Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

November 22nd, 2009

* Memo to Ford marketing: Either get rid of that unfunny Boston jackass and lose “Mike” — whoever the hell Mike is (only douchebags where baseball caps without a logo) — or Joe is seriously going to consider buying a rice burner when Joe next buys a truck.

* Bucs in the first quarter averaged 6.9 yards a carry. Joe has one word for that: gutless!

* Finally! It takes a class defender like Ronde Barber to get a loss for a run.

* Looks like the defense woke up. Forcing the Saints on a three-and-out. Nice.

* Keep running the ball man!

* Freeman and his hotel roommate Sammie Stroughter seem to have their timing off a little bit today.

* Get your head out of your ass Talib! Wrap up!! This drives Joe nuts when defenders try to hit a ball carrier into the middle of next week but fail to do the most elementary of football skills: wrap up.

* Sabby got very, very lucky on that play but to be honest, that wasn’t Sabby’s play. Meachem got past another Bucs defender.

* Nice tackle by old man Barber!

* Big stop by the defense and key play by Barber who is having a helluva game thus far.

* Ward damned near fell for a safety and damned near could have scored a 99-yard touchdown.

* Deckerhoff just had an interesting call: “Freeman throws and connects with Freeman.”

* Jeremy Trueblood (who else?) with a very untimely penalty.

* That was an *impressive* catch by Antonio Bryant. May have been the best catch of the season by any Bucs receiver.

* Looked like Freeman tried to force that ball to Bryant on the pickoff.

* Nope. Bryant fell down. That’s not on Freeman.

* Deckeroff is screaming Jenkins did not intercept the ball. Joe loves Deckerhoff but Gene needs an eye check up if he thinks that wasn’t an interception.

* Who the hell is telling Rah to ask for reviews? First, that Saints punt earlier was not in the end zone. Now, it’s pretty clear the pass interception. Now the Bucs have no more challenges the rest of the game. If you are going to challenge, at least do it when it’s clear the call was wrong, not hoping the refs make a mistake watching the peep show.

* Very nice play by Torrie Cox to prevent the first down, even though the pass was complete.

* For the Bucs defense to hold the Saints to a field goal is pretty much a job well done.

* Quick second quarter. Only four minutes left.

* Bucs are doing a nice job with the run. Keep it up.

* Freeman got rushed on his incomplete pass intended for Kellen Winslow, Jr. Winslow was open but Freeman couldn’t wait without getting leveled.

* Ref got blasted in the face by a Brees pass, nearly resulted in a pickoff.

* Someone mark this down: at 2:22 p.m. on Nov. 22, 2009, the Bucs got pressure on the quarterback.

* Someone please give Antonio Bryant a new pair of shoes. He looks like he’s trying to learn how to ice skate.

* Freeman, since that long drive, is looking very much like the rookie he is.

* A minute is a lifetime for Drew Brees.

* Stylez White is starting to get some pressure.

* Saints now in field goal range.

* Saints now in touchdown ranges.

* There again, trying to knock the snot out of a ball carrier but nobody wrapping up. Grade school football players know better.

* Tanard Jackson should have had a pickoff or a breakup. Jackson had good coverage on Meachem.

* Rahaeem the Dream said on the Bucs radio network that the Bucs have to keep their defense off the field. That statement is so correct on so many levels.

16 Responses to “Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Bust in Waiting
    will be remembered in the Buccaneer Community longer than …

  2. Fredrick Says:

    To even it keep it close, best keep running the ball even though they are down 10 or else this will really get out of hand.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Can someone, anyone, please tell me WHY Olsen has Freeman PASSING from under center?

    If you’re gonna pass do it from the shotgun guys!

    First off – Just RUN the damn ball will ya? Ward/Graham/Williams are doing a find job but you gotta screw Freeman don’t you?

    So the Bucs lose this game – did anyone really think they would win? I doubt it.

    Just don’t make it a blowout.

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Rastaman – Freeman hasn’t done anything more than what JJ did. I don’t buy this Freeman IS the man – yet.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Just a reminder Raheem – the Saints have given up 100+ yards the past 3 weeks to the Panthers, Falcons and Rams

    RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!!! 🙁

  6. Joe Says:

    Rastaman – Freeman hasn’t done anything more than what JJ did. I don’t buy this Freeman IS the man – yet.

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe knows you are absolutely in the tank for Johnson, but check yourself. Johnson was awful.

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So what do they do? Freaking pass and Freeman holds the ball like a loaf of bread to be stripped and turned over in the red zone.

    Hey Rastaboy – THAT’S why Freeman is a BUST-NOW-PLAYING

  8. RastaMon Says:

    key word “yet”
    I was not pleased with the pick in April
    but I am here to remind you of you

  9. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    No blame on the offensive line on that play? That linebacker was untouched. Sure, Freeman should have thrown the ball away or hung onto it. But it helps if he didn’t have a linebacker crawling all over him.

  10. RastaMon Says:

    Freeman has 10 quarters under his belt……
    I watch football
    not fantasy football JSPN Twitter Tweet Highlights
    Freeman is the real deal

  11. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe wrote: “Joe knows you are absolutely in the tank for Johnson, but check yourself. Johnson was awful.”

    To that I won’t disagree. I think that the offensive line has performed terrible this year. Pass coverage is horrible – take the last sack of Freeman – defense players coming in UNTOUCHED is unforgivable.

    JJ had no, absolutely no time in the pocket to pass and the play calling was horrendous. At least last week and this week the Bucs have had better play calling but it still starts with the offensive line.

  12. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Well with the Bucs losing 31-7 the Bucs have abandoned the run game AGAIN.

    All this does is allow the Saints to tee off on Freeman – just like happened to JJ and guess what? Same freaking results – knocked down passes, rushed, etc.,

    This game is OVER so just try and get the offense something to build upon right? NOPE. They’ll keep Freeman passing like there’s a chance to win and he’ll make stupid rookie mistakes and get into bad habits, etc.

    You all thought everything was going to be ok once the Bucs beat Green Bay right? WRONG.

    the Defense is more porous than the US southern border

  13. Joe Says:

    the Defense is more porous than the US southern border

    Joe is going to use that.

  14. RastaMon Says:

    “Joe is going to use that.”
    what no more Buc Cheerleader crotch shots ?

  15. Pruritis Ani Says:

    “Joe is going to use that.”
    what no more Buc Cheerleader crotch shots ”

    Pruritis Ani wants to thank Joe for the proverbial gratuitous daily eye candy on this site

  16. Joe Says:

    You are more than welcome Pruritis Ani!