Raheem The Dream Safe Through 2010

November 12th, 2009

On Sunday, Joe chatted with Associated Press sportswriter Mark Didtler, who offered an interesting take on Bucs head coach Raheem The Dream.

Many Bucs fans suggest Raheem The Dream should be replaced. Others, including a number of Tampa Tribune scribes, are of the belief that even if the Bucs finish 1-15, Raheem the Dream is on very thin ice.

Still, others believe that so long as Chucky is still on the Bucs payroll, Raheem the Dream will keep his gig.

Didtler is of the belief that Raheem the Dream is safe for at least the 2010 season. Why?

Didtler is confident that until the NFL owners and the NFLPA reach a settlement and agree to terms, Raheem the Dream needs not worry about his job.

“Why would the Glazers pay for a big-name coach if there’s a lockout?” Didtler rhetorically asked.

In short, Didler is expecting a lockout or some sort of labor impasse in 2011. Didtler makes a good point: What owner, including the Glazer Family, would hire a big-salaried, big-name coach if there is a chance said coach will do nothing more to collect his salary than play golf, fish and pick his nose?

3 Responses to “Raheem The Dream Safe Through 2010”

  1. The_BucRealist Says:

    Joe, put this on record. Raheem will be the coach, as Greg Olsen as OC. Jim Bates will be fired and will be the Fall guy for this years failures. Write it down!

  2. SepeBucs Says:

    Old news, this was discussed a few weeks ago.

  3. J Lynch says Says:

    Write this down. New owners in January!!! Bye Bye Radio