“Cadillac Can Be Even Better”

April 14th, 2010

While Greg Olson has concerns about Kellen Winslow’s durability, the Bucs offensive coordinator is feeling good about Cadillac Williams and his once-mangled knees.

How about that. Some good news!

In a recent Behind The Flag video on Buccaneers.com, Olson explains why this could be the year Cadillac recaptures his rookie-season glory.

“This year, Cadillac for the first time in three seasons has had an offseason where he’s able to kind of rest up a bit,” Olson said.  The last two offseasons he’s been really working very hard to get the strength back in both of his knees. And now he’s got a chance to relax, so we think Cadillac can be even better this upcoming season.”

So Cadillac’s rested, healthy and looking at two productive years left, at most. Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham also are well rested, healthy and 30 years old this season.

Aside from being charged with squeezing greatness from a historically poor receiving corps, perhaps Olson’s greatest challenge is figuring out how use all three of these talented guys effectively.

Olson couldn’t do it last year.

Joe’s happy for Caddy. But it’s a little said that he’s nothing more than a placeholder until the Bucs draft their running back of the future, this year or next.

7 Responses to ““Cadillac Can Be Even Better””

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Trade down, draft Spiller, and the RB problem is solved. He’s lightning in a bottle. He could be the best player in the draft. He just isn’t getting the attention due to Bradford, Suh, and McCoy.

  2. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Graham will be healthy , but not for long if we ask him to play fullback again…

  3. Eric Says:

    Wow, Pena crushed another one!

  4. safety Says:

    I love Caddy…

    I think we may have something special in Huggins too.

    Olson, being a guy who learned under Gruden, will be calling lots of screen passes out of two-back sets, IMHO. That would play to the receiving and blocking strengths of our RB corps, and would keep K2 off the field for some plays (Gilmore being the better blocking TE).

    Makes sense to me.

    That sort of scheme would work REALLY well if we had a legitimate deep threat though…

  5. OAR Says:

    Safety, Olsen didn’t learn his offense under Gruden. Olsen was offensive coordinator with the Rams before he signed on with the Bucs. Olsen’s offense is more vertical than west coast. I think since players were already familar with Gruden’s west coast that they used and tweaked it last year. I think his offense will be different. Greg Olsen learned his offense under Scott Linehan. Linehan credits his attack-style offense to Dennis Erickson.

  6. Eric Says:

    Who are we using to attack with?

  7. safety Says:


    I stand corrected. As you pointed out, they seemed to be playing, at least partially, out of Gruden’s playbook last year.

    How do you see Olson rectifying his ‘attacking’ philosophy with needing to use his 3 quality running backs?