Creamsicles Set A Fashionable Trend

November 12th, 2009

Joe’s never liked orange more than when he saw it somewhat covering the Bucs cheerleaders on Sunday. So much so that Joe even has a slide show of pictures for you on the Features page

To complement the photos, Joe’s hockey-crazed sister Amanda Harris, has stepped away from the ice and offered her take on the Bucs (and the lovely Bucs cheerleaders) breaking out the creamsicles.

Enjoy Amanda’s offering, and you will be quite remiss to miss her intelligent, best-in-the-business Lightning coverage at

2 Responses to “Creamsicles Set A Fashionable Trend”

  1. ScottB Says:


    If we can secure a swashbuckler outfit would Miss Harris be wiliing to pose for us fans?

  2. Joe Says:


    I sincerely doubt Amanda would agree to such a request. Not even if it was a Halloween costume.

    When Amanda was referred to — it was meant as a compliment — by the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, as “’s Lightning girl,” let’s just say Amanda has heard of more flattering compliments.

    Joe knows what “The Big Dog” meant, as did Amanda. It just came out weird. After the initial shock, Amanda laughed it off and threatened to refer to “The Big Dog” in one of her columns as a “Little Chiuaua.” 🙂