Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts

December 27th, 2009

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* Nice play by Aqib Talib to start the second half and save a first down.

* Wow. Backbreaker. Brees was going down for a sack by Ronde Barber and not only did he get away a pass but it was perfect to a wide freaking open receiver.

* Reggie Bush rips apart the Bucs. Again.

* There’s been a Quincy Black sighting.

* Bucs radio network reporting Jimmy Wilkerson is in street clothes with an ice pack on his knee.

* Geno Hayes with a sack. Geno always with the big play.

* Caddy with a beautiful run for a first down.

* Damn, what a good catch by Bryant. Good coverage, he just made a sick catch.

* That’s it: Keep running. Six and seven yards at a crack.

* Third-and-one: Rollout.

* Freaking-A! That’s the way to run the ball. Dave Moore didn’t like the call on the Bucs radio network but loved the effort from Cadillac.

* Joe is liking this drive.

* Fitting. Interception. Shouldn’t have Bryant come back for the ball?

* Game turning interception. Brees and the Saints are slicing apart the Bucs defense on their second possession of the second half. Sad that Tim Crowder had to chase a running back down to save a tackle.

* Huge, huge play by the Bucs defense.

* Oh, boy. Punt downed at the two.

* Nice patience by the big rookie in the pocket to get the ball (behind) Brian Clark.

* Quick third quarter.

2 Responses to “Joe’s Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. aldo Says:

    explain me something, if u have some fucking inches to get the first down, and a qb eith 6.5 and 250 lbs, how can in hell this fucking OC olson do a fucking pass??? its too much to ask a fucking run in the middle??? welcome to tampa cowher

  2. Fredrick Says:

    Morris the Head Coach had two chances to overide Olson, friend.

    Now I have little doubt the Saints will drive the ball for the winning score here, but I just hope that Spurlock’s great play does not get Morris off the hook for the previous inexcusable moronic call(s)!