Reach 30,000 In Five Days

April 20th, 2010

Look around.

You’ll see that Joe has advertisers.

These intelligent businesses are benefiting from Joe’s large audience.

If you’re a business owner looking to drive some quick action to your Web site this month, and/or get your phones ringing, Joe’s got a unique opportunity for you.

With the NFL Draft starting Thursday, it’s going to be a very busy, high-traffic long weekend on And Joe’s making a special advertising offer available.

Joe will deliver your message on this home page with a link to your company Web site, Thursday through Monday, for just $200.

Yes, only $200 will get you a written advertisement and your logo and link right here for many tens of thousands to see. Joe’s promising at least 30,000 actual visits to the site and tens of thousands more page views.

E-mail Joe right now to get the ball rolling, A maximum of two businesses will be accepted.

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