Bucs Apparently Don’t Like Jimmy Wilkerson

April 20th, 2010

Joe’s not here to pile on. Jimmy Wilkerson will never make people forget Simeon Rice.

Sure, Wilkerson, who signed with the Saints this morning, isn’t a Hall of Famer and was pushing 30, which is the dreaded age for defensive linemen.

But Joe  wonders how a team, with one of the NFL’s worst defenses, would let a guy go who was at least remotely productive on an otherwise unproductive unit. Wilkerson did have six sacks.

It’s clear to Joe that the Bucs are pretty much tossing the 2010 season away, which Joe isn’t totally revolted with so long as the future brings a string of successful seasons.

This move, or more accuratly, non-move brings a couple of things to mind for Joe:

Kyle Moore, it’s time to remove yourself from the milk carton.

* The Bucs likely will draft a defensive end at some point this week.

* This is just yet another example how the Bucs are banking the future — and many Bucs employees are banking on their job security –with this draft. Joe has to give them props for wanting to walk out on a limb like this. If it works, the lottery has been hit. If it doesn’t, well, does New Coke mean anything to you?

Mock Joe for making a post about Wilkerson if you wish, but as Steve White Twittered earlier, if Wilkerson so expendable, why do the Super Bowl champs want him?

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  1. Louie Says:

    Do the Bucs like ANYBODY they had on last year’s team?

    This is just another move (non-move) that makes the team even weaker than last season (is that even possible?). They better pray to god this week’s draft is the best in the history of the NFL, because that’s the only way this team is going to win.

  2. d-money Says:

    Blah Blah Blah another non-story from Joe.

    1. He’s injured. The Saints can afford to take a chance on him not being 100 percent to start the season.

    2. You said yourself hes closed to 30…AND he is injured.

    and 3. I love the Bucs but if you were a FA and had a chance to sign a 1 year deal with the Super Bowl champs or a team that is rebuilding wich one would you pick?

  3. Joe Says:

    Yeah, real non-story: Bucs’ best defensive end left.


  4. acharlot5 Says:

    i think this move is showing some trust in kyle moore.. he obviously is going to be the starter at one of the DE positions if we do not select one high in the draft.. hopefully he shows up to the plate and does a good job.. the kid has lost the weigth he was asked to put on when bates was DC lets see what kinda player he will be for us

  5. tnew Says:

    I just hope next year’s draft class is strong

  6. JimBuc Says:

    How many times do the Bucs have to say it for people to beleive it? One more time — the Bucs are committed to a long-term approach. Think of it as the anti-Gruden/Allen approach. That does not just mean that they want to build through the draft, it also means they want to let their young players play. Wilkerson is a good guy and a good player, but he is around 30 and injured and the Bucs have young guys either on the team or coming to the team.

    I know this realization (if it ever comes) is bad news for the “must win now” crowd (you know who you are — Bucs were not that bad in 08, never should have fire Gruden, Glazers are cheap), but that is what the Bucs are committed to. And, its hardly news. One of the Glazer explained the plan right after Gruden/Allen were fired. It is not his fault that no one listens.

  7. d-money Says:


    Being the best defensive end for the Bucs is like being the tallest midget.

  8. tnew Says:

    I do recall the Glazers saying there would be no drop off when Gruden/Allen left as well. This entire thing is an economic move. The Bucs are playing it cheap until after next season and then the lockout. The Bucs must draft very good and get a little lucky for the next three years and then we can make some free agent moves. Hopefully, we can re-sign Freeman (if he is the guy, hopefully he is) at this tme when the team is ready to win again.

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – Since when does having journeyman Jimmy Wilkerson, known as a hard-working locker room guy, on the roster disqualify the Bucs as going young. …If they have 13 rookies on the roster, plus 10 second-year-guys, plus 8 third-year guys, they still need a pile of veterans. ….If Dominik could put Crowell on the roster, then Wilkerson surely should have been on the radar. They could always use him as insurance and cut him, if necessary. After all, money is no object.

  10. Eric Says:


    Yep, definately the anti-gruden/allen approach, i will give you that!

  11. JimBuc Says:

    Joe — you are confusing the two issues. Part of the Bucs strategy is to “go young” in terms of the overall age of players but the other — that you are missing — is to let young guys play. If Wilkerson plays then a young draft picks sits. This was perceived to be one of the problems with Gruden/Kiffin. See Quincy Black as an example.

  12. Joe Says:


    Oh, Joe understands. Joe would hope that Kyle Moore would earn the spot, not handed the position.

    Oh, well. 🙁

  13. JimBuc Says:

    Eric — I know you mean that in a different context, but you are right. That is really what a lot of the disagreement on these boards breaks down to. There are two camps: those who think the Bucs were only a few players away under Gruden (I suspect you are in this group) and there are those that said that the team was in near total collapse due to awful drafting lost picks etc. (I am more in this group).

    If you are in the first group, then you absolutely hate everything the Bucs are doing because you see it as unnecessary or, in some instances, as a sign of financial distress. If you are in the latter group, you are more accepting of it because it makes sense under the circumstances (i.e. dearth of real talent on team, lots of picks, fa not helpful to building team etc.)

  14. Joe Says:

    Being the best defensive end for the Bucs is like being the tallest midget.


  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    * Kyle Moore, it’s time to remove yourself from the milk carton.

    * Shouldn’t that be titty.

    Wilkerson will be cut before the first preseason game, just like Alex Brown. We are talking about the Superbowl champs, a team with only one hole at starting DE. This position will be filled in the first round of the draft by the Saints, and these other two bozo’s will be looking for work in September. Wilkie should have accepted the agreement the Bucs offered and stayed in Tampa, where at least would get to play and possibly start again. Bad move by Wilkerson. Fire your agent.

  16. JimBuc Says:

    Joe — was Aquib Talib the best corner on the team his rookie season? Yes! So why did he only play nickel? Answer: Kiffin was even more of a veteran guy than Gruden. Same with Black, Hayes,Piscitelli, etc. Besides, you want me to believe that you think it is a novel concept that young draft picks replace veteran guys befor they actually “win” the position? C’mon now Joe, are you trying to pick a fight? (j/k)

    Again, not saying you have to agree or disagree, just saying that this is the issue that Glazer pointed out (among other issues) in his press conference following the Gruden/Allen firing. You should re-read it and ask yourself if the Bucs are following through on the plan he described. (I can send you the link). They are, even though most do not seem to like it.

  17. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    I assure you I’m not missing anything.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    JmBc, sorry about the mistake the other day, on who said what.

    I am Gruden’s biggest fan, about 6′-5″ 295#s, LOL. No really, I loved him as our coach and think firing him was way beyond stupid. But now we are here with these guys and I’m totally on board with them, because what else can you do? It’s our team and I want them to succeed, so whatever I disagree with doesn’t matter to them, but I just can’t bring myself to follow another team. Raheem would have made on helluva DC under Chucky, but he is doing a good job as DC now, and he’ll be a better HC too, this season.

  19. bucfanjeff Says:

    Wilkerson to the Saints is nothing more than a role player, to add depth, and provide intel on how we beat their ass last year. It helps solidify the notion we’ll draft a DE by the end of round 2, whom will play in rotation with the others. The best of the bunch then plays more.

    Side note: If we trade down, I better see Spiller’s name flash across the screen.

  20. JimBuc Says:

    Seriously Joe, you have great content here so why don’t you right a piece about the Glazer post-Gruden press conference and whether the Bucs are following that plan? Should be pretty interesting, albeit potentially tough for the “win now, Glazer’s are broke” crowd to swallow.

  21. JimBuc Says:

    100% my fault Big Mac. No worries. I am actually a big Gruden fan. His termination was an overreaction and response to the fans, but that does not mean that the team was in good shape. It was actually in bad shape but won and was competitive because of Gruden. If you look at his teams many of them were put togetehr with gum and paper clips (he shares the blame) and yet they won.

  22. Louie Says:

    I thought the point of any sport was to win. I’m of the opinion you can win and rebuild at the same time (see Steelers, New England, Philly, etc). You won’t win a Superbowl while rebuilding, but you’ll remain competitive and keep your fan base intact. The Bucs are far from competitive.

    What the Bucs are doing is reckless. Last year, which wasn’t advertised as a rebuilding year, was a disaster. They finally admitted they were rebuilding (DUH!). This upcoming season will only be marginally better only because the schedule is easier. So, when are the Bucs suppose to start winning again? In past years (pre-free agency), new coaches would come in and say they had a 3, 4 or 5 year plan. Nobody in the organization has stated any kind of timetable. I’m of the opinion that the people running the team really don’t have the experience or credibility to re-build a team from scratch.

  23. Joe Says:


    Seriously Joe, you have great content here so why don’t you right a piece about the Glazer post-Gruden press conference

    Thanks for the compliments! Joe covered that territory the day Glazer had his annual mandatory press conference.

  24. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – Maybe Joe will dig up those stories for you about when Raheem The Dream said the plan was to “stay the course” multiple times, or how Glazer said they weren’t going to follow the “dark path” of free agency shortly after chasing Haynesworth and signing a bunch of free agents, seemingly with money they could have used to lock up Donald Penn or Antonio Bryant.

  25. Jake Says:

    Whats so wrong with fans wanting and expecting their team to field a team capable of competing and winning each year. Whats wrong with winning now? The model for building a team does not have to be a matter of extremes as it is here in Tampa. I am not advocating a roster full of over the hill players. But whats so terrible about fielding a team which is a blend of veteran talent and young talent and then drafting each year to replace veteran talent that is losing productivity. Tampa, for whatever reason..draw your own conclusions, has opted for the extreme of building predominantely with young and inexperience players having purged veterans and having failed to replace veteran talent with other veteran talent. This surely isn’t the league wide prototype for building and retooling. The reason being fans expect, and deservedly so with the prices charged by teams, that their teams compete. How dismal is it to know that before a season starts that your team is a prime candidate for a dismal record, only to be told to wait 3 or 4 years and things will be different. Every other team retools and builds. None that I can think of in recent times , with the advent of free agency, has chosen to do so in such an extreme manner as that adopted by the Glazers.

  26. Rob Says:

    I would have to think the Bucs have a pretty good idea what kind of progress he’s making after having ACL surgery. How many teams sign injured 30 year olds with bad knees before they can even practice?

  27. Sgt Mike Says:

    Didn’t Cato June lead the team in tackles last year when they dropped him. While June and Wilkerson are not stars they certainly were productive and Wilkerson far outplayed his abilities the last couple of seasons. Yes the Bucs are hopefully heading towards draft day bliss but noone is a sure shot. I always thought that you draft well and make free agent deals that make sense to the team and the need to winn some until your rooks begin to play up to there ability. I just don’t know about the free agents we have signed this year. I don’t have enough confidence in The dream and Dipshitnik’s ability as scouts to see a diamond in the rough like we need. This year should prove to be a dismal season for us and hopefully there inability to add any receiving talent for Freeman this year shows a lack of any sense. Freeman has MoSto, Stroughter and Clayton? Stroughter being the only one with any kind of possibility. Just great. Do you think Sears will show up this year? Was there enough Prozac to make him want to get on the field with this team?

  28. JimBuc Says:

    Louie, the Bucs reap what they sow. The Glazers bought everyone here a SB by giving away a king’s ransom in picks to get Gruden. The loss of those picks was follwed up by salary cap problems and bad picks by Allen.

    The question is what team do you want? The Gruden/Allen team won NOW, but they were up and down with never anythng more than a 1st round exit in the playoffs and heading the wrong direction (see 4 game collapse). The Glazers have stated that the team lacks a core that has to be built through the draft and by allowing player to play and develop. The Bucs will probably win in the process, but they are not going ot magically appear in the playoffs.

    Louie, no team ever say it is a REBUILDING year, particularly not in a bad economy, but if you read Glazers March press conference he clearly implies that th Bucs wer going to rebuild by letting young guys play and letting old guys go. You may have missed the articles on the press conference, many fans did not miss it, but just ignore it.

    As for the credibility issue, curious how you can say that? What were the Bics BEFORE the Glazers?

  29. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, now you are just trying to keep the thread going. Funny.

  30. JimBuc Says:

    Jake, you are a little too late for your sermon. The problem is not the Bucs now it is the Bucs past. While the Bucs were filling a team with veterans (most of which never played another down after they were cut), they were not restocking the shelves. The Bucs were at the botom at the ned of the Gruden era. They used last year to dump a bunch of guys that neve rplayed again, see what they had in their existing and new guys (Stroigher, Miller and Freeman goo, Piscitelli bad). This year is restock the shelves or build a foundation. Patience.

  31. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – As Joe has written ad nauseum, Joe doesn’t write with an agenda of any sort, or troll for comments (aka keep threads going). Joe just writes whenever the spirit moves him.

  32. Jake Says:

    Yeah Jim Buc…you, Joel and Bryan got it all figured out. The Glazers are the experts on how to rebuild and people like Scott Pioli and Bill Parcells just dont know crap! LOL

  33. JimBuc Says:

    Joe — OK, I will bite. The Bucs went after the marquee free agent in their primary area of need — Haynesworth — and you are faulting them for it as it it was a contradiction? Let’s see, name the “bunch of free agents” they signed? This should be an interesting list! C’mon now Joe. The Bucs were among the least active teams in free agency last year, but you know that. Take out re-signing their own guys and you have a punter and couple kickers and not much more.

    If the goal was to win it all this year, then you are right. They sign Penn, a bunch of free agents and AB. Where do we get? Playoffs? Division champs? OK, what about the next year? Do we pull a Gruden/Allen and go 4-12 and then back to playoff the following year?

    That’s the point.

  34. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, it was a joke. My apologies.

  35. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Who’s faulting them for going after Haynesworth? I’m not. But it goes to them steadily changing the plan.

    Win-now Leftwich, big-money Ward, the-GM’s-crazy Clayton — none of these guys fit “the plan.” And what about the swing and a miss to mortgage the future on Jay Cutler?? Forgetting about Nugent.

  36. JimBuc Says:

    Jake, if you have to put words in my mouth, so to speak, does not say much for your response, does it? I never said the other guys you mention could not do it? (LOL). My point — which you don’t seem to diagree with — ws that the Bucs are at the bottom and they were at the end of the Gruden era. I guess you think that they were “just a player or two away.” So be it.

  37. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, they let guys that always sat or platooned take over rather than doing what Gruden would have done — replaced them with free agents — that was the plan. For example, the LB corp that was June, Rudd and Brooks (a SB winner and a HOF player with a SB) was replaced with Hayes and Black and Ruud. They did bring in some guys — to try to remain competitive — but they were clearly rebuilding.

    Again, just provide us with the list of FAs or, if you want to go a little further, compare the Bucs list to the rest of the NFL. They were almost the least active team in the NFL. The two examples you gave were misses and even then they were the two biggest areas of need. DL and QB.

    The Bucs are doing almost EXACTLY what Glazer said they would. Again, I cna provide the loink if you like.

  38. Jake Says:

    Come on JimBuc…the Chiefs and Dolphins werent a player or two away either, yet Parcells and Pioli didn’t sit out free agency for their clubs since taking over. The point is both those gentlemen have track records for success in building a football team. What track record do the Glazers or Dominik have for rebuilding a football team? The answer is none, yet we are supposed to buy in that they know better.

  39. Louie Says:

    @JimBuc: Patience HELL!!! My team went 3-13 last year with no signs of improvement. The clowns running the team fired both coordinators after training camp, re-signed a loser WR and kicker to huge contract, the QB competition last year was a complete waste of time and wasted half of the lost season with your future QB on the bench. Oh, and did I mention they lost 13 games!!!???

    Just exactly what do you see that makes you think they can turn it around? Just because the Glazerhouse’s say something, don’t make it true. I want whatever you are smoking.

  40. JimBuc Says:

    Jake — when the Glazer bought the Bucs they were perhaps the most inept NFL franchise in history. Again, no one is saying that Parcells and Pioli are not good, just that the Bucs are following exactly the formula that got them — and many teams — not just to a Super Bowl but to a prolonged period of success. The Bucs 2002 Super Bowl run started with a 1995 draft, right? Are you new to the city?

  41. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    JimBuc – OK. Joe’s bowing out. You didn’t read what I just wrote. Can’t handle ignoring what’s in front of you.

    No hard feelings.

  42. JimBuc Says:

    Louie — why do you think it is that you only mentioned negative items? Even you can think of some things positive about last year, but you only mention negatives? Hmmm . . .

    “Your team” was 3-13 the year before but for Gruden, or at least below 500. More importnantly, they were never going to have sustained succes or get past a first round playoff exit.

    After Gruden’s last year, the Bucs cut the starting RB, QB, WR, Slot WR and two starting SB winning linebackers —- None of them played another game in the NFL, right? What did the Bucs do to replace them? Virtually nothing. Why? Glazer said it, you just don’t want to hear it. To see what they had with their existing players coming into this big draft year. So Garcia becomes Freeman after they trade McCown (to get another pick). Brooks and June are replaced by — wait for it — Hayes and Black. Piscitelli becomes a full-time starter as does Talib, etc.

    What makes me thing they can turn it around? 11 picks (or is it 10?) and Miller, Freeman, Strougher, KW, etc., all of which were moves made my the guys you despise. I get that you disagree with the process, but why all the doom and gloom?

  43. JimBuc Says:

    Joe, sorry if I missed somethign. Last I say you said the Bucs did not stick with the plan. I disagree.

  44. JimBuc Says:

    All this because we did not sign Wilkerson? Wow, lots of angst in Bucaneer land

  45. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    There was no reason to let Wilkerson get away. He could have been re-signed for cheap , and he provides good depth on the line. Building for the future does not mean you must scrap every decent contributor you have and start bare bones at every position.

    The Bucs don’t have a damn clue.

  46. Jonny Says:

    @JimBuc: Great post about the two groups of bucs fans, Gruden lovers and Gruden (regime) haters. I am somewhere in the middle.

    Like the other Joe (admin) pointed out, signing and retaining Clayton, Ward, Lefty and not signing Wilkerson, Bryant is a bad move IMO. They should at least be consistent in releasing them all or releasing according to the performance at least.

  47. Jake Says:

    @JimBuc, the Bucs superbowl run wouldnt have happened without the key additions of veterans through free agency and trades for players such as Simeon Rice, Keenan McCardell, Joe Jurevicious, Greg Spires, Jeff Christy, Brad Johnson and Keyshawn Johnson. Last time I checked none of those gentlemen were still in the pamper stage when they were added to the roster . So please spare us all your condescending mantra that draft is exclusively the way to properly build a winner. The Bucs won the 2002 Superbowl because they took full advantage of all avenues to build the team not just one.

  48. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Jake you forgot Ken Dilger and Micheal Pittman

  49. Jake Says:

    Thanks Radio M. I forgot the superbowl MVP, Michael Pittman/ free agent acquisition.

  50. JimBuc Says:

    Jake: c’mon now? When were those guys added? Closer to 1995 or 2002? That’ silly so I assume you are joking.

    Once agin, putting words in my mouth. I did not say the draft was the ONLY way to win. I suggested that the Glazer believe that it is the appropriate way to build from where we are right now.

    Hold please . . . I will be right back . . .

  51. Jake Says:

    Oh well JimBuc got me crazy here with his crap…Dexter Jackson was the MVP but Pittman very well could have. Sorry.

  52. Jake Says:

    Cmon Jim Buc.. how is it that everyone is always putting words in your mouth? Pretty clear your a troll trying to stir it up. You think the Bucs won the superbowl solely because of the 95 or 97 drafts? 11 players on each side of the ball. Come from many places not just the draft.

  53. JimBuc Says:

    For Jake and all the others. In March of 2009, Glazer held a press conference. I am not going to take up all of Joe’s space with the entire report, but here are a few choice words. Ask yourself if the Bucs are following this path right now. Also, ask youself if Glazer is diplomatically pointing out the shortcomings of the prior regime.

    Here you go, the QB situation:

    “There’s no question we need stability at the quarterback position. That’s something we haven’t had for one reason or another. It’s not easy to find a franchise quarterback. In the NFL, quarterbacks are the pillar of your franchise and that situation has to be solved.”

    On what fans should expect to see on the field — youth and young guys getting playing time (the Bucs only added a hnadful of FAs):

    “The key is you have to be patient. There are no short-cuts. The losses still hurt as much as they did on Day One and the wins are still as great. When the draft rolls around, I’m still excited.”

    “What I know you will see is a young, enthusiastic, hungry, never-say-die attitude that fights to the end,” said Glazer. “I think you’ll see a little freshness on the field – people rising in leadership roles that they may not recognize they even had in them. That’s the way this league is. There comes a time when the baton is handed to players to lead in difficult situations. You can’t script it, but there will be times when we find ourselves in a situation where we need someone to step up. They can’t look to their left or look to their right … they have to look at themselves with the game on the line.

    “These things have a natural way of developing and that’s part of what I’m looking forward to seeing.”

    Glazer, on the path going forward (note the suggestion that FA not the way to go):

    “We’re starting to move along the path,” said Glazer. “In the past few years, we’ve added a lot of new players. We’re not at the absolute starting line, but we’re not a finished product, either. There’s still work to be done and we’re going to be consistent and disciplined with the plan. We’re not going to make knee-jerk reactions. Those quick fixes can give you a boost for the moment, but they can also derail you for years to come.

    “We want to build something that can be sustained, something our fans can build a connection to and stay connected for years and years to come.”

    This is from March of 2009

  54. JimBuc Says:

    Jake, no disrespect intended but you need to read closer. You keep turning every statment I make into an absolute. I did not say the Bucs won a SB in 2005 because of the 95 draft, I said the run started there. Did you not read what I said?

    It is a simple point. Right now the Bucs are closer to 1995 Bucs than 2002 Bucs. Simple. So they are following the 1995 Buc plan more than the 2002 Bucs plan. It’s not there fault if many fans are stuck in 2002.

  55. Jake Says:

    JimBuc: even in 1995 and 1996 the roster was balanced with free agent acquisitions- Hardy Nickerson,Jackie Harris, Charles Dimry,Martin Mayhew,Lonnie Marts,Thomas Everette, Ken Gant, Brad Culpepper,Reggie Brooks, Robb Thomas. What veteran balance have the Bucs added this year to go along with the infusion of youth that they are so desperately seeking. The Bucs didnt just start adding veterans towards 2002 as you suggest. They were adding them all along to complement their young talent as they should be now. Take the blinders off Jim. Oh, I forgot your misunderstood, misinterpreted and misquoted, of course.

  56. JimBuc Says:

    Jake, I tried my best but I give up. As my good friend Joe once said, I cannot be blamed for your reading comprehension problem.

    Nor do I have any desire to keep responding to your moving target. Now, afetr that long discussion, your new issue is that the Bucs don’t have veterans like they did in 1995. May be true, never even thought about that. Certainly never suggested anything to the contrary here. May be its just me, but it seems like you are trying to defend your position rather than consider the facts. So be it. Have fun.

  57. Eric Says:


    ok the bucs had a great draft in 1995. But remember a key component of the rebuilding of the bucs was Tony Dungy. I think if you asked any of those guys, brooks, sapp, lynch and they would agree that he was a huge key in the success, and rich Mckay. I think steve white also credits Dungy.

    Do you think that would have happened if Wyche had remained coach?

    So, IMO teams are built on great drafting, great coaching, smart fA’s/trades, and an ownership committed to winning. All components must be in place.

    Guys like Dungy don’t grow on trees. Its a very special skill set. look what happened to Marinelli, who was way more qualified than Rah.

    So, when the ownership group says they re “rebuilding through the draft” like was done before, there is one glaring and missing component – Raheem is no Tony Dungy.

    So, they lose all credilibity with me when they hire “rah’ without even interviewing anyone else, then insult my intelligence by acting like they are doing what they did in 95, with “rah’ and the lowest payroll in pro-football. (plus a rag-tag coaching staff)

    It aint credible. As a matter of fact its total BS.

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    Here’s the deal. We have two more freakin days, and two more after that, and we’ll have a good idea of where we stand. I just can’t be negative or bash Dom & Rah until after this Draft. But honestly, I don’t see any way that a bash will be called for. I think they are going to be a sleeper team this year but I can’t make my predictions until after the Draft. I just don’t see any big problems with them right now.

  59. Jake Says:

    Poor JimBuc…so,so misunderstood. Nothing wrong with my reading comprehension skills my friend, I can assure you. This is your standard schtick, when your point is challenged, you claim that the person challenging you either misinterpreted , misunderstood or miscomprehended. Whether it be me, Eric, Joe or anyone else willing to waste their time and energy trying to respond to you. This isn’t nuclear physics, JimBuc. Its football and its not that hard to understand you condescending …..(I will save Joe the effort of having to edit my comment..sorry Joe).

  60. JimBuc Says:

    Eric, those are very good points as usual. I agree that Morris is no Dungy, except to say Dungy was no Dungy when he came here. He was certainly much more experienced than Morris, but he was not known to be the Dungy that we all know. In other words, he was not an obvious best choice. In fact, he was a second or third choice if I recall.

    That said, I have not stated that the Bucs are the same as they were in 1995 or when Dungy arrived, I was just pointing out that they are in the same relative condition — meaning this is a time for drafting a core, not buying free agents to push us over the top. I alos poited out (much to Jake’s chagrin I think) that the Bucs are doing exactly was Glazer said they would do in March of 2009. I know people hate it, but it is hard to argue that they are “incompetent” when they are following a proven plan.

  61. JimBuc Says:

    Jake– First, I was mkaing a joke for Joe, who said the same to me recently. Sorry if I offended you in the process. Sincerely.

    Second, if you go back and look (and I would invite anyone here to do the same) at our exchnages, each time a made a limited statement you took it your own way. Here’s an example (just so you can see I am not being a prick). I said this:

    “Jake — when the Glazer bought the Bucs they were perhaps the most inept NFL franchise in history. Again, no one is saying that Parcells and Pioli are not good, just that the Bucs are following exactly the formula that got them — and many teams — not just to a Super Bowl but to a prolonged period of success. The Bucs 2002 Super Bowl run started with a 1995 draft, right?”

    Your repsonse was this:

    “@JimBuc, the Bucs superbowl run wouldnt have happened without the key additions of veterans through free agency and trades for players such as Simeon Rice, Keenan McCardell, Joe Jurevicious, Greg Spires, Jeff Christy, Brad Johnson and Keyshawn Johnson. Last time I checked none of those gentlemen were still in the pamper stage when they were added to the roster . So please spare us all your condescending mantra that draft is exclusively the way to properly build a winner. The Bucs won the 2002 Superbowl because they took full advantage of all avenues to build the team not just one”

    I never said the draft was “exclusively the way to properly build a winner.”

    There are other examples. I should not have made the reading comprehension joke, but you need to check yourself as well. Look above and you will see the same thing over and over.

  62. Jake Says:

    My problem with all of this JimBuc is in the modern NFL with free agency, trades etc… why does a team think it needs to expose its fans to multiple double digit losings seasons all in the name of building a core through the draft? Last year was 3-13, this year very likely could be another 10 more or loss season. What about next year (if there is a season)? I’m not talking about making trades and signing free agents to put us over the top. I am talking about making trades and signing free agents so as to be able to compete and win a reasonable and respectable amount of games. I’m sorry but I believe, and I don’t think I am out on an island on this, that a core can be built through the draft while maintaining the quality of the product by blending in a reasonable amount of veteran talent. Point is, I don’t agree with the Glazers view on this and in not pursuing veteran talent nor do many other fans either and it us fans that pay the freight.

  63. JimBuc Says:

    Jake — I think you answered your own question about free agency. There was very little activity in free agency this year and very little spending, particularly from small market teams, because there is a question about whether there will be a season next year. (Or, at least the owners want to create the illusion that there is a question).

    I completely understand your disagreement with the Glazer’s plan. Not even sure I agree with it completely. I am just puzzled that everyone acts as if their current approach is shocking when it has been on the table since at least March of 2009.

  64. Patrick Says:

    Raheem has for sure already dismissed the 2010 season. That to me is a method for losers! I understand the “re-building” job being done, but a coach and a GM should at least put forth an effort to try to field a team that can be competitive for next season, not 5 or 6 years for now. This is pure bull that we have been forced to put up with.

    Also, does Wilkerson have to be a starter for you to keep him?!?! Why not keep him to at least provide some depth and competition? Kyle Moore and Tim Crowder battling it out? Give me a break! They should’ve re-signed Wilkerson, let him compete, and see which one is the best. Get it? You keep Wilkerson as your starter until Moore or Crowder have PROVEN that they can start. They should earn their jobs, not just have it given to them! We have no idea if these no names can contribute. Once they’ve proven themselves, then you can release Wilkerson if you wish! Having a bunch of unproven, inexperienced players battle it out is a recipe for another bad season!

  65. JimBuc Says:

    Patrick, we might not know if these “no names” can compete, but you think the Bucs might? Think the Bucs might know more than us about Wilk’s knee and his ability to compete? Just saying, might not be time to sell your tix just because we let a 30 year DE with a bad knee go. Sure, he was a starter, but he was a starter on the worst DL in the league. My goodness.

  66. Patrick Says:


    Yeah but it still would not have hurt to re-sign him. He could’ve been signed for cheap. And he could’ve provided depth. You keep a proven guy like Wilkerson as your starter until Moore and Crowder have proven they can take over.

  67. JimBuc Says:

    I agree with that with one exception. We don’t know what his contract demands were. Probbaly cheap though

  68. Patrick Says:


    This offseason we’ve continued to let guys leave, and we don’t bring in anyone. We lose competition right there.

    AB and Wilkerson were without question two of our best players on the team. The management decides to let them go when we already have enough holes on this team. Why can’t they just take it one step at a time?

    The 2 or 3 starters we get out of this year’s draft alone (if we’re lucky) will only be enough to replace the guys that we let go. When we still had Antonio Bryant on the roster, WR was still a major need. Now with him gone, we have to just focus on replacing him. And even if we get a good replacement for him, we’ll still always lack a receiver! We are dangerous heading into this draft with ZERO starting caliber receivers on this team, and it’s pretty sad when Stroughter (though I do like him) has to be our #1.

    Not to mention, Donald Penn is likely not returning next year. It was reported that he might request a trade before the draft if he doesn’t get a deal done. So we’re on the verge of letting 3rd good players go after having just come off a 3-13 season. Very smart!

  69. JimBuc Says:

    When you put it that way . . .

  70. Eric Says:

    dang, 69 posts on WIlkerson!

    who woulda thunk it!

  71. JimBuc Says:

    LOL. Lots of angst in Buc land.