Secret Scouting Consultant Helping Dominik

April 14th, 2010

Why these Tampa Bay Buccaneers would bury positive news for months just baffles Joe.

How sadistic are the guys at One Buc Palace? Sheesh.

Legions of fans are begging for glimmers of hope, yet uplifting news was swept under the rug.

Joe’s colleague Charlie Campbell at the defunct toilet-friendly magazine turned Web-only has uncovered, apparently with little help from the Bucs, that Mark Dominik months ago hired accomplished football man Bill Rees to serve as draft consultant in chief.

Rees was a college coach, a key recruiter at UCLA during their glory days in the 1980s, a co-worker of Dominik’s when they were with the Chiefs, and a NFL personnel director, most recently with the Browns in 2008.

Some league scouts and staff with other NFL teams tell Pewter Report that this is very rare for a team to hire an outside consultant to do draft evaluations. Some say that if you have confidence in your staff you don’t need an outside source, and that is why you hire a director of college scouting.

Sources with the Buccaneers say Rees protects the team from getting tunnel vision on internal thoughts regarding draft prospects. The Buccaneers view Rees’ hiring as a way to get another view on college talent from outside their own building.

Of course, it’s unknown to what depth Rees is really operating. No quotes in the story from the Bucs is a little odd.

Joe can only speculate that Dominik is so confident the Bucs will be successful in the draft, he kept this a secret so he could take all the credit.

4 Responses to “Secret Scouting Consultant Helping Dominik”

  1. Gary Says:

    Great, so another good news, bad news scenario… this is getting annoying now. Its good news because they recognize they need help with our most important draft in years, but bad news because they hire a guy from the BROWNS!! What the hell has this guy done worth bragging about? Draft Joe Thomas? I guess thats an ok move since I havent heard anything about him,. Whats his other move? Oh yea, giving up a 1st rounder for Brady Quinn. That worked out perfectly. Damn, they show they are willing to do something to help bring about a successful draft, but then hire a scrub to do it!!! I guess Dominik really trusts his skills since he was his mentor.

  2. Eric Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm I wonder if he was involved in that Brady Quinn selection?

    Does this also show that team Glazer isn’t 100% sure of Dom and the boys?

    But then again, they did hire a guy to help. If he could catch it would be better news.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Whatever it takes to get it right…but you can over-analyze.

  4. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Suprised Dumbinik didn’t hire Matt Millen as his secret consultant , LOL