Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

November 15th, 2009

* Since early in the game, save a couple of plays, the Bucs defense has been playing well.

* The Bucs, not a good defense at all, are proving why running the option in the NFL is a worthless attempt.

* Damn. Third and 16 and the Dolphins convert. Barrett Ruud was playing centerfield for some reason and wasn’t anywhere near a receiver.

* Joe likes the diversity of the Dolphins offense. Wildcat, option, pro-style. Fun to watch, so long as your team isn’t playing the Dolphins.

* Phins are starting to figure out the Bucs have no pass rush and as a result Henne is starting to carve the Bucs up.

* Bucs are doing OK, not great, not good, but OK against the run.

* Well, three points is still a helluva lot better than a touchdown and the game is still a one-score game. Com’ on Tito, now hang on to the ball this series.

* Third fumble by Freeman!!! This is getting ridiculous.

* Caddy up the middle. Let’s try that again soon.

* Wow, nice run by Freeman, somehow escaping a jailbreak rush by the Phins. Somewhere, Carmella Garcia is smiling. First down.

* First down run to the left by Cadillac after a fine block by Penn.

* Four-yard gain by Derrick Ward up the middle. Hhhm, this is a good sign.

* Let’s see what Tito can do on third-and-five.

* Dave Moore on the Bucs radio network claims Freeman is taking too long to make a decision on his three-step drops.

* Great catch by Sammie Stroughter though it is a yard short of the first down. Why not go for it? Raheem the Dream doesn’t. The way Freeman is fumbling, a quarterback sneak is not smart.

* Joe thinks the Bucs have found a kicker. He boots a 53-yard field goal to pull the Bucs within three. This is after he nails a 51-yard field goal. Connor Barth.

* Good play on holding the Dolphins to a short gain on the pass play but Joe thought he saw a clip on the play.

* Tim Crowder was about ready to smother Henne when he dumped the ball off for an incompletion. Sure helps to get heat on the quarterback.

* Draw play. Tanard Jackson with a massive collision to save a first down.

* OK, 95 yards in two minutes down three. Do the Bucs just run the clock out? Freeman better not fumble again here.

* Nothing for Cadillac. Timeout Fish. Joe smells at least a Dolphins field goal coming.

* Oh, geez! Bucs REALLY dodged a bullet. Joe has never been so happy to see Michael Clayton drop a pass. That was a catch on the replay. That should be a touchdown. Damn.

* Gene Deckerhoff that Connor Barth made Bucs history. The Bucs place kicker is the first to make two field goals in the same game over 50 yards.

* Wow. Clayton looked like he was down. This is a game-changer.

* Well, there is six points Miami can thank the zebras for. Terrible. Bucs got royally hosed.

* Man, the last two minutes have been awful for the Bucs. Could be a 10-point swing.

* Hayes is playing amazing this first half, now breaking up a pass play that would have been a first down.

* Ronnie Brown gets first down on a perfect screen pass. Quincy Black did his best to see that Brown’s play was successful.

* Aqib Talib got schooled by a guy that was just pulled off the practice squad. It was good coverage but man the guy made a move on Talib. That written, Talib wasn’t going to give up the long pass.

* Get Sabby out of the friggin’ game!

* Yep. That’s a 10-point swing in the final two minutes. Now it’s a two-touchdown game. Was a three-point game until the zebras decided to screw the Bucs.

9 Responses to “Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Louie Says:

    Ref must have money on the Dolphins. Clayton was CLEARLY down by contact. I can’t wait to hear the NFL’s explanation for that shit call.

  2. IAbucsfan Says:

    WTF did that D-bag see under the hood. That was unbelievable

  3. BigBucBossRoss Says:

    Amazing call! Wow, what are they looking at?

  4. JK Says:

    I see another rule change thanks to the Bucs. The Clayton no hands ruled down by contact that will never be applied. The zebra in question wasn’t on the field. He’s under that dark little boothe they go into. The spread is 10. Do the math. It will be called fair the rest of the way. The league got what they wanted. A spread of 10.

  5. Bucked up Says:

    The bucs will get a letter from goodall and the nfl next week saying sorry for the bad call. Small consolation when it changes the whole character of the game. Or maybe not, Rah will probably get a freakin fine in the mail for complaining like the one they gave Cutler. Too bad though now even the refs expect Clayton to drop a pass. That was truly Bucked Up!

  6. Louie Says:

    I won’t be happy unless that ref is suspended. The call was THAT bad.

  7. MTM Says:

    All updates should always be include Bucs cheerleader pic’s. They make the articles a better read.

  8. Joe Says:

    All updates should always be include Bucs cheerleader pic’s. They make the articles a better read.

    Why do you think Joe used that photo above? 🙂

  9. RastaMon Says:

    What the hell is that mass lump on the cheerleaders thigh ?