Joe Is Confused By The Leftwich Hate

April 21st, 2010

Joe was a little surprised yesterday afternoon. No, not because just after Byron Leftwich was traded to the Steelers — a move Joe suggested weeks ago — Joe couldn’t connect to a WiFi hotspot with his laptop so he could blog about it.

Upon hearing of the trade and giving up trying various different hotspots in northeast St. Petersburg in order to serve Joe’s loyal readers, Joe sat back on a bench, Blackberry in hand, and began thumbing through the various people he follows on Twitter looking for reaction to the trade.

To Joe’s surprise, the vast majority of NFL insiders reacted as if the Steelers had delivered Leftwich from purgatory.

Consider the following Twitters (Joe hates the word “Tweet”) from Chris Mortensen of BSPN, Pete Prisco of and former NFL front office executive and current NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi on the news of the Bucs trading Leftwich back to the Steelers.

@mortreport Steelers/Tomlin/players loved Leftwich when he was there…everyone was waiting for this to happen.

@PriscoCBS Good for Byron Leftwich going back to Steelers. he is one of the NFL’s good guys

@michaelombardi The Steelers players loved Leftwich, he was a controlling influence. His return is another step in the cleansing of their locker room

Joe knows that the majority of Bucs fans hated Leftwich nearly as much as they loathe Raheem the Dream, but Joe just doesn’t get it. Joe saw with his own eyes how, two years ago, Leftwich came off the bench for an injured Ben Roethlisberger to lead the Steelers to a road win at Washington in a key victory. Take that loss away, a game Leftwich won, and the Steelers don’t win the AFC North and likely don’t go to the Super Bowl, a game the Steelers won in Tampa.

Yet this same fellow isn’t good enough to be a back up on a terrible Bucs team in the eyes of fans? Really?

This isn’t counting the tutoring Leftwich undertook with Josh Freeman. Joe witnessed in the Bucs locker room last year — on more than one occasion — Leftwich giving Freeman tips on various things, specifically how to handle himself after a game.

So Joe asks, exactly what was so vile about Leftwich? If he’s good enough for the Steelers, one of the model organizations in the NFL and a team with legitimate Super Bowl aspirations, why do fans believe he isn’t good enough to be a backup on the Bucs?

Joe hears all the talk about how the Bucs need leaders. Joe believes that concept to be a bit overblown, but there is a kernel of truth to it. If the Steelers believe Leftwich could add valuable leadership in a locker room gone astray, why do fans think the young Bucs couldn’t use those same attributes?

What, Marc Bulger of all people could demonstrate leadership?

40 Responses to “Joe Is Confused By The Leftwich Hate”

  1. AllMaddenMonkey Says:

    It was nice to have him for Josh’s rookie season but this mentor QB thing is played out.
    I can’t really think of any leader types on the bucs besides some special teamers. Ronde has never been a leader in my opinion.
    So I think the time has come for some young guys to step up and be the leaders. Maybe Davin Joseph, obviously Josh and maybe even Winslow.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Leftwich is a good guy, just not a good QB.

  3. tampa2 Says:

    Joe remembers 2 years ago with the Steelers. We remember having him shoved down our throats in the infamous Quarterback Battle in preseason. Then the Full Wind-up overthrows of last year, when he earned the name “Sluggo”. As a Bucs fan, I say good move. A 7th round pick is surely more than Sluggo is worth!

  4. JoeBucsSteveCampbell Says:

    I have a theory. There was a bunch of Buc fans who, for whatever reason known to man, thought Luke McCown was going to be a star here. Once Leftwich beat out Luke, they hated Byron.

    It’s probably the same fans who think Josh Johnson is awesome and liked Eric Zeier in 1999, so you know what we’re dealing with here.

  5. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Leftwich is not good enough to be a back-up for the Bucs , because he is NOT better than Josh Johnson…period.

    If he isn’t going to be back-up , what purpose does he serve us ?? Mentor?? We already have Van Pelt for that….

  6. thedeej3000 Says:

    Thedeej3000 remembers when Leftwich played against the Giants and got benched late in the third quarter after failing to get the team 1 first down. Pathetic.

    Every one points to that one game against The Redskins… but I could never get his performances with the Falcons out of my mind. I was against his signing from the moment it happened. I don’t know what kind a fella Byron is, I’ve never met him… but he is an awful QB and I’m glad he’s gone.

  7. Tom Says:

    The “Luke Lovers” certainly had a role in the Byron hatred. Some still can’t admit that McCown couldn’t beat out Lefty in the preseason.

    It didn’t help that Lefty was the QB for the initial 0-3 plunge including the horrible Giants loss. There is a tendency to hate a QB by association when all of your hopes and dreams (however delusional) are smashed.

    And finally, because people just don’t seem to like Byron Leftwich. It was that way in Jacksonville. Is it the slow delivery, the sloth-like tendencies in the pocket, or is it a race issue? It’s probably a little bit of everything, with certain things taking precedence over others for some people.

  8. Joe Says:

    I have a theory. There was a bunch of Buc fans who, for whatever reason known to man, thought Luke McCown was going to be a star here. Once Leftwich beat out Luke, they hated Byron.

    Yeah, McCown sure tore through the AFC South last year didn’t he?

    And before that, McCown struck fear throughout the AFC North when he played for the Browns.

    Oh, wait…

  9. Joe Says:


    Joe blames Leftwich’s problems early in the season on Sean Mayhem probably more than Leftwich being the issue.

    With Sean Mayhem at center, it was an absolute jailbreak for the defense. It was like the Running of the Bulls in Barcelona the way the defense poured through the center of the Bucs offensive line. Leftwich was doomed.

  10. thedeej3000 Says:

    The fact that McCown sucks does not make Leftwich good. The fact that both these guys were soaking up reps all last season while Freeman was sitting with his thumb up his ass, should tell you all you need to know about Rawheem.

  11. thedeej3000 Says:

    I watched all the preseason games last year… and I’m not saying McCown was good, but I didn’t see any thing from Leftwich that said, “oh yeah, he won the job.” Leftwich looked pretty bad in the preseason… I think he completed like 46% of his passes. I guess in a blind village the one eyed man is king.

    …and Joe… Faine got injured in week 1… Leftwich had him in the preseason and still sucked.

  12. Tom Says:

    Personally, I have little doubt that had Leftwich been the QB for the Redskins game we would have won. The offense was good in Dal, decent in Buffalo and abysmal against the Giants, the coaches saw the trend and pressed the ‘eject’ button.

    But if anyone can tell me what the value of a meaningless victory in October is when it would have dropped us out of the 3rd pick, I’d like to know.

  13. thedeej3000 Says:

    Hey Tom… good point…

    We should just tank all the games this year and get the #1 pick.. Who cares about actually winning games when you can have good draft picks.

  14. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Honestly , I can’t think of a better mentor for Freeman.

    I mean who else could teach Freeman those awful mechanics , pathetic footwork, the slowest delivery in football , and how to be fat and out-of-shape 365 days a year ??

    In Leftwich, we have lost a wonderful mentor….

  15. Jonny Says:

    Joe, I thought even you hated Leftwich, its surprising the question is now coming from you.

    As I have always been saying, Leftwich is a QB with 70 or so NFL starts and 80 QB rating, he is exactly what you need in a back up QB. We got a 7th rounder for him, good for us. But anyone who thinks Leftwich did not deserve a roster spot on our team (especially when Josh Johnson has one) is a moron or just does not know what a back up QB is supposed to do in the NFL (win games against lesser talented opponents).

  16. Dave Says:

    After some good talent was only traded for 5th rounder, I was surprised to see them get a 7th.

    Glad to see it though.

    As far as him being “a good mentor” BS!!!
    He never was. He is a bad QB who makes bad decisions and is indecisive most the time.

    They do need a Vet QB backup, but I don’t see any out there but Bulger.

  17. Jonny Says:

    @Tom: Nice observations, even I thought we could have won the redskins game if Lefty was the QB. IMO, we should have started Freeman from week 1 and just had Lefty as a back up. Raheem had a Kool-Aid overdose in the beginning of the season, he thought he can win games with an inexperienced team and a veteran QB that is barely mediocre.

  18. Jake Says:

    Our luck, Leftwich come in here in September and passes for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate kick in the nut sack!

  19. Eric Says:

    What car wash is Brian Griese at? Even he is better than Leftwich.

  20. Joe Says:

    Joe, I thought even you hated Leftwich, its surprising the question is now coming from you.


    Joe never hated Leftwich.

  21. thedeej3000 Says:

    @Jake… if that were to happen, I think it would say more about our defense than it would about Byron Leftwich.

  22. d-money Says:

    And now presents the Scapegoat of the day!!!!!


    Congratulations Byron!!

    I agree. I don’t get all the hate. Byron Played well enough to win in the Dallas and Buffalo games but the defense was awful.

    Also Luke Mckown had plenty of chances during his time here to show he was a starter and never took advantage of them.

  23. BucFan South Tampa Says:

    If you went to a game last year and saw how listless and sorry Leftwich played you wouldnt be asking the question. Maybe its not a question of talent but a question of will. Did he want to win those games he lost? I dont think so. Nobody in the NFL is that sorry, unless it is Trent Dilfer.

  24. Troxell8t8 Says:

    Personally, I believe everyone knew Leftwich was a temporary stop gap until Freeman could start. I didn’t hate the guy, I mean the guy has a pair of major cojones considering he couldn’t move in the pocket and was willing to get drilled to get the ball off. I wish him the best, but I’m not sad to see him go.

  25. Jonny Says:

    @Joe: Okay, may be hate is a strong word, but I got the feeling from your previous articles/posts that Lefty does not even deserve to be a backup on this team. The most recent comment of yours I can recollect is you doubting if Lefty is good enough to beat Dixon and Batch in the QB competition.

    My question to you Joe, do you really see a need to add another veteran QB this offseason?

  26. Joe Says:


    The Steelers are quite high on Dennis Dixon and he didn’t dissapoint against the Ravens, though he threw one late pick and killed them. Still, it was the kid’s first start, a road game against Ray Lewis, etc.

    Batch has been Pittsburgh’s No. 2 quarterback for a few years and has always done very well off the bench.Leftwich was behind Batch last year but Batch was out of the Redskins game because, Joe believes, Batch got hurt in practice. Not sure though. Batch is brittle. He gets hurt more than Big Ben but when he does play he is quite effective.

  27. insideknowledgeman Says:

    I can’t take the B.S. anymore, you are not allowed on BUCS property
    and have never been credentialed. What locker room were you in.
    Why do you lie again.

  28. Joe Says:

    I can’t take the B.S. anymore, you are not allowed on BUCS property
    and have never been credentialed. What locker room were you in.
    Why do you lie again.

    Sure about that?


    You sure?

    Why don’t you take your bullsh*t to Pewter Report with the rest of the f’ing constipated grade school cheerleaders where you can continue to jerk off over how Doug Williams will be fired and the Bucs will sign Willie Parker?

    You can also check the archives here for additional games in 2008 and 2009 where Joe was in attendance in the locker room.

  29. d-money Says:

    and exactly what inside knowledge does insideknowledgeman have?

  30. Joe Says:


    exactly what inside knowledge does insideknowledgeman have?

    Apparently, none.

  31. pete Says:

    Joe – temper temper… don’t let the masses get to you.

    Leftwich was a bad choice all around. He wasted time, reps and $ and “won” a pointless QB competition. Every snap, every second he took up space at One Buc Place was a complete waste. And many predicted it from before he even came to Tampa. All he did was mentor Freeman and Johnson how not to be a starting QB in the NFL.

    It divided the fan base (mostly from the organization and coaches) I met very few actual supporters of Leftwich being a Buc in any capacity.
    And even now look at the anger and annoyance just his name brings.

    He was booed during the Miami Pre season game for the incredible amount of overthrows.

    If the “coaches” thought this was the best choice at QB for any reasons, all of their judgements should be questioned.

    Thank you Pittsburgh!!!

  32. Joe Says:

    Joe – temper temper… don’t let the masses get to you.

    Thanks Pete.

    Joe doesn’t take it too well when some lying jerk claims he’s lying much less has never been in a Bucs locker room.

  33. Finerdetailz Says:

    The only reason Leftwich was bad here is that put coaches suck. I’m not at all a leftwich fan but he should have been a decent backup here. After the ridiculous qb battle we had last year to only find out that neither guy should have been in the running, it’s obvious this coaching staff is as stupid as the front office. Only the Bucs are too good to have Bryant, too good for holmes, too good for Marshall, wilkerson, etc etc. But smart enough for Ward, Nugent, Clayton etc etc . It’s no matter were a laughing stock. And then we have a nimrod on at 3:00 in the afternoons that want these regime retained even if we win only 3 games.

  34. tampa2 Says:

    Ha! He slipped that one in! Didn’t he! Leftwich Sucked! End of Story!

  35. drdneast Says:

    Joe really is drinking to much Caybrew. He says Sluggo played well enough in the Buffalo game to win. GEESH, he threw an INT that I believe went in for a pick six during the first quarter of the game if I’m not mistaken. For gods sake, Joe, sober up.

  36. Eric Says:

    How about when he ran out of bounds near halftime in the dallas game, giving romo enough time on the clock to take the lead?

  37. insideknowledgeman Says:

    I am not a liar. Joe has no Bucs credentails, case closed. Joe is a liar. Prove me wrong. You can’t! I have insde knowledge.

  38. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    For the record, Joe does not have “year-round” Bucs credentials. However, Joe has obtained media credentials for individual games many, many times over the years. Again, check the archives here for quotes from the locker room, and feel free to e-mail various Bucs beat writers, Rick Brown, Roy Cummings, etc.

    Feel free to keep embarrassing yourself, if that’s even possible to do as an anonymous clown in the comments section of a Web site.

  39. insideknowledgeman Says:

    Case closed. Joe is NOT fully credentialed by the Bucs nor recognized by the Bucs. Just another wanna be working out of an apartment. Again case closed. Move on and I will bust you on your next lie.

  40. Joe Says:


    Speaking of wannabes, why don’t you introduce yourself to Joe next time you’re in the Bucs press box, not the restroom where you usually troll?

    And speaking of “busting” chickenshit, I’ll ban your fucking IP address the next time you lie about Joe.

    How’s THAT for “busting?” 🙂