Earnest Graham Says 30 Percent Using HGH

December 16th, 2009

The conversation on Earnest Graham’s Tuesday radio show turned to the subject of human growth hormone use in the NFL.

The unapproved substance is known for its performance-enhancing qualities and can be used to hasten recovery for an injured player. 

Graham didn’t hold back his thoughts when peppered with questions about the topic by host J.P. Peterson, host of “Happy Hour With J.P. Peterson” of 1010 WQYK-AM. A great community servant with an impeccable reputation, Graham has the attitude that HGH is just part of life in the NFL for hundreds of players.

JoeBucsFan.com has transcribed the audio.

“They don’t have a [drug] test for [HGH]. It wouldn’t shock me if a ton … I’d say a lot of NFL players are doing it,” Graham said. “I would say, I’ve heard a lot of people, even in Hollywood the average person is [using] HGH. It’s supposed to be this great thing. Especially in a sport like football. You know, I would assume that a lot of guys have access to it and are using it. I would assume so. I wouldn’t doubt it, man, with what’s at stake. Especially in this game, not having guaranteed contracts you know with so much riding on your performance, a game that tears your body down like that, I would assume that a lot of people are making that decision to use HGH. Especially if there’s not a test for it. Because at some point you feel like you’re not cheating, you’re not doing anything wrong. I would say definitely. I would not be shocked.”

“I mean, you know, sometimes. It gets done by, you know, just knowing a guy. Seeing how it benefits another guy. That’s how it ends up, you know. Most guys don’t have access to it, don’t know how to go about it, probably won’t take the time to check on it. So usually another guy refers it, you know, to someone and that’s how all that starts.

Graham went on to say that he doesn’t “understand the whole steriod thing” and just that certain guys are just prone to experiment with HGH or other drugs and supplements.

“Any sport, guys come across injuries and need to get back fast and come back stronger than they were before. I wouldn’t be shocked. I don’t know that I’d really make a big deal about it if I heard it. It’s kind of understood for me at this point,” Graham said.

“Not a test for [HGH]. I don’t think a guy would think it’s cheating. No. I mean they know it [is cheating]. But I don’t think it registers. …I would say 30 percent [are using HGH]. I have no idea how to come across it. Not that I’m looking for it. I don’t know anybody. It’s not something that a guy would just, unless you really trust a guy, to open up and talk about. You know what I mean. …I’ve heard a guy talk about HGH but not [that he’s doing it].”

Graham went on to say he doesn’t believe  any NFL player would admit to using HGH.

“A lot of guys are kind of proud guys and don’t want to feel like they were cheating. Me, myself. I would feel like I’m cheating,” Graham said.

Joking about his all-but-eliminated role in the Bucs running game Graham joked, “Maybe I’d cover punts better if I was on HGH.”

5 Responses to “Earnest Graham Says 30 Percent Using HGH”

  1. Marlow Says:

    If they are not testing for it in the NFL, then the NFL is just turning their heads. The NFL knows it is out there & so do the players. The NFL also knows the men in this sport need a “recovery” medicine in order to get back on the field and sell their product, which is the NFL. The League will never test for HGH. It needs HGH! They will concentrate more on head injuries, for now. You practically sell your soul to play this sport like it or not! It is Ethics vs. Paycheck, and Paycheck usually wins.

  2. CharlieB Says:

    There isn’t a test for HGH right now. So it’s not like the NFL is willfully neglecting the issue. When Rodney Harrison admitted to using it, he got a four game suspension.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Its like the Tour de France: if they cant find it while testing; its within the boundry’s…

  4. DevilledRay Says:

    Just because there isn’t a test for it, doesn’t mean that a third of all NFL players are going to use it, particularly when there isn’t much evidence that injectable HGH is going to have much effect on on-field performance. Graham needs to focus on hands and footwork, not accusing a third of the guys in the league of PED usage.

  5. bevo Says:

    30%? No, no, no. I disagree with Graham. Try 60 to 70%. If the NFL is not testing for it, then most players are using it.

    Did we learn nothing from baseball and steroids?