NFL Schedule Coming Tuesday

April 14th, 2010

[Update: The NFL announced early this afternoon that the 2010 schedule will be released Tuesday at 7 p.m. on the NFL Network and]

There have been non-MSM hints this morning that it’s possible the NFL may release the 2010 schedule Thursday.

Non-MSM meaning specifically, Sirius NFL Radio and Twitter.

(Non-football related diatribe: Memo to the great media ethicist of our time, Eric Deggans: Will you knock off this nonsense about federal bailout money for newspapers? What next, federal bailout cash for telegraph companies? We, the government, are broke, unless you haven’t read your own newspaper in recent months! Look, Joe very much treasures newsrooms and the newshounds that populate them; he still works for one. But that 20th Century media delivery service model is history. “Newspapers” are more multimedia delivery services today. The print version of newspapers may go the way of the buggywhip but so long as Al Gore’s Internet is around, so too will there be reporters and newsrooms. Besides, the core tenant of the Fourth Estate is objectivity. By accepting federal cash, that objectivity is blown forever. That’s no different than taking money from the mob! Anyone working for a media outlet will then be considered on the take. Bad enough that many Americans are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the MSM is in the pocket of the Democratic Party. Don’t make every American pay out the nose because you lost your monopoly. Joe understands your burning passion for turning this country into an eastern European nation, but this just in: We still live in America! Companies that put out a good product will survive on their own merits and consumer popularity. Simple as that).

Peter King said this morning on Sirius NFL Radio, as he co-hosted “The Opening Drive” with Bob Papa, that he believes the NFL will release the 2010 schedule “tomorrow or Friday.” BSPN’s Chris Mortensen Twittered that he believes the NFL schedule will be released Thursday.

Joe checked the NFL Network’s schedule for Thursday and Friday. If the schedule is released, whenever it is released, the NFL Network will have a live show announcing the games. Per the NFL Network schedule on, nothing of the sort is on the NFL Network grid.

Generally, the NFL likes to release the schedule before the draft. There are eight days left and it’s doubtful the NFL would release the schedule over the weekend or on one of the three days of the draft.

Joe will update you when he hears anything definitive on the NFL schedule release.

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  1. Eric Says:

    The bucs have to play an actual schedule?

    Uh oh.