Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts

November 15th, 2009

Computer issues wiped out Joe’s first quarter notes but Joe will try to write a few thoughts here:

* Freeman is going to have to start taking care of the ball. Two fumbles so far in one quarter. The defense saved Freeman the first time thought it may have cost the Bucs at least a field goal, maybe more.

Donald Penn bailed Freeman out the second time which could have been a disaster.

* On the first fumble scrub, Joe could have swore he saw Kellen Winslow take a swing at someone.

* Dolphins, initially, just ran at will on the Bucs defense.

* Sabby Piscitelli is having a shitty game so far. He bit on a pump fake that nearly went for a monster pass gain on the Dolphins first play of the game if not for the drop by the Michael Clayton of Miami, Ted Ginn. Later, he whiffed on a tackle that resulted in a huge run by Ronnie Brown.

* Geno Hayes is all over the field. The play he made on Chad Henne on a fleaflicker was amazing, as if he knew the play was coming.

* After Freeman’s first fumble, the Bucs defense may have had its best series all season. Miami couldn’t do anything. When Henne tried to pass on third down, he was about to be beheaded when he threw the ball away.

* There was a huge stop by Barrett Ruud. Joe wonders what Justin Pawlowski had to say about that?

One Response to “Joe’s First Quarter Thoughts”

  1. George C. Costanza Says:

    we need to draft a new safety. sabby, i’m afraid, is no where near the safety that gruden/allen cracked him up to be when he took him.