“Money Will Never Be An Issue… ”

March 24th, 2010

Bucs fans have been near full throat at Team Glazer for not spending money on players.

Some point to Team Glazer’s English kickball team and its massive red ink as the root cause.

Others point to the legions of empty seats at the CITS on game days.

Joe points to the looming player lockout by NFL owners.

Bucs team president Joel Glazer said this morning that the perception that Team Glazer doesn’t have money to spend on payroll can’t be further from the truth, so reports eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

Glazer also refuted speculation the club is being run on the cheap and declared money will never be an issue in the operation of the team.

“Our football people have never been told no because of money,” Glazer said. “Money will never be an issue when it comes to building this team the way we think it should be built.

“Looking at our history, when it was necessary to spend to keep people or get someone to put us over the top, we didn’t think twice about it. And we won’t think twice about it, ever. Money is not an issue and that perception is false. Sometimes, I feel that charge (cheapness) is a scapegoat. It’s the one easy, tangible thing people can grab onto.

“But I grab onto not drafting well for many years. That’s like a slow cancer that builds and grows and eventually takes over. That is a major source of our problems and that’s the problem that has to be corrected. You correct that problem and you start writing a lot of big checks. And you’re happy to do it because that’s a good problem to have.”

Joe understands where Glazer is coming from, best as a Caybrew-soaked blogger who lives in a modest condo and considers his big screen TV broadcasting the NFL Network to be his significant other.

Joe does seem to remember when the Bucs had holes to fill to make a good team great, Team Glazer went out and bought players.

But the way Team Glazer is barely sniffing the legs of low-rung free agents suggests to Joe that general manager Mark Dominik is placing a whole lot of weight and hope, if not his career, on next month’s draft.

Let’s not forget, Dominik says this is the strongest draft in years. Former NFL executive Charley Casserly said this is the deepest draft since 1983. That may all be true but so is the fact that 31 other teams are also picking players out of the same deep pool.

Let’s  hope Dominik puts together a better batting average this April that Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer combined.

9 Responses to ““Money Will Never Be An Issue… ””

  1. Tom Says:

    “Sometimes, I feel that charge (cheapness) is a scapegoat. It’s the one easy, tangible thing people can grab onto.” – Lord Glazer

    Me? I grab a hold of the USA Today report that states the Bucs have spent less on players than every other team in the 32 team league since 2004. But what do I know?

    Is Lord Glazer talking tangible…like tangerines? Boy, I love tangerines…

  2. Jake Says:

    Its hard to tell what makes me angrier with the Glazers, when they remain silent rather than answer the tough questions or when they speak up and lie their asses off. I think I prefer they just shut up.

  3. YearOBucsfan Says:

    I don’t get why “Buc fans” have such hatred for the owners and assume they are lying. I read the entire interview on another site, and everything he said is entirely backed up by the teams actions. Some people may not agree with their methods, but I think the vitriol is blind hatred for no real reason. Maybe they just want to vent about something they probably know very little about. Is it the bad economy, the loss of a job, or the healthcare battle? Maybe this gives people a forum to vent anger in general?

  4. Louie Says:

    Oh yea, we’re all bitching because of our sucky a$$ lives. Speak for your self!

    The team went 3-13 last season and are doing nothing to improve on that record. That’s why people are bitching.

    Every decision this team makes has a huge money component. Ignoring that fact is very naive. They seem to be running the team like there is nothing after 2010.

  5. RahDomDaBest Says:

    Well…………. the Glazers traded ALL of those draft picks for Keyshawn and Gruden… they need to own up to that one…

    Then, they decided to keep trying to win for a few years after the Super Bowl….

    Before you know it, that leave only 2-3 years… didn’t Gruden Re-build the offensive line? FINALLY? Draft Talib, Quincy Black, Ruud, TJax, Caddy… picked up AB who we let go?

    It seems to me that Gruden WAS rebuilding through the draft.

    Anyway, now we are worse than the Lions…

    And the future is in Raheem’s and Dominick’s hands. GOOD ONE!

  6. Radio Mushmouth Says:

    Money is not an issue . SO… that means we are PURPOSELY trying to suck this season.

    That makes me feel much better….

  7. Eric Says:

    Now I understand why these guys don’t say much. Either keep your mouth shut and people will think your stupid, or open it and confirm it.

    Does the guy not realize the same folks that had the alleged weak drafts are in charge of this draft?

    I give up. SO much for the crock of crap about listening to the fans.

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    Look, I love the Bucs and I want them to win Baddddddd, but who is the effing dumbass that traded away 2 – first & Second round picks for a coach? C’mon man, the Glazers problems with the team are mostly self imposed. Whatever the Case, it’s time for little Joel and the rest of the Golden Sperm Club to put their money where their mouth’s are. Put up or shut up Joel. It’s a good thing the Glazers don’t say much, because after just a few words, you want to just smack the guy & tell him to Shut the F_ck up !!! Write the Check Joel, let the boys do their thing and STFU!!! Haha. Go Bucs!!!

  9. Patrick Says:

    Wow……and look where we are 33 months later.