Draft Countdown: Buccaneers!

April 21st, 2010

The daily draft countdown by NFL Draft guru Justin Pawlowski, of WDAE-AM, has finally reached the Bucs.

And this is quite a detailed effort by Pawlowski, including many trade scenarios and the actual value of draft position.

Sheesh. Joe knows there’s nothing like this intricate breakdown of all things Bucs found anywhere else.

Yes, you can still subscribe to the draft coverage and print out all the position breakdowns to use as a draft guide. Plus, Justin’s final mock draft will be posted here before noon.

For now, here’s just about every possible Bucs draft scenario.

Enjoy!  {+++}


2 Responses to “Draft Countdown: Buccaneers!”

  1. tampa2 Says:

    What a great shot of the 3 Scrooges! Hope they don’t ruin everyone’s Christmas this year by trading down tomorrow to save money!

  2. colbster425 Says:

    I’m pretty sure Clifton Smith won us our first game, and Michael Spurlock won us another. Good job, Commish.