Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts

November 22nd, 2009

* Barrett Ruud just got carried for about five yards. Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski is likely already fuming.

* Gene Deckerhoff just said Drew Brees passing for a short first down (covered by Ruud) was “well-covered.” If that is the case, then than the pass should have been incomplete, no?

* Seems as though Brees is dinking an dunking to try to set up a bomb.

* Bucs are absolutely getting chewed up by the run up the middle. Imagine!

* Only way the Bucs rush defense can stop the run is when a running back falls.

* What the hell is Peanut doing calling for a fair catch at the five-yard line? WTF?

* Nice to give Freeman a short third down by Caddy bulldozing up the middle. Quick snap was smart.

* Nice of Freeman not to get rattled by the rush. Dude took a shot.

* Earnest Graham’s run from the shotgun is why the Bucs need to stay in that formation until Freeman gets more comfortable taking snaps from center.

* Um, it helps for someone to block Will Smith. Dude was untouched and got to Freeman.

* Oh, no. Donald Penn might be hurt, so says Gene Deckerhoff. That is NOT good news.

* Fastball just a bit too high to Stroughter.

* Well, Penn is still in the game so he must not be hurt that bad.

* Freeman was so quick to take off on the scramble for a first down, Joe wonders if that was a delayed draw of some sort?

* This might be an Earnest Graham kinda day.

* A Derrick Ward sighting! He damned near broke that for a monster run. Three yards is better than a loss.

* Freeman got lucky that he didn’t toss a pickoff.

* My God, Michael Clayton with a catch. A touchdown catch no less. And it was a fine catch at that. Nice job Michael!

* Great angle on the replay showing Clayton jumping up and down in the corner of the end zone, waving his arms, basically begging Freeman to throw him the ball while Freeman was scrambling.

* Wow, 95-yard drive. Impressive.

* Geno Hayes with a tackle for a loss! Joe loves Geno Hayes.

* Barrett Rudd got burned (again) covering a receiver.

* Saints are totally chewing up the Bucs with the run up the middle.

* Joe never, ever wants wants to see anyone get hurt. That written, there is one position where an injury to a starter doesn’t matter: defensive tackle.

* Wow, Barrett Ruud was able to shed a block for a tackle. Nice.

* Saints are making this look too easy. Then again the Saints do have the best offense in the league.

* Ouch, that was a very bad pass by Freeman. He gotta way with one there.

* Com’ on Dave Moore. He’s already talking about how the Bucs defense needs a rest. They’ve only played two series! Give Joe a break! Joe knows the defense is weak, but geez, needing a rest after the second series of the game? If that’s the case, Joe is convinced they need more conditioning.

3 Responses to “Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts”

  1. IAbucsfan Says:

    How sweet is it to see EG get some touches

  2. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Fox briefly showed Jimmy B on the sidelines early in that first quarter. First time I’ve seen him all season

  3. RastaMon Says:

    Bust in Waiting
    will be remeber in the Buccaneer Community longer than …