Brown’s Descent Was “Mystifying”

March 10th, 2010

So what went wrong for new Bucs wide receiver Reggie Brown in Philadelphia?

Longtime Philly guy Michael Bradley, of BSPN Radio and occasionally NFL Network and Sirius Mad Dog Radio, isn’t quite sure, so he said on The Fabulous Sports Babe show on 1040 AM yesterday.

“It’s really mystifying to a lot of people up here,” Bradley said. “He might have lost speed. All of a sudden he stoppped producing. The West Coast offense is about precision, and he may not be the most precise guy running his routes. …This is someone who became completely expendable. They would have gotten rid of him last year but he would have been a $6 million cap hit. This year, there’s no cap. See you later, Reggie.”

Joe’s research on Brown reveals a guy who was known for an extraordinary work ethic early in his career, and then later his commitment was questioned.

Hopefully, he becomes one of those guys who really benefits from the “change of scenery” cliche´.

7 Responses to “Brown’s Descent Was “Mystifying””

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Let’s hope. We don’t need another Clayton clone as in “check’s in the bank”.
    Let’s hope he works out….for 6th rounder next year, low risk, potential high reward.

  2. irisht53 Says:

    Joe, why wouldn’t the Bucs bring Brandon Marshall in for a visit? Kick the tires, talk face-to-face with the guy. Clearly the Bucs wouldn’t sign him to offer sheet, but now that it appears Seattle won’t be doing that either the compensation value for Marshall starts to decline, and maybe we can get in there with one of our 2nd rounders. I would think those preliminary talks about contract details, as well as the chance to actually meet the man, could only help.

  3. Joe Says:


    It’s clear Mark Dominik and the Bucs don’t believe Brandon Marshall’s baggage is worth the (current) price.

    Joe has heard countless times over the past months from many NFL insiders that teams are growing weary of the headaches of many NFL headcases. As a result, unless they can be had for rock bottom prices, team executives are inclined to pass.

    It’s one thing to already have a headcase on your team (Aqib Talib for example), it’s another thing to spend money and draft picks trying to land one.

    It is rather damning that Denver wants to wash their hands of the guy. Just on face value, Joe wonders what an incredible jerk he must be for a team to want to rid themselves of such a young, talented receiver.

  4. JDouble Says:

    Going from dreary dismall streets of Philly, to the beautiful city of Tampa can do alot for a man’s spirit. Let’s hope he resurects his career and this ends up being another one of Dominiks steals.

  5. RustyRhino Says:

    WOW i miss read that “This year, there’s no cap. See you later, Clayton.” well i have hoped and supported him as long as i can, time to “block” for someone else.. and since it wont hurt us with the cap fold the pink slip put it in the envelope and seal it deliver it Fedex because it has to be there overnight ALREADY!

  6. RustyRhino Says:

    Oh yeah i like this pick up i think he will want to show the Eagles what they lost. he has experience and can catch when the ball is near his hands, body. Totally unlike another receiver we have (had)(please) who cant catch a ball if you handed it to him with “stick um” dripping off it.

  7. Eric Says:

    Wasn’t Winslow considered a jerk when we traded for him last year? Worked out great, best move our GM has made aside from the Adams trade.

    They should at least bring Marshall in to see for themselves. He would make a huge difference.