, under the “Dynasty or Bust” standards, it wouldnt be near good enough, would it?

  21. RahDomDaBest Says:

    How in the heck can the apologists truly say that “Well, we are building a championship team… rather than going 9-7… blah, blah, blah”

    It makes ZERO SENSE. How the heck are you so positive that we are building a championship team? And how in the heck can anyone take you seriously when you claim that Raheem Morris will coach this team deep into the playoffs year in and year out? And that Dominic will build this solid foundation for super bowls to come?

    No sense at all… just apologists for Raheem and haters of the winningest coach in the history of the franchise, who has more conference, division tiles and a Super Bowl than any other Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach has ever had with Tampa.


    Btw, Raheem Morris is below average. He is the worst coach in all of the NFL, ranks 32nd in the league, hands down… he is even worse than coaches Not coaching in the NFL awaiting job opportunities… which makes the whole notion of him being a HC absolutely mind boggling.

  22. BamBamBuc Says:

    @ thomas

    “Under Gruden, every year (except the year Simms, Griese got hurt and Gradkowski was forced to start) they were playoff caliber and had a chance to get hot in the playoffs and make a run.”

    REALLY??? Do you even watch this team?

    Okay, let’s recap. Superbowl after the 2002 season, so let’s start 2003

    2003: 7-9 no playoffs
    2004: 5-11 playoffs? PLAYOFFS???
    2005: 11-5 NFC South winner, Wild Card loss to Redskins
    2006: 4-12
    2007: 9-7 NFC South winner, Wild Card loss to Giants
    2008: 9-7 no playoffs

    Okay, so in 6 years (after the Super Bowl) Gruden had 3 above .500 (barely) and 3 below .500 (well below in 2 of those). They only made the playoffs twice (in 6 years), and haven’t won a playoff game since winning the Super Bowl. The year they lost to the Giants, they won the division with a 9-7 record. 9-7??? Dang, the whole division sucked that year, I think the Quality Control Coach could’ve won the division that year. This team has been stuck in a rut of mediocre to bad for 7 years, and they’re finally showing potential signs of life. It may take a few years, but we’ve already suffered through 6 up and down (mostly down) years before this regime.

    We had a bad year the first year we are without our potential hall of fame DC Monte Kiffin. This regime made some rookie mistakes in coordinator selection and the Clayton contract, but made some good choices in getting Freeman, Roy Miller, Stroughter, Winslow. When they brought in a veteran player last year (Leftwich), he failed miserably. There has been good and bad, but there has been good. Same as it was with Gruden. You’ve seen one season, a rookie season. Criticize all you want, but I’ll withhold judgment until at least after the sophomore season.

  23. BamBamBuc Says:

    @ RahDom

    Winningest coach is a matter of perspective. Gruden may have 60 wins in 7 years, but Dungy has a .549 winning percentage to Gruden’s .513. Dungy had playoff teams in 4 of 6 years, Gruden had playoff teams in 3 of 7.

    Now, I’m not a Gruden hater. I liked him, I just didn’t like the direction of the team. They were old and draft choices didn’t seem to be working out (Caddy (injuries), Clayton, Adams were 3 guys out of 5 that the former regime took in rnd 1. Only Joseph and Talib have panned out. Plus there was the Dexter Jackson debacle). While our great defense was aging and retiring, we were not helping on offense. Brad Johnson and Jeff Garcia were stop-gap fixes. Simms and Gradkowski never progressed under Gruden’s tutelage.

    Division titles are no more important than Wild Card appearances when the thought process seems to be “have a chance to get hot and make a run” (per thomas). In that case, I’d rather have 3 WC/1 Div (Dungy) than 3 division titles (Gruden). It’s one more opportunity to “get hot”. That was also in 6 years (Dungy) to 7 years (Gruden). I can’t say Raheem will even come close to either of those, as he’s still 5 or 6 years away from having the same opportunity. If Raheem can come up with 7 wins this season, he’ll have done as well as Gruden did in his 2nd year with the team, and Gruden had players that won a Super Bowl on his team, Raheem will have rookies and young guys that haven’t won much of anything yet. That would be one heck of an accomplishment. If Raheem gets even 5 or 6 wins, that’s something, considering he doesn’t have Super Bowl players on the team.

    None of this will be known until the season is underway. Whining about Raheem is pointless as he is our coach, like it or not, for this season. All that will be accomplished now is “I told you so” rights at the end of the season. If anyone is gonna say “I told you so” at the end of the season, I sure hope it’s someone that was positive now, because that means the team had a good year and I’m a fan and would love to see a good year.

  24. Eric Says:

    Well all I know is that there are 14 teams in the NFL who have NEVER won the Super Bowl. Several have never participated in the game.

    The Bucs have won exactly one in 33 years of playing football, and we all know who was on the sideline.

    When Mr. Morris brings home the trophy then, and only then, does Gruden trash talk have any credibility.

    Please let me know when the dynasty starts. So far it is difficult to see, in spite of the fabulous two game winning streak last season.

  25. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    The dynasty is 3 years ahead pf schedule , Eric .


  26. hendawg1906 Says:

    I bet all you negative posters on here have low self-esteem, hate your lives, and probably wish that everyone was as miserable as you are. Please do us a favor and go jump off a building or something.

  27. BamBamBuc Says:

    You guys take what people say too literally. Here’s what Freeman had to say on

    “The first day this year and the first day last year?” said Freeman. “We’re light years ahead right now.”

    Seems like Raheem was being a bit conservative with 3 years. Take it for what it is, a figure of speech. The coaches and players find that we are well ahead of where we were last season.

  28. JimBuc Says:

    Thomas said:

    ““Under Gruden, every year (except the year Simms, Griese got hurt and Gradkowski was forced to start) they were playoff caliber and had a chance to get hot in the playoffs and make a run.”

    Obviously that is not true as BamBam illustrated, but Thomas even if we use your revisionist history, the Bucs were actually a competitve team before and after Gruden, right? Why? Defense, right? I mean it is called the “Tampa-2” for a reason. Where did all those guys come from that made the defense the role model for the entire league? I will give you a hint? It was not free agency.

    The Bucs were competitive from 1996 to the 2007 (starting to decline after 2002, but held together by Gruden) because they had one of the best defenses in the league. I am not knocking Gruden or his offense. I am actually a Gruden fan. Gruden deserves a ton of credit for masking the decline of the team. But, anyone who says anything other than that the defense was the backbone of the team is fooling themselves. I don’t see anyone in the league playing the “Gruden-2” offense. I trust you realize that the defense was almost entirely the product of drafting. The SB championship defense had nine drafted players starting, right? How many guys on defense? 11 right? 9 of 11 drafted, get it?

    That is why this argument is so silly. Whether you or Eric or the others like it or not, the Bucs are trying to repeat their past path to long-term competiveness by building through the draft. It is not their fault that some of their fans are so blinded by anger (i.e. they never should have fired Gruden) or in such denial (i.e the team did not need to be rebuilt) to acknowledge the obvious.

  29. oar Says:

    JimBuc, The one thing that irked me the most, that came with Raheem’s hiring, was the total abandonment of our said “bread and butter” the Tampa-2(and you are right it is called taht for a reason!). All while not having the players to do so or draft any. It made no sense. Tweak the Tpa-2 or hybrid it, but don’t get rid of it. Maybe change for the sake of change, I don’t know.
    BTW That was one thing I was happy to hear when they hired Gruden that he was friends with Kiffin(talked him into staying) and didn’t want to change the defense. Why would he? To fix something that works?!

  30. JimBuc Says:

    Oar — why was Jim Bates fired? Because he said he would incorporate Tampa-2 into his scheme but did not on game day.

    You say that change came with Raheem’s hiring. Interesting (and unanswered) question as to whether that was Morris or above. Morris is a Tampa-2 guy. His base D at KState was a hybrid Tampa-2 (Morris likes to blitz more). Not sure why they ever thought Bates could pull that off. Do know their options were slim and someone above Morris must have wanted the two experienced, head coach-like coordiantors.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow, great post!
    Bam bam already adressed this, but yeah, negative Nancy, I’ll take this years team with a losing record, just like I did with Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, and Barber. Because I got to Fly to San Diego and watch them win the SuperBowl. Made all my years as a loyal Buc fan worth it. You want Gruden’s 9-7 team, you can have it! If you notice, he had a winning record the years he had the last place losers schedule. You can probably throw enough old FA’s together to win with the last place schedule, No problem! But building a team that is a consistant winner, that takes skill, good Drafting, being Fianancily responsible, and coaching young talent to replace aging vets. Gruden didn’t want to be responsible for ANY of that.Gruden/Allen did the same thing to the Raiders- check out their drafts while in Oakland. I think Al Davis is getting blamed for the exact mess we got left with in Tampa.
    We just started cleaning it up sooner!
    I thought Galloway(and the other vets) played his heart out here. Nothing but respect. My point was that Galloway wasn’t brought in to complete the Team( like Keyshawn), he was brought here to drag another few years outta him. He was at the end of his career. We didn’t bring him here to win a championship or build around. He was brought here to try and keep us barely competative. As a stop gap messure. He deserved better

  32. oar Says:

    JimBuc, I’m aware Morris is a Tampa-2 guy, but considering Raheem and Dom’s presser after being hired “they were the ones that would be acting as one” and that “thier decisions would be mutual.” Dominik said the Bucs will maintain a 4-3 base with Bates. Why did they wait so long to fire him if he wasn’t doing what Raheem wanted(ie: see Jags firing before season)? 10 games is a long time to let a coordinator do what he wants, especially when it wasn’t working from game 2. But, whatever or whomever the reason was, I was against it.
    I still wonder how much better our younger guys would have been playing the Tampa-2(or Raheem-hyrid Tpa-2) all of last year. It was a waste of development to our young players on defense, I think. Now they’re going to do what they should have done last year. They’re a year behind, if you ask me. With Raheem’s evaluation equation of 3 years ahead, they are really only 2, lol.

  33. Eric Says:

    ok Captain, if we fly to anywhere to watch the Dream’s team play the Super Bowl, you and the other Gruden criticizers will be right.

    But, honestly, can anyone out there really close their eyes and see that actually happening?

    Personally, I think we are more likely to see pigs fly, or Joe engaged to Ms. Watson……………….

  34. Joe Says:

    Personally, I think we are more likely to see pigs fly, or Joe engaged to Ms. Watson


  35. BamBamBuc Says:

    Actually, Eric, I can close my eyes and see that actually happening. And I’ll even give my explanation as to “why?”.

    As in 1996, the team has begun to rebuild through the draft. The team is younger, more athletic than it has been in years. Unlike back in 1996, the rebuilding process is more balanced. The Tampa 2 system is still in place in a “hybrid” form, and the pieces of the puzzle are being brought in, but we are also installing pieces of the offensive puzzle too. That is the difference between now and back in 1996. Back then, it took 6 years to finally get to, and win, the Super Bowl. With a more balanced team, one where we don’t rely on the defense holding opponents to under 10 points a game (although I’d love if the D gets back to that), we should make a return to the playoffs sooner rather than later. With a more balanced team, we should be able to “keep up” with the “high powered offenses” like the Patriots, Colts, and Saints while still being able to shut teams down. This is a MUCH better scenario than in 1996, because the defensive “system” is already in place, we are that much further ahead.

    We have talent on defense in Talib, Jackson, Ruud… and hopefully now McCoy/Price/Miller. That’s a pretty good start.

    We have talent on offense in Freeman, Joseph, K2, Faine… and hopefully now Benn/Williams. That’s a pretty good start.

    The building blocks are there, but this time it’s not just our D that should take us to the playoffs (and hopefully beyond). As before (with Dungy), if coaching seems to be what is holding us back in a year or two, they’ll probably bring in that “stud” head coach to complete the puzzle and push us over the top.

    Yeah, I can close my eyes and see that.

  36. Negative Nancy Says:

    Eric wrote, “…Joe engaged to Ms. Watson…” ROTFLMAO

    Personally I think i’ll see pigs fly first.

    Heck I think the Bucs might even win another Super Bowl before we see Joe & Ms. Watson!!!!!!!

  37. Eric Says:


    Ok man, I hope your right.

  38. Eric Says:

    @negative Nancy

    Actually, I was referring to my cousin, “Big Bertha” Watson, who works in her bare feet at a gas station in Wimauma.

    She isn’t quite as pretty as Rachel, but they are similar in that they both have a pancreas.

    So, the engagement aint such a longshot after all.


    Ok, you can open your eyes now, pay no attention to the men in the white suits, go quietly with them………………………..everything will be ok.

  39. Negative Nancy Says:

    Hey BamBam – when I close my eyes it goes dark.

    I have to use my (say it with me, imagination) and when I look at the Bucs the way you do I see a big, really big, baby with a diaper on learning how to walk. then I see the Bucs coach coming into the picture and ….oh no…the baby took a dump in their diaper!

    Stinks and needs to be changed.

    Bill Cowher where are U?

  40. BamBamBuc Says:

    It’s ok, I’m not worried. Many people really didn’t understand what Tony Dungy was doing when he came in. Thought it was crazy building through the draft, the team had too many holes to fill and needed FA’s that could play right away. The had Nickerson, but it would be “years” before he could build a winning team, if at all. Everyone was tired of losing seasons and didn’t want to wait for Dungy to build a team.

    Well, go ahead and imagine dirty diapers and think I should be hauled off to the funny farm. Fact is, it worked for Dungy. 4 of 6 years making the playoffs. People wouldn’t be so negative if it wasn’t over 7 years since we’ve won a playoff game, if it wasn’t the 3rd time we’ve drafted in the top 5 picks in the last 7 years (yeah, Gruden had that honor twice). People want to win NOW, and I understand that, but it’s not always so simple, and some things take time (time that should have started 3 or 4 years ago… oh wait? 3 years ahead of schedule? Maybe not, probably 3 years too late, but at least we’ve started).

  41. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    I still don’t understand Dungy. Hiring Mike Shula as Offensive Coordinator , replacing him with Todd Christianson , and totally ignoring that side of the football for 6 years.

    If we could have managed a measely 10 points against an average Rams defense , we would have had 2 superbowl titles to our credit.

    I still question Dungy. He’d have never won anything if he didn’t go to a team that didn’t already have one of the best QB’s in history ( Peyton Manning ) already in place.

  42. Joe Says:

    I still don’t understand Dungy. Hiring Mike Shula as Offensive Coordinator , replacing him with Todd Christianson

    Be careful Radio Mushmouth. You don’t want Todd Christensen coming after you with a slander suit.

    The offensive coordinator you speak of is Clyde Christensen.

    Todd Christensen was a borderline Hall of Fame tight end for the Raiders who was a damned fine announcer for many years.