Defense Still Sucks

November 12th, 2009
Joe hopes Roy Miller can duplicate his performance against the Packers when the Bucs play at Miami this week.

Joe hopes Roy Miller can duplicate his performance against the Packers when the Bucs play at Miami this weekend.

Joe was geeked to see the Bucs rack up six sacks Sunday against the Packers.

Joe was also giddy to see the Bucs get two interceptions, one for a pick-six.

Joe was even more excited that the Bucs won. As often is the case, winning masks ills and the win Sunday hides the fact the Bucs defense still sucks, as pointed out by eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune via’s Bucs Twitter account.

For the first time since the 2-14 debacle of 1986, the Bucs have allowed at least 28 points in four consecutive games.

In fact, to further Kaufman’s point, only once this season have the Bucs not given up at least 28 points, and that was to the worthless Redskins.

Sorry, but a team — or defense — that should be improving as some suggest is happening, doesn’t record a stat like that. Think about it: The Bucs has six sacks and two interceptions yet the defense still gave up 28 points.

How the Bucs handle a team like Miami that likes to run the ball more that it passes will say a lot about how the Bucs defense may be developing (or not).

Once again, the Bucs gave up monsterous chunks on the ground Sunday to the Packers who don’t have near the talent at running back as the Dolphins do.

2 Responses to “Defense Still Sucks”

  1. sgw94 Says:

    The Bucs had 3 interceptions. 1 each by Mack, Talib, and of course Jackson’s. And uhmmm that awesome Vikings defense with the exact same number of sacks…gave up 26 the week prior.

    The defense isnt great and run defense and deep balls in particular still are a problem but it IS getting better.

  2. oar Says:

    Are you really comparing the Vikes defense to the Bucs defense? lol! Minnesota does have 31 sacks on the year to the Bucs 17.
    Green Bay’s O-line is horrible at protection(and possibly Rodgers holding onto the ball too long). Rodgers has 37 sacks so far this year, that’s 3 more than last years 34 sack total on Rodgers.
    We might be getting better slightly, but not enough as we should be!