Bucs Are The Reason Joey Porter Deactivated

November 15th, 2009

Joe was in a rush this morning because he likes to sleep in on Sundays after a full day of college football and Caybrew. So he missed the following, but Michael David Smith, writing for ProFootballTalk.com, did not.

Seems that this morning on the NFL Network, analyst Steve Mariucci said the reason why the Dolphins suspended mouthy linebacker Joey Porter was because the Dolphins are playing the Bucs.

Mariucci also pointed out that the Dolphins made this move during a week in which they were preparing to face one of the league’s worst teams.

“When you suspend a guy, you want to make sure you can win without him,” Mariucci said. “Who they playing today? Tampa.”

Joe has never had a problem with Porter generally because he often spoke the truth and backed up his words. Now that Joe has learned Tuna and Tony Sporano (“What part of the boot are your from lady?”) think so little of the Bucs, Joe would love to see the ‘Phins pay for their ways.

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