Enough Already With The Dungy Analogies

March 24th, 2010

Last Joe checked, the 1997 Buccaneers (year 2 of the Father Dungy era) won 10 games with seven Pro Bowlers, and two of those were All-Pro, Hardy Nickerson and Mike Alstott.

Yet here comes Raheem The Dream again comparing his looming second year with that of the Dungy era, trying to tell the fan base that the Bucs of now are on the same path of the incredible Bucs of days past.

Joe had hoped Raheem The Dream had learned that his incessant comparisons of himself to the Dungy era early last season were foolish and misguided.

No such luck.

Raheem The Dream is at it again, per his comments this morning chronicled by Woody Cummings, Bucs beat writer for The Tampa Tribune.

“Sometimes a team will just decide that they’re going to compete and be better than everybody else one year, and it would be no different if these guys did that tomorrow,” Morris said of his players.

“But I’ve been comparing (our situation) to the one we had when Coach (Tony) Dungy first came here where you talk about building (through the draft) and being patient and waiting for the youth to (develop) and get better.”

Morris’ comments echoed a common refrain. After a year in which Bucs officials hesitated to admit they were rebuilding the franchise, they have made it clear this week they are in the midst of a massive reconstruction project.

That may not sit well with fans who were hoping to see the Bucs make a run for the playoffs in 2010, but Morris has a message for disgruntled fans who may be hesitant to lend their support.

“I would say to them, you’ve got a chance to come and watch it all develop,” Morris said. “You’ve got a chance to watch (second-year quarterback) Josh Freeman and these young guys around him turn into what they’re going to be.

“You’ve got a chance to watch a team grow and develop, just like we did from 1996-2002, and eventually become that dominant powerhouse that you hopefully get to be.”

Just stop it, Rah. Stop it.

You will lose comparing your regime to Dungy’s. It’s senseless. And it doesn’t fit.

You don’t have the talent around you. And the game plan is different.

The only thing that’s comparable is that ’97 team didn’t have wide receivers, either.

20 Responses to “Enough Already With The Dungy Analogies”

  1. drdneast Says:

    Dungy was fortunate to inherit a defensive team that was chock full of future all pros like Nickerson, Sapp, Brooks and Lynch courtesy of Sam Wyche. Morris inherited a solid offensive line and promptly changed thier blocking scheme and allowed his offensive coordinator to pass the ball over 60 percent of the time with Sluggo and a rookie QB. Brillant. This guy is not only a blabbermouth, he is an idiot.

  2. Jake Says:

    Raheems just reading from the script prepared by the Glazers. Deviate from the script and he loses his job

  3. TJ TIllman Says:

    Jake could not disagree more Morris speaks way to fast to understand what he is really thinking. He does like my grandmother says writes checks his mout cant cash. Better yet he writes checks the glazers cant cash. The Huge diffarnce from Dungy and Morris. Dungy played in the NFL had 2 decacades of coaching experience was a sucessful defensive cordinator with the vikings. Bottom line morris has not that much experience and if people dont watn to admit it or not he is still learning on the Job. That is tough when we are in a conference with 2 coaches that have coached in the super bowl. Morris is the most inexperienced coach in the NFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is why he says the dumb things he says and why you saw all of the things that happen last year

  4. ScottB Says:

    Amem Jake. Rah is a puppet… and I can’t believe he actually said “You’ve got a chance to watch a team grow and develop, just like WE did from 1996-2002,” when Rah’s first season with the Bucs was in 2002.

  5. OAR Says:

    Last year he wanted to be Tomlin, this year he wants to be Dungy. I guess when your Raheem the Dream, you just gotta be somebody else?

  6. Louie Says:

    @ScottB, EXACTLY — Morris wasn’t even around back then. How the hell does he know!!!???

    “Sometimes a team will just decide that they’re going to compete and be better than everybody else one year, and it would be no different if these guys did that tomorrow,” Morris said of his players….”

    Teams don’t “just decide” they’re going to be better. So, last year they “just decided” to be bad? This is easily the stupidest thing Morris has said. This is classic diarrea of the mouth!!!

  7. OAR Says:

    Even Dungy had some FAs’ on the team Jackie Harris, Hardy Nickerson, Alvin Harper(yikes! Although Id take him over Clayton), Brad Culpepper, Martin Mayhew, Brad Johnson, Bert Emanuel, Meshawn, just to name a few.

  8. RahDomDaBest Says:

    The Tampa Bay Bucs are becoming worse than politics… the fans are absolutely polarized… and for what? Because Dungy got let 8 years ago??? That fan base turned Gruden into GWB. Seriously.

    Ari, you and your group needs to listen up, if the Bucs keep Raheem this divide will continue on… the Bucs needed to clean house with the coaching staff as well as the veterans… the Bucs had the best chance of starting competely fresh by hiring Cowher and letting him start anew.

    With Raheem, all we have is the answer to the Gruden haters… not the solution to move on once and for all.

  9. Pruritis Ani Says:

    He is the reason I have blood pressure problems. Anytime I read anything about him I feel like smashing something

  10. thomas Says:

    that idiotic statement “sometimes guys just decide that they are going to get better” proves how dumb this guy is. This bozo isn’t 1% of tony dungy, just talk to him for 10secs and he will make it obvious – if you can understand him.

    what about talent, direction/leadership and work?

    This rebuilding plan is completely dependent upon hitting big on all your draft picks – how did they do last year? (1 starter, miller and kyle j. couldnt crack the starting lineup of that terrible d-line)

    The jury is still out on freeman, some good signs and bad ones.

  11. Brad Says:

    and we get to live another couple years of this.. at least.. I guess the Big Dog will be happy for years to come.. he and dominik can have a radio show together and look at the positives of another 3 win season.

  12. Eric Says:

    Sometimes fans “just decide” to go fishing rather than watch these clowns.

    Just to restate the obvious, Dungy knew exactly what he was doing, had a specific plan, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the experience and know how to implement it.

    The dream has none of those things.

    BTW, didn’t the Bucs have back to back winning seasons before the Dream took over?

  13. God Says:


    I know Tony Dungy and trust me you are NOT Dungy II

  14. chucky Says:

    “Sometimes a team will just decide that they’re going to compete and be better than everybody else one year, and it would be no different if these guys did that tomorrow,” Morris said of his players.

    Damn – that’ all it takes!!!!! I wish I knew that in 2008 BEFORE I got fired.

  15. jlynch Says:

    If he wants to be like Dungy let him get fired and clean out his office in the pouring rain… PUTZ

  16. Vince Says:

    Hasn’t this mental midget run out of feet to insert into his mouth yet?? Point me to the nearest cliff.

  17. jlynch Says:

    Joe what does awaiting moderation mean?????

  18. Joe Says:


    It means, for whatever reason, Joe’s server does not recognize your IP address and thinks you are a spammer. So Joe has to approve the IP address so the server doesn’t block your posts.

  19. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is all possible, implementing the plan, drafting future stars. It can happen, and I truly like how Raheem mixed it up a little when he started calling the Defense. Aaron Sears, Fulton & Dotson could help the O line get on track. I like our RB’s & Winslow and Freeman have some chemistry. Stroughter was a good find. Being 3-13 sucked, and Bates sucked, and Raheem made bad rookie coaching mistakes, and Dominick wasting money on players that couldn’t produce or didn’t play, but I think it will be better this year. We’ll see in the draft, but I think they are headed in the right direction with the players. My BIG ??? is still Greg Olson, but I’m sure they will cut his sorry ass loose too, just a matter of time. If the Glazers are so free wheeling with the Moola, cha-ching, why don’t they just start buying Team’s picks? Build through the draft all in one season. Spend $100’s of Millions buying other teams picks. Money is no object, you heard the man. Chump change. Body, Contact Contract, Sign It, On the Dotted Line….

  20. Chargedcbh Says:

    You guys kill me!!!!!! And ofcourse EVERONE knew the kind of players Dungy had in his second year! Get REAL, you had no idea that Sapp, Brooks and Lynch would turn out to be Hall of Fame players. If you did you wouldn’t be typing these stupid replies, you would be a GM…. And your not!!!