Tight Ends To Blame For Anemic Running Game

December 16th, 2009

Former Bucs defensive lineman Steve White (1996-2001) is a hardcore Bucs fan and a true Xs and Os guy.

JoeBucsFan.com is proud to have him as a regular analyst. His weekly Bull Rush column is a must read.

In this video, from White’s own blog, White takes a hard look at the Bucs’ horrid running game. Top on White’s priority to fix it is to shore up what he calls consistently poor blocking from all three Bucs tight ends.

White offers solutions, including using backup defensive tackle Demar Dotson as a tight end, with a one-back set and keeping Kellen Winslow on the field as a slot receiver.

There’s lots of other interesting stuff, too, including White praising the offensive line for its consistency. “Stop wasting five other guys’ blocks because one [tight end] can’t block a defensive end over his nose.”

12 Responses to “Tight Ends To Blame For Anemic Running Game”

  1. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Hey SGW94- And yet another great job of helping to understad WTF is happening to our team. If you take Caddy’s comments that we are afraid to run, and add in your commentary, it makes a much clearer pic of what our offense has become. And along the way they are ruining a perfectly good QB. Why do you think they are not making the proper adjustments?

  2. Joe Says:

    Who was it that posted the other day the Bucs have tight ends who can’t block but can catch, and wide receivers that can block but can’t catch?

  3. TAC Says:

    More tellin’ it like it should be told. Thanks again for all the work you have done this year Steve. I wish I would have kept the game on the DVR to see evrything you talked about here, but it was quickly deleted in disgust. I don’t even dare drink anymore this year joes, but will still click the Caybrew ad, and dream of having a few during a game in the future.

  4. sgw94 Says:


    There are a couple of reasons why I think they haven’t adjusted. For one Olsen has been running two other people’s playbook this year. Because he isn’t running his own plays then I think he isn’t sure how to adjust the ones he is calling.

    The other is playing time of course. I am sure Stevens wasn’t happy when Gilmore replaced him in the TE rotation but it needed to be done. Similarly if they put another guy in like Dotson then you have more guys upset. If I were a coach of a team with this record I wouldn’t really pay any of that any mind though.

    The last reason may be that Olsen doesn’t want to tip his hand. He might figure that if we still run the ball even when say Winslow is lined up at TE then teams won’t be able to know that we are passing other times when he is lined up there. But for me its more important to be successful than to fool people. If the guy is getting owned by defensive ends then he shouldn’t keep getting put in the position to get owned like that.

  5. sgw94 Says:

    @TAC Well the thing of it is, if you dvr the game this week you will see the same thing. This wasn’t a one time deal. So what I would say is that every time the Bucs don’t get much yardage or are hit in the backfield on a run just rewind and focus on the TE position. Probably 8 times out of 10 it will be their fault. And for kicks and giggles go back and watch Donald Penn or Davin Joseph after the game and just focus on them in the running game. Watch them knock people off the ball consistently and yet we still don’t get many yards. I mean there is a slight chance that we run the ball better this week but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    Joe, Mr White must have been reading your comments section, because I have been screaming about Stevens and Winslow for over a month. I am glad to see that this issue is coming more to light. Everyone gets wrapped up in fantasy numbers and forgets what counts on the football field.

  7. sgw94 Says:


    Actually if you go back and read my blog you will see that I have been calling Stevens out since about the 2nd or 3rd game of the year. With Winslow I never expected him to be a dominating blocker and to be fair he does well when his assignment is to block a linebacker on the second level. But he is who I thought he was in the running game. Stevens however could and should be better. Gilmore is just young and because of that he doesn’t always use good technique. His feet are bad and his pad level gets high. When he improves on that he will be ok but right now he is kind of hit or miss.

    The truth is that it doesn’t take some kind of guru to see that our TEs are the problem, which makes you wonder why MORE people haven’t called them out up until now.

  8. TAC Says:


    “OL Demar Dotson getting reps at tight end”

    Looky lou’ed over at the spit and what do I see at the top of the blog. I will just be damned.

    Cooinkydoink? maybe, but still good stuff. Gives Dotson some more experience too.

  9. mlb Says:

    great inside (pro) perspective and breakdown of X’s and O’s. Mr. White, thank you for giving us your view, I look forward to it every week and it’s always very informative. I would like to see you break down tape on both upcoming games (scouting) and post game eval with techique examples. Thanks again.

  10. sgw94 Says:


    I am sure its just a coincidence…. 😉

  11. sgw94 Says:


    Thanks for the compliment. The only problem is I am usually so focused on the Bucs game that I forget to check out the games of their upcoming opponents. I do pretty much remember the Falcons and Saints offensive game plans though. I will see what I can whip up.

  12. MLB Says:

    man, I would love to see you freeze frame examples of techique and hear you narrate some “coach’s tape” in slow motion pointing out how we can exploit other teams with our strengths and cover our weaknesses. Than would be good info for the layman (or not so layman) and maybe we could get it to the staff before the games! jk u should be on the sidelines, you could really help this team get better(based on your TE observation, i think you are anyway).